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19th August 2015

Great article in the Fresno Bee and great blog. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures!
18th March 2015

Good one
Enjoyed reading it. Also learned something.
27th November 2014

Interesting Facts about Lake Tahoe
Just returned from a trip there...beautiful area!
From Blog: Lake Tahoe Facts
27th November 2014

Interesting Facts about Lake Tahoe
Just returned from a trip there...beautiful area!
From Blog: Lake Tahoe Facts
26th November 2014

must be terrible to be an americvan nowadays with all of the spying on innocent citizen and blacks vs white hate. Im glad im not american (your country is bankrupt i heard and people do have to pay for education and health care, wierd stuff)
26th November 2014

Great to be an American
We have always had to pay for our advanced education and health care. Our income taxes are much lower than countries who do provide those things. We are free, entrepreneurial, educated, able to retire comfortably, live in nice homes, and have access to all that is wonderful here.
6th November 2014

We will be in Vancouver in late December and will check out the Trolley tour and Grouse Mountain Skyride as suggested. Thanks.
28th September 2014

Enjoy the ride
Eager to hear more about the race. Should be scenic.
28th September 2014

Good Ride Spoiled?
I intended to do the 25 miler, but ended up going all the way to Bigfork area, which is the most beautiful part of the ride. The section along the road is ugly and dangerous in my opinion. Met lots of nice people, used a rented bike, had a great time. May do it again next year on my own Specialized Robais.
12th August 2014

Saw the supermoon on Sunday last...great shot next to a church steeple missed as I was driving. Meteor showers I'd love to see. I've seen one recorded UFO (it's in a book as well so it has to be real) as well as a major meteor(ite) with sparks flying off that landed near my place, so these astronomical events I find fascinating. Thanks for the blog and the pics are great.
7th August 2014

We plan USA in January 2015 so this blog is helpful...thanks
2nd August 2014

Blondes are...
Coming from a family of blondes...two being being a nuclear medicine technologist and one being a bar owner...I can't relate to the term "dumb blonde." Must be a term you picked up while dreaming of other worlds. I think you meant to say "gorgeous blonde"...didn't you!!!
1st August 2014
Aurora borealis is FANtastic!!!

Love your photos.
From Blog: Popular Cities
31st July 2014
The Amur Tiger, a magnificent animal

Gotta say
Magnificent indeed
From Blog: Siberian Tigers
31st July 2014
Coastal Bliss

Bliss comes in many forms...I agree this photo takesone there. Please tell...where is this?
From Blog: Popular Cities
2nd August 2014
Coastal Bliss

Photo location
on the Mediterranean, Italy as I recall.
From Blog: Popular Cities
28th July 2014

Fun blog
Loved it when Dave played Pebble Beach and St. Andrews....I love seeing him that happy.
20th June 2014

Traveling the World
We love trains and Mongolia and Russia are on our list of must see places. Your plan is best. A shower and a nice bed is a grand idea. Eager to hear more details and stories of your trip and the people you are meeting along with a description of the towns you are staying in.
16th May 2014

Area of Siberia
Hi there, I realize it's probably a typo, but Siberia is about the size you stated, only its in square kilometres (not Square metres)... It is indeed about 5,000,000 KM2. Rather large I would say... Great journeys by the way! I love everything about Russia and especially the Siberian part... Stay safe out there!
17th May 2014

Thank You
Sorry about the typo. Thanks for catching it, nobody else did!!!!
23rd April 2014

Michigan is really significant. it's beauty is embedded. there can't b any place like it. worth reading your post, i really enjoyed everything Gerry. thanks for sharing :)
21st April 2014

Congratulations on visiting all 50 States...
now to visit the territories...U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam...nice tropical destinations!
22nd November 2013

Good article
Very goog article. Remembered "Bandeja paisa" very tasty meal. Alex Hotel de Ela
9th November 2013

Andrew Zimmern
I only started watching Zimmern's "Bizarre Foods" about six months ago, now it is my favorite show on TV, bar none. I've watched many back episodes. It's so much more than about is a geography lesson, a cultural lesson, a lesson in interpersonal communications as he shares food with natives in each of these interesting countries. There's great humor, too. It's a vicarious adventure I treat myself to almost every day.
From Blog: Ecuadoran Escape
8th October 2013

Sunglasses and Seattle
I can explain the sunglasses phenomena, as I have purchased no fewer than three-dozen pairs in my life and currently know where only one of those pairs is. You need sunglasses one day, so you buy a pair. But then you don't need them the next day. Or the next week. By the time you need them again, you've misplaced the last pair you owned. So you buy another pair, always cheap and disposable because - hey, they're not going to last long. When I moved to a city where I actually *needed* sunglasses, regularly, I couldn't find an inexpensive pair that looked good, I couldn't accept that a decent pair might be worth the money; I squinted for two years. Enjoy Seattle!
From Blog: Seattle Seems

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