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August 6th 2009
Published: August 6th 2009
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Four Russian ladiesFour Russian ladiesFour Russian ladies

cycling across Poland
Private camping near the Wolf's Lair, 14-07-2001.

I'm not much in the way of a strong believer in the power of a higher entity like a God or similar power well beyond the here and now. However, spending most of my days cycling through deep green, pine smelling forests, camping every night at lakes'sides - often sleeping under the stars unless the mozzie clans force me to take shelter inside my linen portable shack - one can't but wonder where and how, the enormity of Creation, or maybe just a dream within a dream...

Plenty of time too to think about my present financial situation. Obviously being forced to cycle the world on a rusty old bike and wild camping in the forest should be a clear indication of how flat-out broke I am, having used my rent money for the train ticket to Berlin.

Just late last summer I was once again the Man of the Fat Wallet with my little Mandala games being quite literally ripped out of my hands by my customers at the world famous Anne Frank House, plenty of money to spent on the honey in far away Asia, five months of living it up in King Bhumipol's crazy Asian Kingdom, blowing my hard earned dough on Thai Whiskey and and the Gang of local friends, women a-plenty and warm sun making me forget the Dutch winter - not much fun getting your B*lls freezing off as an Amsterdam bicycle messenger for a meagre 8.50 Dutch guilder.

Today however is an excusion day, a day of rest while visiting the Wolf's Lair together with four Russian ladies having come all the way from Southern Russia on professional looking bicycles plus Jan, a Dutch pensionado who has done the strech from Holland to here on a race bike, all of whom I met this morning on the small private camp ground where I pitched mty tent.

I did need some peole around again after my self chosen solitary life style of the last week and a half or so!!!


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