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After a rather uneventful traverse of Guatemala City I found my way to the Interamericana highway and made my way higher and higher into the highland volcano country. The ride was spectacular and punctuated only by a couple stops to warm my hands and snap photos and one stop in a small town where the road had been closed by a indigenous rights demonstration. I pulled to the front of the line of traffic and asked a couple of police officers what was going on. One told me I'd have to wait but just then his partner noticed another motorcycle squeezing past on the far edge. The slapped me on the back GO! Go! As I inched closer to the edge a friendly young man with a strong Mayan nose came over to pull back the ... read more
Lakeside Dusk

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca June 23rd 2009

Oh, Oaxaca! There are no words. (i'm going to have to leave it that way)... read more
Question; What would Jesus do?

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City June 20th 2009

Listen to Acitate Prophets, Jurrasic 5 and Radiohead Idioteque Most of this was written on the side of the road... Jesus the mangos! They´re everywhere. A guy could kill his self on one of them... like fruity little landmines all over the road. And has someone set off a smoke bomb? No, just a truck carrying dry cement, dusting the town. Mind your freight man! chicken feathers, gravel, and mangos everywhere, Fording rivers, dodging livestock, and dont mind the explosions;¨fiesta de indios - quien sabe...¨ What now - deadlock? not I... 1.2 km off road and I´m ahead of the lot. Ah, there´s the mango truck. And whats this? A dog nipping at my heels! Hah! you´ll get what´s coming to you. See... There´s one now. A cousin of yours? Look at him now, all inside ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » Guanajuato June 18th 2009

I don´t know what else to say but just ¨lovely¨. Guanajuato is just lovely. I was impressed with how fine of a city San Luis Potosi appeared to be but Guanajauto is a city I could really get into. I´ve been here an hour and I´m already making plans to stay longer... The first morning I was there I went to do some laundry. The day-keeper at the hostel, Christopher (kris-toh-fér) gave me directions and I left with a pretty good idea of where I was going. I just needed to go to where they sell chicken. I did, no laundrymat around but a helpful young man there sent me to another back the way I came up Av. Juarez. Once I was sure I´d gone too far I asked again and was sent up a ... read more
Church, Guanajuato
Sunset at the University of Guanajuato
And by night...

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Sinforosa June 10th 2009

Listen to: ¨Long Shadow¨ Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros I´d taken a chance - a rather stupid - one in turning down the road. The sun was low on the horizon and had no idea how the road ahead would be. All I knew was that back at the highway I had seen a sign saying Sinforosa 17 km and had a picture of a tent and another of some people looking through binoculars. Not too interested on Guachochi. I took the turn by some last minute impulse and regreted it almost immediately afterward. I don´t know why I didn´t turn around. I just kept going down a heavily rutted dirt road past dead dogs and run-down homes. ¨ ¨well, you´ve sure done it now.¨ I thought to myself. ¨Everyone here sees me, everyone knows where ... read more
A mexican jack
Pick axes  for tire irons...
Lesser of two evils

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon June 8th 2009

Coming in to Creel, Chihuaua at just over the far side of 700km since I left Bisbee Az. At 6 am this morning was a bit jarring. My hands are still shaking and trying to feather a clutch, twist a throttle. I found a place for cheap with dinner included, hot and ready (thanks lonely planet for coming through in a crunch). I gorged it down as the last glimmers of pink faded into deep blue over the hills to the west. I’ve generally enjoyed the shock of leaving a cool alpine or coastline for a barren desert or viceversa as I meandered across the States. But as I strolled down the main drag here in Creel, it was almost all I could take. It didn’t help that there was a tricked out sixties Chevy pickup ... read more
Just to add to the sketch...
Take your ¨grand¨canyon and stuff it!

She seemed to have been wearing the same bright blue mumu for the last few days. She was always jovial, which is a becoming traight for anyone weighing in at well over 200 pounds. ¨Did you get that basket case back together?¨ ¨Yup, but I´m taking her apart again.¨ I replied. ¨wel, honey, it sounds like an exercize in futility to me¨ she said, presuming it a pearl of wisdom, I´m sure. ¨Well, at least I´m getting some exercize¨ She just giggled and waddled on. I guess she didn´t get the joke. I´d been in Silver City for two days and had set out to leave that morning. Since Tucson all I´d done was find problems with the bike. That day, when I picked her up from Copper Country Motorcycles (the first ever motorcycle shop run ... read more
chris photos1 062
chris photos1 063
chris photos1 065

"Yer lucky them lions didn't gecha!" he grinned. The natural reaction to a comment like this coming from a guy with three visible teeth and a heavy yokle accent is incredulity. Unless, as was the case, the commentator is a local Apache who grew up just up river from where I was camped the night before. "I wouldn't'a slep' out dere!" he giggled as a follow-up. I had worried about mountain lions that night. I'd worried about a lot of things. But I did what I had to to calm myself down. From the journal: I like these rocks, all smoothed out over the centuries... Fewer places for snakes to hide. But what about the scorpions...? It had been a FULL day. I left lake Roosevelt shortly after first light. Not dawn - first light. I ... read more
Stopped to take it in...
Bonafied Arizona ruins
Take your crater and stuff it!

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