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Jeff & JanTowne

46 Countries, 49 states and still counting.

The photo to the left, with Jan holding a Koala, was taken at a wild animal park in Kuranda, near Cairns Australia.

We are Jeff and Jan Towne of Colorado Springs, Colorado . We have been traveling since we got married 45 years ago. We were both born and raised in Quincy MA. I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston in Electrical Engineering. In 1969, I got into computer programming and stayed with it until I retired. We moved from Boston to Colorado in 1970. In 1978, we moved to Heidelberg Germany. In 1986, we moved to Huntington Beach CA. In 1993, we moved back to Germany and lived 2 years in Augsburg and 2 years in Mainz. In 1997, we returned to Costa Mesa CA. In 1999, I retired early and we moved back to Colorado.
We have three sons, in LA, Cleveland and Spokane.

In the US, we travel in a 1999 Bounder 35 foot motorhome, but we also fly often to see the grandkids We have visited 49 states and so far we have avoided Iowa, because has never been on our route.

We visited most of the countries while living in Germany for 12 years. is loaded with family photos and photos from all of our trips.

I have a personal web page:
I have a business web page:

North America » United States » Wyoming » Rawlins December 7th 2013

Jan, Terry the dog and I drove to Spokane to have Thanksgiving with our son Greg. We were prepared for winter travel: chains, de-ice pellets, shovel, boots, blankets, heavy winter hats and gloves, etc. We left home Saturday November 23 and spent the night in Billings MT. We drove I25 and I80. The next day we arrived at our son’s house. We had great weather and at 79 miles per hour you can cover a lot of ground in a day. We had good but cold weather in Spokane and a good Thanksgiving in a small house with 5 kids and 2 dogs. Greg lives in the woods on a dirt road. On two previous trips to Greg's', Jan sprained her ankle and then broke the same ankle. I was very attentive with the ice . ... read more

North America » United States September 18th 2013

We left for California on April 20. We had a totally uneventful trip. Well our return trip has been anything but! We spent 3 days packing the motorhome leisurely and on Wednesday 9/5 we finished the packing. We went to move in the motorhome slide and it was rusted in the open position. I pulled out my trusty can of WD40, the miracle tool, and sprayed all gears, and pulleys. There is a manual way to close a slide with a wrench. I was lying on the ground with the wrench and Jan was pressing the motor button. Finally with a lot of effort we got it closed. It was an easy four hour drive to Lake Tahoe on US 50. We then turned north on CA 89, which went around the west side of the ... read more
13 08 Lake Tahoe (13)
13 08 Lake Tahoe (9)
13 08 Lake Tahoe (7)

North America » United States » California » Half Moon Bay August 22nd 2013

We are two weeks from our departure from Half Moon Bay. We will leave here on 9/4 and spend two nights at Sugar Pines State Park on Lake Tahoe. Because of our working here, we will get 2 nights free. From there we will drive US 50 to Colorado. It is a desolate road but should be interesting and different from I80. We will spend 2 nights at Lake Dillon in the Colorado Mountains. From there it is a short drive to Greeley CO, where we will be at the Colorado State Samboree, an annual campout. I am the web master for the Colorado Good Sams camping club. We will arrive home on 9/15. We left home on 4/20. It has been a great summer on the beach. The good weather has arrived. Cloudy in the ... read more
13 07 HMB (29)
13 07 HMB (33)

A couple of days ago 2 campers said that someone had stolen their food in the ice chests. The only took the new stuff and not leftovers. One of them saw a person on a bike early in the morning. This morning a camper said that their ice chest had been opened and a bag of meat had been chewed. Probably not a person. We left home April 20, so we have been away for 3 months and have two months to go. We are still enjoying being here and other than friends and camping in Colorado Springs we have not missed anything. I flew to Colorado Springs for 3 days this week to see 3 doctors. Nothing serious but I fly for free on United because of Dave. I had dinner with our Breakfast bunch. ... read more
13 07 Appy (4)
13 07 Appy (5)

We went to an interesting kids hand on museum, Curiodessey in San Mateo, with my granddaughters Hope and Ella. They had an interesting aviary. A Cattle Egret fell in love with me. He followed me around and nipped at my shirt. Yesterday, Saturday June 6, 2013, was a perfect beach day. It was about 75 degrees sunny and no wind. The Day Use Parking lot beach was packed at 150 cars. At least a 1000 cars were turned away. The side street next to the campground, which has “No Parking” signs was lined with cars on both sides. There were a couple of car accidents and shoving matches with people fighting to illegally park. The rangers called the sheriff’s office about the parking problem and they were told that it was the states fault because the ... read more
Cattle Egret (1)
Cattle Egret (3)
Dutch RV (4)

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 21st 2013

With the recent G8 summit in Berlin, I thought my trip to Berlin in 1980 would be interesting. I will add more photos when we return home in September. We lived in Heidelberg Germany from 1978 to 1986, Augsburg Germany from 1993 to 1995 and Mainz Germany from 1995 to 1997. I was a computer software engineer on intelligence computer systems. In December, 1980, we went to Berlin. At that time Berlin was still a divided city from World War Two. There were four sections: American, Russian, French and British. We had to get special travel orders to make the trip. The Travel Orders were written in English, French and Russian. There were three ways to travel to Berlin: fly, drive or take the train. You could fly, which was no fun. You could drive, which ... read more
80 12 AF Tour Bus, East Berlin
80 12 Berlin Duty Train ticket pg 1
80 12 Berlin Duty Train ticket pg 2

We have been here over six weeks and are still enjoying the area and work or lack of work. Last week Jan flew to Spokane for a week to attend our grandson Alex’s high school graduation and all associated ceremonies and functions. I stayed behind to ”work” but I did by an airline ticket and flew up on Friday and flew home on Monday. It was a total surprise for Greg and his family including Alex. A couple of times Jan almost spilled the beans but she caught herself. I really felt bad leaving the campground on a very busy weekend but the rangers talked me into going saying that this was too important to miss. A staff member stayed in our RV and took care of our dog Terry. Our son Russ and his family ... read more
Bicycle Path
Interesting houses2

We just finished a busy Memorial Day Weekend. Jan’s cousin’s Matt and Ginny VanDuyne and their kids Pascal and Clare from Fresno came for the weekend. This was their first camping trip with the kids. We missed two interesting events at tenh campground. A camper said that a women came out of the shower building and ran naked to her RV and I missed it. The second event was just across the road from us. We were at Safeway when the fight began. A large Indian family (from India) was playing their music very loud. The man in the next RV asked them to turn it down. I guess that there were racial slurs also. The second man then turned on his generator to drown out the music and they in turn turned it up the ... read more
Woody1 (2)
Flowers  (1)
Flowers  (2)

I have been photographing interesting and unusual RVs. The German motorhome was brought over from Germany last year and the owners are traveling many months over a 2 year period. The painted vans are from different rental companies. One owner said that it cost $1200 for three weeks. The Cruise America class c motor homes cost $1200 per week The tent RV is 40 years old and was bought by a young man for $400. It needed a lot of work including a new tent. The base of the wings slide together and it is very small for traveling. It is made of aircraft aluminum and weighs about 400 lbs and he pulls it with a Prius.... read more

About 20 miles down the coast from Half Moon Bay is Ano Nuevo State Beach. After a 2 mile walk ending walking over a steep sand dune, you arrive at the elephant Seal beach. There were dozens of seals as close as 20 feet from the viewing area. There are many beaches with harbor seals.... read more

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