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North America » United States » Arizona May 29th 2009

I left Tucson with a newly serviced head - engine and otherwise. I was feeling good ready to, as Alex would put it, rage on. I had decided to head up to a meteor crater outside of Flagstaff. The fastest way was Straight up I-10 to I-17 but just before I made it out of Tucson I turned on Miracle Mile and took Hwy 77 out of town on a whim. I tend to avoid freeways and head for the roads that have a little dotted red line next to them, the scenic routes. Slow traffic, long lights and the mid-afternoon heat - not a cool, in any sense of the word. Finally I made it to Apache Junction and soon thereafter the coolness began to abound. I stopped for gas and a fellow KLRati gave ... read more
Canyonlands and Knar.
Superstition and Writing on the Wall
FIsh Creek

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson May 22nd 2009

Blasphemy? Yes and no. It was like this: I spent my 24th birthday at a place called the Meat Rack in Tucson with Alex, my gracious host in town, God and whoever else happened to be around. God gave me the tour of his bar. We started off in his office. In lieu of a desk, he had a medieval rack, where the unlucky victim's head and hands are bound between heavy boards. He had a gynecologist's chair. He had a sex swing. There was no filing cabinet or telephone but there was a buzzer that could be rung from inside to alert the whole bar when whoever might have been unlucky enough to have been seduced into the "office" walked out. A walk of shame buzzer. With a bright red face that reminded me of ... read more
Free Champagne

North America » United States » Arizona May 20th 2009

I woke up with tourists whispering all around me. The first thing I did was check the alarm clock I'd set on the bench next to my head, thinking I had overslept my 5am alarm. 4:59 then Bleep bleep ble... and i shut it off. I knew i was going to need it after the night I'd had. I unzipped and slipped out of my sleeping bag, still dressed and still covered in desert grit. I stuffed away my bed and put my boots back on. A short, shy middle-aged woman tentatively looked up at me whilst she scurried by my Baby who was so rudely blocking the path around the ranger station. I groggily shuffled over to greet her (my bike not the tourist) and to strap my bed back on. "Hey, Baby. We better ... read more

Journal entry, May18th, 7:14 North : 35 59 52.5 West : 111 59 18.4 Elevation : I try to still my thoughts. I want to find this moment, be in it. Still, i feel compelled to take a photo to save this. To throw a rock to gage the depth. To make an inukshuk and leave a mark. To... write a blog...? Seriously, what can you do with such a big canyon? I'm overcome by the urge to make something of this feeling and this place that i can take with me, that I can come back to and share. No.... I stop writing and just stare. Is this the moment? Did I just ruin it? Hmm, I still have half a granola bar don't I? No, I ate that in Cedar Ridge. And the wind ... read more

It had been an odd morning. For lack of an Ipod, I kept talking to myself. Passed through some spectacular scenery and some strange towns. I passed Cliff Dwellers, Az., Jackass Creek, The Gap, Az. Scoffing through my helmet at police and natives who ripped past me. I'm sure they wondered why this guy hunched over on a motorcycle as though he were going Mach 4 was actually going under the speed limit. And was he singing to himself? Indeed I was. And for your information, I'm laying forward on my tank bag, not only to duck into that mean headwind, but also because my arse and lower back are wicked sore. Like get me some friggin' butt-cream sore. After lunch at a grossly overpriced gas station in Marble Canyon things got even weirder. It might ... read more
Cliff dwellers
"Icy Road"
Dead Indian Canyon (Little Colorado River)

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas May 17th 2009

Listen to: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (Sgt Pepper) Beatles. Death Valley was always one of the destinations I was looking forward to most. And I thought I was prepared. Water, check. Beef jerky, fruit, pb'n'j, Check. Chinese, non-UV protective Aviators, Check. Sunblock... woops! I pushed play on the above mentioned track and began the decent. The plan was to be in Las Vegas by noon, but I hadn't planned how much there was to see or on stopping so often for photos (notice there's a lot of them). Plus I got lost in Furnace Creek, which was odd because there was nothing there. I began the ascent out once I realized that I was dizzy from the heat and almost out of gas. That was at 11:30 and it was well over 50 degrees ... read more
Wanning Full
It was early but I guess the heat was already getting to me.

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine May 14th 2009

the only noteworthy thing about Cedar Creek Campground, Sequoia Nat´l Forrest, was that i i had the joint to myself. So, as you do, I busted out the harmonica that I still haven´t learned to play. I spent most of the night trying to play along to "Silver and Gold" by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros and loudly singing along to Hank Williams and Born Ruffians. I made a huge fire and danced around, tooting on the harp - you know, to scare the bears away. They´re rampant in these parts...¨ Then it turned out that someone had shown up in the night, unbeknownst to me. I packed up and split first thing out of emberassment. Then I tipped the bike over on the side of lake Isabella, saw my first joshua trees and was in ... read more
Lake Isabella
Yay, Joshua Trees!
Awww, look at the spiny little baby.

North America » United States » California » Kernville May 10th 2009

I left kernville for fear my luck would run out. Since I´d been in town I´d been taken on a whitewater rafting trip for free, met an old dude named Chuck (soon to be Chuck of Many Miles) who had rode Ushuaia on his KLR and found a guardian angel to boot. When was stopped at Dome Rock I ran into a family who ruined the solitude of my experience there, but were very nice while doing so. They gave me cheezits and fruit rollups and told me about how they´d just been whitewater rafting in Kernville, where I was headed. Somewhere between there and Kernville an wonderful idea struck me: why not offer to volunteer at one of the rafting outfits in town and hope for a free trip down the river. So once I ... read more
Beautiful Yokohl Valley
Snow on the Western Divide Pass.
The Needles

Coming up Highway 198 from Visalia, I saw the dike before I saw the "lake" so I knew better than to believe the hype. I had planned on staying somewhere up here because, after a brief parousal of the map, I saw that some of the Sequoia National Forest bordered on Lake Kaweah. I liked the look of it. Camp for free and on a lake, doesn't that sound nice? It might have been, if i had had an airconditioned RV and could get around the idea of camping next to an over-full reservoir. But I didn´t and I couldn´t and so I ended up deep in a valley past 20 miles of ranch country at a campground that was closed. It was not a compromise. Still free but on the south fork of the river ... read more
Yes, that is a giant boulder...
Never found out for sure who lives in that house.
I won't mention...

North America » United States » California » Cayucos May 4th 2009

I think I've been subconsciously working for years to put myself into positions where I can really relate to Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone". I hope there's been some intention there , conscious or otherwise because if not it'd be even more sad than trying to end up that way. It had something to do with the fact that I had drank too much the night before with the guys from Oregon in Big Sur. It also owed a little to the fact that my energy had slowly drained away due to not being able to afford food until I got far enough away from Big Sur and as such hadn't eaten all day. But mainly it was due to a chance encounter by my, err, campsite on the beach. The spot had been hand picked ... read more
They may look like leather sacks of blubber...
The pier at Cayucos
The waterfront at Cayucos

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