Frisco to Big Sur (Highway ! - Moto Heaven)

Published: July 23rd 2009
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Al sur de Big SurAl sur de Big SurAl sur de Big Sur

Things start really getting spectacular once you head a little south down Highway ! (no typo, I substituted 1 for ! for a reason)
I started climbing and taking the ubersharp turns out of Big Sur town just having fun with my newfound love of countersteering and I guess something went wrong. I looked up and had arrived in Moto Heaven. But I´m only 23, I thought. I´ve only just begun! Sigur Ros came on the pod and I just went with it, turning around to do it agian and take pictures. I realized though that I hadn´t died. The proof: The Henry Miller museum was closed!
I stayed relatively close to Big sur, knowing then that I just had to stay another night. So I used the search for the perfect campsite as my excuse for doubling back and forth up about a 60 mile stretch of the highway, pretty much all day.
I found what i was looking for just in time for the park to be closed and there to be a bit of daylight left.

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Posted: Trespassers will be Prosecuted!Posted: Trespassers will be Prosecuted!
Posted: Trespassers will be Prosecuted!

I spent most of the day looking for a free spot to camp, after paying 22$ (!!!!) on camping the night before. I went up and down the coast trying to find my way onto one of those roads you see at the bottom of the picture. Obviously I was not the only one. Every gate in Big Sur is fenced off.
The fog begins to clear...The fog begins to clear...
The fog begins to clear...

I'd been engulfed in fog ever since I left SF - and no it wasn't the hangover. Who knows what I missed because of it.. This was the first clear (ish) view I got of the coast.
100 plus Klics100 plus Klics
100 plus Klics

From Big Sur to Cambria - about 110km - the road winds, contoured to the cliffs hundreds of feet above the coast. I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks as I rode along.
Rider HeavenRider Heaven
Rider Heaven

I just kept taking pictures of my baby. I was absolutely giddy all morning.
When i'm loaded.When i'm loaded.
When i'm loaded.

At the center of the frame here is somebody's house! The properties down the coast from Big Sur were outrageous. I can't wait to be loaded so I can build mine...
Julia Phiffer-Burns State park.Julia Phiffer-Burns State park.
Julia Phiffer-Burns State park.

This was the view from my campsite.
The saddle of death.The saddle of death.
The saddle of death.

It was even gnarlier than it looks. The red-ish rock was loose, damp and slippery. To the left was an inlet of jagged rocks and raging tides, to the right, mostly just jagged rocks. the drop on both sides was about 40 feet. Hence the name.
A Phiffer to rival a young Michelle...A Phiffer to rival a young Michelle...
A Phiffer to rival a young Michelle...

Once you make it across the saddle of death, this is what you are greeted by. High up above on the path is as close as you're actually allowed, but I gave my word: I was going to make it onto that beach.
And back down.And back down.
And back down.

Up under the trees (top left) is the campground. The cliff at the edge of the treeline (high-center) is the location of the following picture.
Even if one survived the fall...Even if one survived the fall...
Even if one survived the fall...

You'd probably end up drowning in the kelp forest that lined the coast for miles. But you wouldn't survive the fall.
Love to say I told you so...Love to say I told you so...
Love to say I told you so...

I told Miki, who told me about the park back in SF, that I WOULD make it down to those falls. Piece of cake. Lovely, sketchy rock climbing cake.
My morning shower...My morning shower...
My morning shower...

The tourists way up above were definitely taking pictures of me the whole time. Then they ratted us out.
Private beach...Private beach...
Private beach...

So private we got ticketed when we got back up.
I need to get one of these back home...I need to get one of these back home...
I need to get one of these back home...

Imagine showering in that every morning. You'd want to hook up a water heater though. Oh, and use biodegradable soap.

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