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I never realized I have visited the three most prestigious coffee regions in the world, until right now. Read this, and maybe you might want to do the same? There are plenty of travels that are musts for any foodie: fried chicken in the American South, a pint of Guinness in Ireland, cheese and chocolate in Switzerland, sashimi in Japan and so much more. But there seems to be one beverage in particular that sends a sizable segment of travelers on worldwide pilgrimages – coffee. The drink comes from the seeds of berries from certain Coffea plant species. Certain parts of the world are known for the quality of their coffee. Here are three of the most prestigious coffee regions in the world. Ethiopia is thought to be the birthplace of coffee. I stopped here on ... read more
Peets French roast, still my favorite

Europe » Russia » Far East » Vladivostok September 3rd 2019

I would be the first to tell you I have not traversed our great earth by rail. But I have circled the globe using a combination of rail and air. My journey is highlighted in italics, as follows: Now train enthusiasts can ride the rails around the world on one 57-day trip. Conveniently planned by Railbookers, an independent rail vacation operator, this Around the World by Rail journey takes travelers across four continents, making stops in more than 20 cities and five national parks (four in the United States and one in Mongolia!) along the way. Beginning in Chicago, you’ll board Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited to New York for your first of 11 overnight train rides. After a few days exploring the city, you’ll fly... read more
Danger on the rails
My rail world

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 2nd 2019

The most recent list of the world's best biking cities has been released. Here they are: 1. Copenhagen, Denmark 2. Amsterdam, Netherlands-I did an excursion into the countryside, along the many canals and windmills. 3. Utrecht, Netherlands 4. Antwerp, Belgium 5. Strasbourg, France 6. Bordeaux, France-just rode around Bordeaux for 7 days last May. 7. Oslo, Norway 8. Paris, France-too many cars and pedestrians, but interesting nonetheless! 9. Vienna, Austria-too easy to get lost, in my opinion. 10. Helsinki, Finland 11. Bremen, Germany 12. Bogotá, Colombia 13. Barcelona, Spain 14. Ljubljana, Slovenia 15. Berlin, Germany-surprisingly sane, though I had my doubts beforehand. 16. Tokyo, Japan 17. Taipei, Taiwan 18. Montréal, Canada, and Vancouver, Canada 20. Hamburg, Germany How many have you done?... read more
True bike love
My last bike race
Love the bike lane

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya September 1st 2019

Trip Trivia posted a story about the busiest intersections in the world. Can you believe I have been to all of them? Where are they, and what was I doing there? They say that crossing the street with thousands of your best friends in a memorable experience. I am not so sure. But in most cases, the visual stimulation is worth the price of admission. Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Of course, probably the busiest in the world. Also home to what is now the world's most well known dog, Hachiko. If you ever get to see the Japanese version of the film (not the Dick Gere version), you will cry until your eyes drown. Needless to say, Shibuya is Times Square on steroids. Can you believe that about 2500 people cross here at the appropriate time? Best ... read more
Shibuya Crossing
Times Square
Piccadilly Circus

North America » United States » Oregon » Roseburg August 27th 2019

Who ever thought Oregon would ever rate as one of the ten best wine destinations (Wine Enthusiast)? The story of Oregon wine no longer begins and ends with Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, as many of the state’s most exciting new offerings hail from Southern Oregon. The region’s six American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) begin at the California border and extend north nearly to Eugene, with many of the 120 wineries clustered around the town of Ashland, famous for its annual Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Crater Lake, the Oregon Caves, Rogue River rafting and miles of pristine seashore are among southwest Oregon’s plentiful year-round attractions, rounding out a visit for any wine lover. ... read more
Very good viognier
Willamette pinots are perfect!

North America » United States » Oregon » Bandon August 26th 2019

Chances are, if you have heard of Bandon, OR, you are a golfer or a fisherman. My previous trips up to Bandon were for golf. With four world class courses (Bandon Dunes), I felt the courses calling my name in years past. But fast forward to today, and the desire to get out of the valley heat, and head to cooler climes. And why not a road trip for Lexi? So, while it is a 10+ hour drive up here, we divided the drive, roughly in half, by stopping overnight in Redding. Apart from the famous golf resorts at Bandon Dunes, the sleepy little town of Bandon has a charm of its own. Mostly looking like a typical fishing village along the southern Oregon coast, it draws tourists like us from California during the cool, and ... read more
Lovely beaches!
The gorse grows wild!
Newport harbor

North America » United States » Oregon » Bandon August 26th 2019

Summer vacations are special, and often difficult to select and plan. One thought, other than cost, is an escape from the summer heat of the San Joaquin Valley. Often, the easy solution is to head over to the central California coast, such as Carmel or Pismo. But sometimes, going elsewhere has appeal. With that thought in mind, we thought about heading up to cooler weather in Oregon. We have numerous friends who spend their summers up along the Oregon coast. When our little Buddy was alive, we drove up the Oregon coast, for golf, cool weather, wine tasting, great seafood, and relaxation. The other major part of the equation is being able to take our little Lexi with us on vacation. Yes, it is a long drive up to Oregon. And it is a long time ... read more
The rocks are just so interesting
Best ad I have seen in a long time!!!!

North America » United States » Oregon » Bandon August 25th 2019

Having traversed the Oregon coast numerous times by car, I must profess an affinity to southern Oregon. But which Oregon town or city is the best? Cannon Beach seems to always appear on travel web sites, road trip advice, and suggested places to visit. Newport and Florence are both little towns that boast fishing, some interesting restaurants, and farmers markets. Coos Bay became famous when their native son, Steve Prefontaine became a world class distance runner, though he met an early and tragic death. Astoria, near the mouth of the Columbia River is generally the northernmost point of departure for most road trippers. Its main claim to fame is serving as the town for Ahhhnold's movie, Kindergarten Cop. Cannon Beach, mentioned above, is often listed as one of the 100 most beautiful places in the world, ... read more
Beautiful Bandon Beach
Italian sausage rings from my brother and his buddy, Doug.

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Lake Baikal August 5th 2019

Here are some good reasons to take the train, instead of flying: 1.They're fast. If you think France's TGV trains and the London-Paris Eurostar are the only high-speed rail routes in Europe, you are way behind the times. Europeans have been developing high-speed routes all over the continent for the past few decades. Depending on the route, high-speed trains in Europe travel 125 to 200 mph. Here's a list of the major high-speed networks in Europe. 2. They can even be faster than flying. While jets are still a lot faster than trains, and thus more time-efficient for trips longer than about 600 miles, there are many city-pairs where it's actually faster to take the train when you consider total travel time – i.e., getting to the airport early for heightened security checks; travel time to ... read more
Gare du Nord, Paris
Busy Shinjuku station
Toronto Union station

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley August 5th 2019

I hope I am not the only sparkling wine fan out there in wine land. We continue to throw facts at you until something sticks: The United States ranks second among export markets for Champagne. Only the United Kingdom is a larger export market for Champagne. Champagne sales in the U.S. have increased for six years in a row. Last year, we drank 23.7 million bottles and spent $652 million on France’s finest bubbly. ​“Bubbles are emptiness, non-liquid, a tiny cloud shielding a mathematical singularity. Born from chance, a violent and brief life ending in the union with the nearly infinite.” -a university type, who obviously has a different perception of bubbles than you or me!!! Approximate number of millions (500!!!!!) of bottles of Prosecco DOC produced from last year’s harvest according to Drinks Business. That’s ... read more
The Domaine Carneros brut rose'
Love those bubbles
And the cellars

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