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North America » United States » California » Big Sur May 3rd 2009

I started climbing and taking the ubersharp turns out of Big Sur town just having fun with my newfound love of countersteering and I guess something went wrong. I looked up and had arrived in Moto Heaven. But I´m only 23, I thought. I´ve only just begun! Sigur Ros came on the pod and I just went with it, turning around to do it agian and take pictures. I realized though that I hadn´t died. The proof: The Henry Miller museum was closed! I stayed relatively close to Big sur, knowing then that I just had to stay another night. So I used the search for the perfect campsite as my excuse for doubling back and forth up about a 60 mile stretch of the highway, pretty much all day. I found what i was looking ... read more
Posted: Trespassers will be Prosecuted!
The fog begins to clear...
100 plus Klics

Shaking body, rattled nerves but, rolling wheels. Oh, and a bit of exhaustion and near hypothermia. All in a day's work for a maniac. Given that I was camped on the sly (aka illegally) in Cape Blanca, I was up and on the road by 6 am. I also wanted an early start to make up for the fact that I was not yet half way to San Francisco after a full day´s riding. Still, as the previous day, I dottled, bought a coffee, took some pictures. I couldn´t help it. The southern Oregon coast was just too spectacular. By the time I reached California and Flint Rock, where I was planning on camping, I had gone about 140 miles in about three and a half hours. I stopped at a rest stop because it had ... read more
California at last!
There was something in the Water...
IN the redwoods.

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast April 29th 2009

After an absurdly brief overnight in Portland I set out for Flint Rock, California, taking the 101 down from Lincoln City, Or. My trusty mileage map said it was just over five hundred miles. I knew that it would take longer than the 8.5 hours projected because I'd have to stop and stretch my legs, and grab a beer or two (for later) at the Rogue Ales Public House in Newport. ... read more
Sea Lion Cave?
Cape Blanca
Actually we just hid right around back.

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle April 28th 2009

We have a history, Chief. But have you forgotten our friendship? Seattle! Surely you have not forgotten how you once smiled upon me. Just this last summer we became such friends, don't you recall? I was locked out of Peter's house with nothing but 57 cents in my pockets and I peddled his bike all along your western shores. I saw your glistening towers jutting out of your deep-blue, softly lapping waters. I befriended your seals. I drank your water from some guy's hose and bought 54 cents-worth of carrots to not starve. Ok maybe it's all been bad, bro, but this is really getting ridiculous. I knew our friendship had run into a rocky patch, but what the eff, bro? You may be wise, old man but i'll get the better of you yet... ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver April 26th 2009

Listen to: Long gone daddy - Hank Williams. I say "long gone" because it's been a long time since I left. This trip has seemed characterized by false starts. I decided for myself that it had began a few times. Last June, when I left Vancouver to go start amassing funds for the trip in Calgary, for example. I drove to Canoe, BC., on the Shushwap and hobo-ed it on Canoe Beach, camping illegally, whiling away the hours in solitude and worrying about rain. I still sort of think of that as the first day of the trip. Then there was my return to Van, a respectable chunk of cash in the bank and a dream. Then there was the day I learned to ride the damn bike. What a mess. The battery was dead so ... read more

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