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28th May 2013

You probably didn't miss much with your streaker. Have really enjoyed the Woody and the flowers! Beautiful.
9th May 2013

So I can't tell from your description... are you enjoying your time so far or not so much?
2nd May 2013

expensive window.
That is one expensive window. Is it covered in a thin layer of gold?
30th March 2013

This sounds wonderful. We hope you have a great summer. We once knew a lady that lived in Half Moon Bay, now passed on. She loved it and preferred living there to here where she was born. I look forward to hearing your adventures. Steve
30th March 2013

Have fun!
We'll be back in Yuma soon and then in Colorado in late may! Your trip sounds marvelous. Have fun!
29th August 2012

I remember
We had an Alpen Kreuzer in 1970, when we lived in Germany. I was 7. The design doesn't seem to have changed much since then. We camped in a lot of muddy apple orchard-turned-summer- camprounds. We also stayed just outside Rome for 2 weeks. I would love to get another camper and relive those good times.
24th January 2012

Amazing Love Your 40 Year Chronicle
We are traveling in a 34 ft motor home but have also been tenters and boat campers. Hope you will check out our blog. Joanne & Wes aka Cuda and Silver Back
1st July 2011
79 Alpen Kreuzer Tent Trailer on the Rhine River

My goodness; we bought our Alpen Kreuzer form th factory in Holland and would love to find another. We totally loved it, and travelled way far in it with our young family. Do you know the name of the manufacturer? Are they still being made?
21st February 2011

Give Us A Little Of The Rain
We need rain here but not the floods. Joyce had back surgery last month...fused a couple of vertabrae....and just last week had eye surgery for a detached retina. Needless to say, I've been staying close to home nursing her. You would think the gov. would keep open the money makers but then we both know how the gov. works. Later
26th January 2011

The Ultimate Tourist
My name is Jennie, and i would just like to inform you that there now is a webpage called, where tourists from around the world finally can get some use from all these photos they have of themsleves, posing by different landmarks and attractions. Here you can choose from over one hundred attractions and typical touristic activities, upload your photos and collect one tourist point for each photo (Remember you have to be in the photo yourself, to prove you were actually there..:). Reach different levels and everybody over 80 points will become Ultimate Tourists. So if you want to compete with your photos, or just spread the word, go inte Swedes are dominating the top 20 for the moment. Challenge them! :)
19th January 2011
wow, you have different different trailers man, thanks for posting here, i just love trailers, hope you will post more....
17th January 2011

Checking up.
Hi, Got your e-mail. We are doing the same thing as yesterday. Miss you Karma
10th January 2011

Jeff and Jan - Thanks for keeping us up to date on your travels. Sorry you had so much trouble getting started, but it was probably better to have trouble near home than in the mioddle of Arizona or somewhere. Glad you are now safely at your destination. Enjoy your stay. John
10th January 2011

Glad to hear you made it ok to the beach. Joyce is having back surgery next Monday. Was supposed to have it last week but she started running fever, sore throat, etc... so had to postpone. She's on meds now and should be ok in a few days. Take care and keep the blog coming.
10th January 2011

Down pouring heavily
It is down pouring all over the World so planning a trip is really not enjoying. From delay in flight to other obstacles so better to keep away.
10th January 2011

Why Fingerprint?
Why do they have to fingerprint you? Didn't they do that last year when down in San Diego? I thought that was a state park also.
10th January 2011

Is there any other life there besides you?
6th January 2011

Has it occurred to you that you are not supposed to possibly be on the road at this time. Stranger things have happened. Hope you do get to start out soon and it will not be too expensive!
6th January 2011

Good news
Thank goodness you were so close to COS when you had mechanical trouble! Hope they have you back on the road soon. We are really "itching" to get out of the deep freeze over here!
25th December 2010

Neat pics......Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.....Tell the children we said hello Joyce and Lee
17th July 2010

Oh yes, I remember it well
Loved our Alpen Kreuzer. Bought it in Colorado Springs in 1980 as a basket case. It was left set up and a spring snow storm bent the frame and tore the canvas. Camped in it for 10 years. Had a blast but had trouble telling the rangers we needed a larger site than what they were offering us.
10th July 2010

Loved reading your report, sounds like a great trip, which is nothing new for you two! How's the knee doing, and the ankle, all good I hope. I need good priced ticket to Seattle/return Aug. 5 and Aug 14, any suggesting. I'm been looking everywhere I know of, but price is high, over $300. Jeez, don't any cheap airlines go to Seattle? If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thinking of you. All the best. D
From Blog: Bermuda Epilogue
11th June 2010

Loved the Yosemite video and the Travelog. You've had yourselves quite a wonderful time. I'm anxious to hear the report on your injuries.
2nd June 2010

I hope you have a spectacular trip. I would have died somewhere around Denver airport of pure frustration.
1st June 2010

Isn't flying the friendly skies a real thrill nowadays? We did the Panama Canal trip in April and had a great time. When we got off the ship in Ft Lauterdale bright and early to get to the airport, we found that the flight was delayed. It didn't matter because we had a four hour layover in Atlanta. Needless to say we got home that evening at 10:30pm. Took a few days to recoup from the day long flight. So much can be said for frequent flyer miles. HA Enjoy the cruise.

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