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Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Mikolajki Lake August 15th 2009

Camping Vagabundo, 18-07-2001, late afternoon. Smack in the middle of the Great Masurian Lake District is the little tourist town of Mikolajki and though the setting is scenic with the little town perched on a little narrow, red-roofed houses scream at me from across the narrow straight, the small strip of waterway between me and the high-speed life of a buzy town in the high tourist summer...even from my vantage point I can clearly discern the hunderts of yachts filling up the small waterfront... Three bridges no less could bring me back to civilisation after several days and nights of living it rough, just a mere hundert meter of easy cycling on a wooden bridge, and I am back in the hectic world of mankind having a break from a stressfull life sweating away behind dusty ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag August 13th 2009

Camping near Wierzbiny, 17-07-2001. A bit like the tough is getting into overgear today with the temperature well into the thirties centigrade and the hilly country side offering me some steep badly mantained roads winding uphill and down again - after all...all that goes up has got to eventually go down again. Roads lined by ancient oaks that seem to groan in extasy while I cycle underrneath them, the sounds of wind blowing through huge tree crowns responsible for the eerie sounds that bring me back in the here and now...back from far-away travels inside my own Dutch mind, wandering off to the inner sanctum sanctorum of my being, hardly noticing the ocassional tractor or ramshackle trabant ferrying day workers to fields full with golden colored crops, overtaking me and leaving in big clouds of dust. ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag August 13th 2009

Stary Folwark, Wigry National Park, 16-07-2001. At first I lie still not daring to move an inch, my limps still limp and crampy after a well-deserved night of sleep - much needed when cycling up and beyond a hundert kilometer a day. I listen intently to the sounds outside my sleeping bag, it is the pre-dawn hour, the time the animals of the night seize their nocturnal activities, ready for rest while those forest dwellers involved in Sun Worshipping prepare themselves for the coming day. I decide to follow the latter taking a quick peek outside the warmth of my nighttime partner. At the other side of the lake over the tops of the shadowy trees I can discern a silver horizontal stripe growing in intensity, the beginning of a new day here in Wigry National ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag August 11th 2009

Camping at Lake Goldab, 15-07-2001. Die Wolfsschanze as the Germans called The Wolf's Lair in their harsh language, the place were Mister Hitler The Big Jew Hater was holed up most of the war orquestrating the horrors befalling his own precious Das Deutsche Volk as well as the rest of Europe - Wasn't that little sh*t Austrian himself...makes you wonder what his fasciantion with the Germans was. Maybe he felt born in the wrong body...a bit like a Kathoey in Thailand but then more on the nationality side I guess.... Dozens of bunkers and assorted structures set deep in dark and impressive pine forests and surrounded by massive defence works, thousands of foot soldiers, a private airstrip ect ect...all that to make sure that the destruction of Europe went smoothly and according to plan... Nowadays the ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag August 6th 2009

Private camping near the Wolf's Lair, 14-07-2001. I'm not much in the way of a strong believer in the power of a higher entity like a God or similar power well beyond the here and now. However, spending most of my days cycling through deep green, pine smelling forests, camping every night at lakes'sides - often sleeping under the stars unless the mozzie clans force me to take shelter inside my linen portable shack - one can't but wonder where and how, the enormity of Creation, or maybe just a dream within a dream... Plenty of time too to think about my present financial situation. Obviously being forced to cycle the world on a rusty old bike and wild camping in the forest should be a clear indication of how flat-out broke I am, having used ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag August 5th 2009

Near Ketrzen on some illegal camp ground,13-07-2001. A strong wind is coming in from the Baltic Sea while I wait for the ferry across the Vistula Lagoon. Local young kids in woolen pants of indefinite color practice their English and German on me, curiosity having the better of them, no big surprise considering my old rusty iron lady burdened under 35 kilo of survival gear, my dufty old tent and mouldy sleeping bag, my ragged old clothes my eight days old beard and general rugged appearance will probably give them enough blablabla material for days to come...get their friends back in the village jealous of the sight of this crazy dirty unkempt foreigner on his crappy bicycle that looks so old it might well collapse at any given moment. Out at Vistula Lagoon I see enormous ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag August 4th 2009

Close to Krynica Morska, 12-07-2001. I cycle through flat and open land leaving the hustle and bustle of big-time Gdansk behind me, natural tranquility around me while I do my daily work-out on my rusty old lady who though producing creaking sounds every so often seems to be doing just fine otherwise. I have my lunch with a bunch of local day workers having a quick smoke and coffee break from loading huge bales of gold colored hay on and endless row of cranky trucks. Inky black coffee with the taste of residue floating on a badly polluted Thrid World river. The smell of freshly dried hay under a Polish sun is pleasant to my nose though while I eat my Giro, a sort of Polish version of the Turkish Döner Kebab and hopefully nutricious enough ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk August 3rd 2009

Gdansk, 11-07-2001. Getting in and out of big cities on a bicycle always is a major hassle, not to speak of the effect the hectic admosphere of big cities has on my poor brain after seven days of natural tranquility. Hoping to protect my alraedy hopelessly chaotic and traumatised Dutch raised brain from further damage I take a small cabin on a camp ground just outside town. My cabin is even furnished with what looks like an antiquated mini refridgerator - the lettering on the side telling me it is Russian manufracture. Whatever, I can drink ice-cold beer again during the evening on the small balcony of my cabin. No more polish Pivo - aka catpiss when drunk lukewarm - which the shopowners keep telling me is best drunk when warm... Armed with my aquarelics and ... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk July 31st 2009

At the camping at Brzezno, 10-07-2001. Hel couldn't be called Hel unless it had some pretty nasty sh*t to throw at me, rain.. any long distance cyclist's nightmare... apart maybe from the polish lagerlouds at the nearby camping last night with loud argueing, drunk screaming and rowdy movements of staggering male intoxicated bodies perpiring like pigs, moving through the forest on a mad quest for a comfortable pissing spot, untill well after 05.00 o'clock in the morning. As the say in my native Dutch "an accident never comes alone" so I wasn't all that surprised to see that omnimous mass of gray rain clouds overhead my tent when I stuck my head outside with the rain coming dowen in earnest by the time I was breaking down my tent. Early morning at first sun-up through a ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk July 30th 2009

Hel Peninsula, 09-07-2001. Hel Peninsula, what a fitting name consider that over 80.000 German troops were trapped here on this 34 km. long and at its most 2 km. broad peninsula covered in dense pine forest, for months in the cold of the Polish winter at the end of the Second World War, being pounded into the sand dunes by Russian atillary, young German soldiers traumatised by long gruelling years of bloody war against a ruthless adversary. Fighting and dying in the name of a Führer who was becoming more irrational by the day....yeah, I am pretty sure for these poor Germans Hel peninsula must have been a real Hell!! I am trying hard to ignore the persistent and obnoxious presence of countless German ghoulds calling to me from the darkness surrounding me while I slowly ... read more
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