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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk July 29th 2009

Stowinski National Park, at Lake Dolgie, 08-07-2001. I'm cycling through essentially rural land, sparsely polpulated with tiny hamlets that have a centuries old feel to it where small eateries were filled with hard bare breaking working class farmers quickly finish off tasteless looking food and whose hapless and crude clothes and often dull look in sometimes young but already wrinkled faces due to much time outside on the land, tells me all there's to know about their harsh excistence, about their meagre incomes. I now cycled along the Baltic coast, through a lake area set in massive and age old fine forests. This being a sunday means I get overtaken by old trabants and dented German Volkswagen cars covered in thick layers of dust that make me wonder just how ancient they really are. Big blueish ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk July 27th 2009

Near Lazy, 07-07-2001. It is still dark when the call of Mother Nature wakes me up explaining to me in her benign way I have to get up to give some spare time to my full bladder. An opaque moon and the last vestiges of alien kingdoms on far away stars pay me tribute while I let my flow go.... Tjee, where do all these weird thoughts come from being alone out here early morning in a dense Polish forest near the Baltic Sea. Might as well try to rekindle my campfire and boil some coffee. After nearly a week of cycling surrounded by forest and acriculture, small villages and lonely bars for my breakfast and lunch, no big cities or other human populated areas, camping out wild in dark pine forests means my mind had ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Grzybowo July 25th 2009

Inside Wolin National Park, 06-07-2001. My legs look like bloody stumps full with swellings and scratches, little bloody bites and lots of red spots. I have got to give it to them...Polish mozzies aren't anything but persistent...up and down my uncomfortable legs go on the pedals of my bicycle. I'm well on the way now to the Baltic Sea cycling through fields full with crops, the air heavy with the odour of ripe corn ready to be harvested. Small patches of temperate forest that seems to become more prominent the further north I cycle, and temperate forest slowly giving in to pine, small and bigger lakes with white swans, ducks and coots, blue colored king fishers diving into the water and emerging in mere seconds with a fat catch. The religious catholic nature of the Polish ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Malbork July 24th 2009

Close to Katy, 05-07-2001. It is close to 04.00 O'clock in the morning before I see divine light, before I see the hopelessness of being lazy, too lazy to leave the cozy comfort of my muffty old sleeping bag that has followed me on so many trips but seems to be unable to help me out, to protect me against that determined clan of mozzies so keen on my Dutch blood. Olds age and many trips have left their tracks on my nighttime partner, small worn-out patches and down right small holes big enough for small mozzie bodies. I will have to get up and pitch my tent instead of spending the night under this star lit heaven that feels somehow comfortable if it wasn't for the bloodsuck clan outside. Not that I can blame my ... read more
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Europe » Poland » Lubusz » Gorzów Wielkopolski July 22nd 2009

Close to Trzebiez, 04-07-2001. There is an exodus of german holiday makers overtaking me on the road to the Polish border, European made mobile homes and Volkswagen cars containing whole families with bored children whose days is brightened up by the sight of me on my rusty old lady, tent and sleeping bag tied to the back, bicycle bags with spare parts, some clean clothes and my cherished sketchbook. I see them again at one of the next Rastplätze where the family has set up camping tables and plastic chairs, relaxing themselves like they gonna stay the night, their kids storming over when I disembark painfully from the hard saddle, stiff upper leg muscles giving me a hard time unbuckling them. The family's dog in hot pursuit barking like there is a wild boar in sight. ... read more
German family relaxing

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 21st 2009

Germany, 18 km. on the road to Brenau, 03-07-2001. Cycling out of Berlin centre on an eastern route under a twenty-five degree sun I realise I couldn't possibly have chosen a better day to start this new cycle trip, four weeks of pedalling my iron lady through northern Poland carrying no Lonely Planet travel guide, just a map showing massive forests and an abundance of lakes no doubt containing zillions of mozzies keen on Dutch blood. It is getting late and I look around semi-desperately for a free camping place cycling through mostly agricultural land, passing farmers on tractors hard at work bringing in the harvest but finding the time to wave me on and yell at me "Das es Ihnen gut geht"! "Danke und gleichfalls" I yell back feeling gratefull at these self-paid night classes ... read more
an owl..

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 18th 2009

Holand, Amsterdam. The Buddha pendant hanging on my chest is burning a hole in my flesh no doubt trying to warn me I'm on the wrong track. I'm not supposed to be here on this old and rusty boat with Little-Shit-Richard and Rob. Still having a boat excursion around the canals of Amsterdam is every tourist's dream and even a hot item among the local populace. The Heineken beer coming out of this green colored bottle is gliding down my thirsty throat just fine while we manoeuvre through small little canals lined by houseboats and small water craft, a heron eyeing us curiously while coots swim away in front of the boat. The still early morning is crisp and a grey fog is making it difficult to discern details, Rob is blattering away in his heavy ... read more
Drinking coffee

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 17th 2009

Holland, Amsterdam, 15-03-2009. I arrive to a sunny but crisp Amsterdam - goodbey to the Thai sun that I enjoyed so much these last couple of months. Goodbey to the melodious Thai language and hello to the harch sounds of marrocans passing me in the Haarlemmerdijk, tourist English and German, gutteral Dutch from the locals, rapid Spanish from pot smoking punks from Barcelona. The drunk brotherhood is still boozing away in Westerpark and I recognise each single one of them but even at the distance of a mere fifty meters they don't see me, already in the realm of King Alcohol argueing who will have to pay the next round of Albert Heyn luke-warm beer. I climb the stairs to the second floor of the house I live in admiring the art that adorns the walls ... read more
Tuk, Lucky and me
Miss Crazy Cook

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 15th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, 13-03-2009. I wake up early morning to the soft noices originating from my bathroom where Joy is busy doing her laundry using my shampoo as a make-do detergent while whistling a Thai love song. I seem to remember finding her in front of my hotel, The New Star when I returned from Walking Street - the place to go at night in Pattaya when you fancy a bit of action - her big blueish colored left eye a dead give-away that she had another serious bout with her Small-Bestowed-Austrian-Tilak. If this was Holland I would need to have a serious getting together with this crazy Austrian sh*t but I don't like another stint in a Thai jail... I seem to remember Me-Fell-Off-Motorbike-While-Mau waiting across the road as well. I met her earlier in Walking ... read more
A Thai lady
Lord Buddha

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya July 13th 2009

Thailand, Pattaya, 11-03-2009. She has been after me all day wearing a ragged short brown colored dress that radiates an odour of stale sweat and assorted bodily smells. She has been drinking Chang beer steadily all day trying hard to hook up with me, pushing her slightly overweight body against mine and stealing kisses every so often. In fact she been doing her utmost from the moment she first laid eyes on me just after I appeared on the boulevard after my buffet breakfast at the Apex Hotel walking over to the boulevard for my first Leo beer of the day. I refused to let myself be carried away by her obvious s*xual advances though - she even paid me a Leo with me retruning the favour later when I met her again in the evening ... read more
Thai lady
Thai lady

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