The life of a Galapagos tortoise

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October 18th 2009
Published: October 18th 2009
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Galapgos tortoiseGalapgos tortoiseGalapgos tortoise

dining on cactus wood
Islas de Galapagos, Isla Baltra,


the ways of the Gods are incomprehensible to us humble human beings, we die after a life time of struggling the perils and trails of our excistence, the tribulations of moving through time and space, maybe all in vain, no cristian heaven or buddhist nirvana, just a dark void with no spiritual answers to our fragile minds.

Try to see it from a different point of view, through the eyes of a different life form, whose young life will start without a parent or the safety of a modern delivery ward in a human hospital where help and maternal care is assured by the motivated nurses and well-paid gyneacologist...

Instead you come to life as a mere hunble tortoise, cracking the leathery shell-like egg and working your way through the warm sand, a dark void that promises a whole world full with attractions, tasty cactus wood and sunny afternoon rays that will help warm up your tortoise blood while relaxing to the max...

Still this idea of tortoise heaven only comes around after many years of trying hard to avoid possible dangers, the hungry sharp gull beaks waiting for
Galapgos tortoiseGalapgos tortoiseGalapgos tortoise

tête a tête
you to break through the sand of your nesting hill, stray cats introduced by these noicy humans, foreign tourists keen on a living souvenir like a newly hatched tortoise small enough to hide in a bulky backpack...

But in time our little friend will grow and become strong and big with a hardened carapet that is ample protection against hungry predators but will slow you down in your movements, laboriously slumbering through a dusty world full with cacti forests and arid open clearings for sunbathing and paths through the vegetation consisting of salt bush and mangrove, prickly pear and fine white sandy beaches...

A world our by now not-so-little-any-more friend will share with finches made famous by Mister Darwin, marine iguanas and pelicans, flamingos and frigate birds...

At this stage in his lfe our friend has a good chance of reaching a fine old age of up to a hundert fifty years...

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tortoise dining

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