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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island October 18th 2009

Islas de Galapagos, Isla Baltra, 10-10-1990, Amsterdam, the ways of the Gods are incomprehensible to us humble human beings, we die after a life time of struggling the perils and trails of our excistence, the tribulations of moving through time and space, maybe all in vain, no cristian heaven or buddhist nirvana, just a dark void with no spiritual answers to our fragile minds. Try to see it from a different point of view, through the eyes of a different life form, whose young life will start without a parent or the safety of a modern delivery ward in a human hospital where help and maternal care is assured by the motivated nurses and well-paid gyneacologist... Instead you come to life as a mere hunble tortoise, cracking the leathery shell-like egg and working your way through ... read more
Galapgos tortoise

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Quilotoa October 11th 2009

Ecuador, Quito,09-10-1990. Nothing can distrup my good mood this morning walking through a still foggy Quito devoid of traffic at this early hour. These Ecuadorians are definitely not early risers. I feel a bit like hiking the streets of a past era, a pre-conquistadores time though the whitewashed and red-tiled houses, the many colonial churches reminding me that the times of complete seperations of the American continents from power hungry medieval European rulers are a far away reality. Leaving the Quito historic centre behind, I enter a residential area full with modern looking shopping malls, embassies and prosperous looking banks. Obviously these are the middle- and upper-class residential neighborhoods and under normal circumstance of no importance to an intripid backpacker on the South-American Gringo Trail like me... When finally I make it to the airport, still ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito October 5th 2009

Ecuador, Quito, 07-10-1990, I'm leaning against the entrance of the Gran Casino Hotel panting and not bothering to unleash my bulky old travel partner from my aching back, its strings painfully biting into my shoulder blades. Hating taxi drivers the world over I decided to walk the six kilometers leading me through the old historic centre of Quito, through the hustle and full of life cobblestone streets, feeling a strange ambience of the past invading my mind, weary after nearly twenty hours of near non-stop flying... Not yet a full hour on Ecuadorian soil and already my gray brain mass is adjusting to my Gringo excistence, a misguided guild complex brought about by the atrocities of the former Spanish Crown and the Roman Church, conquistadores with fancy names like Pizarro bound on fabulous riches and with ... read more
Market scêne

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam October 1st 2009

Amsterdam, 05-10-1990. - So you really gonna do this, Hans? His question seems obsolete considering the bulky backpack leaning against the wooden table, the countless discussions we had these last couple of days about my up-coming trip...further away as ever before in my young life, all the way to Ecuador and Las Islas de Galapagos, maybe a short detour into Colombia as well... Two big pints of frothy Heineken cover both sides of our chessboard, a iron astray full to overflow and the burning spliff in James's hands adding to the already laden air heavy with the sweet aroma of Ganja green leaves, outside the opaque window I can discern a fat Bahama shorts clad tourist having a massive arguement with a wintered African prostitute, the expensive camara she tries to pry from pinkish sausage-like fingers ... read more
Galpagos turtle

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam September 29th 2009

Amsterdam, 30-09-2009. It is windy and a sleek rain is making life difficult for the animal life outside in the interior garden of my house here in Amsterdam. Makes me wonder if somewhere out there is a long-distance cyclist daring the elements despite his empty wallet and sh*tty equipment, a rusty mate offering a uncomfortable and not so stable leather saddle to its tested to the max owner'*ss, a leaky tent and a muffty moth-eaten sleeping bag his only company during long and dark nights wild camping in the forest, his mind uncable to deal with the hectic, the hustle and bustle of a big human populated city after long and solitary weeks and months on his bike. When I look back on my bicycle messenger years here in Amsterdam and the lond-distance cycle trips I ... read more
Souvenir shop

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad September 23rd 2009

Almere Haven, Flevo Polder, 02-08-2001. For the last two days I have been in a haze, cycling well beyond 200 kilometers a day on sandy tracks, wild paths in the forest, along tranquil canals and forest streams, across rugged hills and gliding across the German/Dutch border pas de problem despite my vagabond appaerance, despite the wild eyed-look in my face looking back at me from the mirror of a bathroom in the very first restaurant I found once back on Dutch soil, the face of a man possessed... possessed by the sharp claws of society, paying my rent and keeping my job...ah yeah, paying my taxes of course!!! Possessed my Nong's guiding voice that brought me back from mental instability induced by nearly four weeks of marijuana-free excistence after months of a daily plant induced high, ... read more
more flowers

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bielefeld September 19th 2009

Close to Bielevelt, 312-07-2001. Despite my pot and booze addictions, despite the chaotic mental state I'm in brought about by severakl weeks of living it rough, despite my cr*ppy old rusty bicycle, no maps or travel guides, my second-hand bicycle gear, hardly any spare parts and a leaking old tent...Despite all my old stuff and bad motivation...I am avaraging close to 200 kilometers a day now with the Dutch border getting tangibly close... An intrepid and self-proficient long-distance cyclist cycling from forest to forest hoping for an undisturbed sleeping spot free of charge and hopefully free of irriating animal life, no predetermined route nor a fat creditcard to help me out of my bad financial situation... I'm being driven by my own inpulses and Nong's voice inside my Western mind which by now has taken over ... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Braunschweig September 16th 2009

Braunschwein, 30-07-2007. Braunschwein, a fitting name considering all the wild boar I have seen these last couple of days, whole brownish colored families of wild boar foraging in the left-overs of maiz harvested fields, totally unperturbed while I got off my bike on numerous occasions for sketching purposes. Huge flocks of forset sparrows landing on wild pork backs, searching the hairy raw hide for nutricious tics, releaving their hosts off the inevitable evil in a swine's excistence. I brush my teeth and wash my face using the main square's fountain, waiting for the McDonalds to open, surely keen of a fatty McDonalds breakfast with limitless strong black coffee after my days of living rough...a needfull diversion in the form of good food. Bold city sparrows - a bit bigger than their forest cousins - have an ... read more
Fighting sparrows
Bold sparrow

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Braunschweig September 13th 2009

Somewhere...???...between Magdenburg and Schweinstein, 29-07-2001. It's slowly making sense to me, complete clarity and divine understanding, the result not of years of dedicated Vipassana meditation while pining away in a dusty flea-ridden hamlet in the poor north of the Land of the holy Thais, a sober life style dedicated to self-contemplation, goining into your own mind through the process of creating silence inside your gray computer mass... Where a Thai monk might reach that cherished point with Lord Vipassana at his side, I feel I have reached a strange mental level probably not unlike Lord Vipassana's gift, after nearly a month of living it rough...mental retreats to the dustier corners of my Farang mind, a different way of creating silence.... I feel at a point where I can see the fruitlessness of retrurning to Amsterdam, slaving ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 9th 2009

Somewhere..???...south of Berlin, 28-07-2001. I stumble and fall, not in the real world maybe late at night on the way to that no-name coffee shop at the end of street where the dog behind the counter always growls at me when I buy a pre-rolled joint, already way too intoxicated to be here for a "last" smoke before hitting the sack, necessary sleep for another day of rushing on my cycle through a traffic congested madhouse, small streets blocked by unloading trucks, the delivery in my messenger bag screaming out loud in frustration, editors awaiting serious work transported through the city environmenatlly friendly by bicycle messenger - little does the client know the Alleycat Clan is a hopeless bunch of drunks and dopeheads....little does the client know his million dollar contract is in the "capable" hands ... read more

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