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April 26th 2009
Published: April 26th 2009
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Namaste! sorry I can't send people individual emails but the internet here is so slow! hope everyone is ok at home

life at the health post hasn't changed much, same old same old really!

some of the villagers decided to arrange a picnic for us so noone went to work on wednesday, only in Nepal is this perfectly normal! they made us go there on a buffalo cart which is an interesting experience, they are slow animals and the driver was crazy! he got very drunk and we decided it was safer to walk back at the end of the day! we had a really nice day swimming in the rafti river and the guys cooked us chicken curry, the sight of a claw on my plate was enough to put me off the chicken though!

this weekend we have been in Sauraha near the national park which I absolutely love! we had to walk 2 and a half hours to get here because there are local road strikes meaning no transport for 6 days. The vols from Kathmandu made it ok though because they were letting the tourist buses through, the irony isn't lost on me! we shall be walking back to the village early tomorrow morning before the heat hits

had a fantastic time going canoeing, on elephant safari (saw 3 rhinos), jungle walk, baby elephants and my favourite - elephant bathing. It is so much fun!! it is much more a case of the elephants bathing you though but it is incredibly fun

our evenings are spent watching the sun set over the river, have some fab photos which I managed not to delete (don't ask!)

not sure when I will next have internet access so don't worry if you don't here from me for a while!



26th April 2009

Hi Jodie, It was good to speak to you yesterday, even though you are keeping in touch via your blog page. It sounds as if you having an amazing experience, make the most of it as you will soon be back. I can't beleive you have been away over 2 weeks already. Believe it or not, the Albion won 3 - 0 against Sunderland, so the great great escape is still a possibility. Auntie Doris is over from America and we are going to see her this afternoon. Scott is off to Portsmouth on Tuesday to join HMS Illustrious. Keep safe and in touch. Love Mom, Dad and Scott
10th May 2009

Hey Jodie, it's lovely to catch up with what you've been up to! I bought an iPhone recently, and I've added Nepal to my time zones and weather reports so I can try and figure out what you'd be up to! Leicester is just the same as always, but with less people. When are you back in the UK/Leicester? Love Kate xx

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