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3rd April 2011
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the environment
Some of the wealthiest, most exclusive neighborhoods in California are in areas where there is an abundance of nature and open spaces, similar to Morazan.
From Blog: Perquín
30th November 2009

I don't want to get there
Broseph! I have no sarcastic comment. Congrats muthafucka!! The road ends where you want it to. See you in Chile!!!!!
11th November 2009

hesje I am in awe! Keeping you in my thoughts kiddo
9th November 2009

How much road does that bike need?
Sure looks to me like you are weaving both sides of that nice paved road there bud. Too much coca tea or what? Also did you not get a pic of the sundial? Or did i just not recognize it?
29th September 2009

Eff-in great
Best post so far bro. By far and away.
6th August 2009

Yo Hesj!
I am sitting here with Joel in hothot france talking about you - I never knew you had a blog man!!! It's wicked you are having such a great time, I can't wait to have an afternoon to look through your entires. Good on you man - if we can swing it I'll rent a bike to do a leg with ya keep on discovering, good work buddy
From Blog: Perquín
22nd June 2009

My god man they're everywhere
Sounds like you've entered bat country!
From Blog: Besando México
18th June 2009

Those are some amazing shots you got there. Well done! I imagine that you are just loving this...
18th June 2009

Go Hesje Go
Rock the Chihuahua, and keep a spare tube around, eh?
9th June 2009

Bet your happy you got your proper-ish bike license now, dontcha?

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