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5th February 2024

Hollywood & Bollywood Articles
Blogs are a very good way of exchanging information and I love to read Blog posts sometimes related to famous personality biography blogs. Some blogs give me so much knowledge and this is one kind of those blogs. Besides this topic, I also love to read blogs/ articles related to the Famous Sports Personalities of India.
20th January 2024

Solo travelling is always gives you peace and good journey
For peace and relax way to traveller in shimla you can book us
25th December 2023

trouble with travelblog uploaded pictures!
Merry Christmas. I noticed that you just posted a new blog today. I am also a longtime blogger with this website. However when I tried to open my previous blog links (most recently published in October 2023), none of my previous loaded pictures are showing up in my blog. I wonder if you ever encounter this problem and have any idea what have happened? Thank you so much.
26th December 2023

Yes, I agree
I think that you (we) have too many posts, and probably need to delete some.
23rd November 2023
Times Square with Kenbob

We ourselves go once or twice a year and I love spending time outside with family and friends and most importantly being completely unplugged..We just went camping with two other families a few weekends ago (we made a nice campsite right on the lake) and before we left I made a list and took photos of all the food we brought, which is detailed below. For more information, please visit our website
16th November 2023

Layovers are gold!
I cannot take a 14 hour flight anymore. It’s just too long, so I am learning the art of layovers and living it!
From Blog: Where to Layover
16th November 2023

Full Agreement with You
If I do take long flights, I use my miles to upgrade. Or, as you do, split them up with a layover whenever possible.
From Blog: Where to Layover
27th October 2023

Best Fish hands down!
Mitch’s Seafood and Sushi Bar is considered by myself and all locals that know about it the #1 finest in Hawaii and compatible to Japan. Hope you try it and see! BYOB
20th October 2023

Dear , I regularly read your texts and they are very informative, some of the texts I can read again, and again and again Thanks for such good and useful information Best Regards
21st October 2023

Much Appreciated
Feedback is always appreciated. Best wishes in your travels.
31st August 2023

You are cool and welcome to my website!
Your writing style effortlessly draws me in, and I find it difficult to stop reading until I reach the end of your articles. Your ability to make complex subjects engaging is a true gift. Thank you for sharing your expertise!
29th August 2023

Changing times
Gerry, I remember when Tijuana was not dangerous. I was a university student livng in San Diego, I was studying Spanish and Tijuana was a good destination to practice, I had friends who lived there and I would often spend the weekend. Dinner was a formal and strict affair No one spoke until the father did. Only Spanish was allowed. When I would drive back the next day the grandmother would wrap up home made torillas for me. They were delicious!
3rd September 2023

Long time, no hear. I hope you are well.
3rd July 2023

Rise Food Mall
Thank you for sharing your blog very nice great and useful information Rise Food Mall
4th June 2023

The train usually costs less. There is no additional charge for picking a seat or adding luggage. Additionally, you are free to roam the area, purchase refreshments, or bring your own! The restrooms are substantially larger and the benches are much more comfy! Web Development Ecommerce
11th April 2023
Very good food
30th March 2023

Some oversights for sure..?
No Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan or French? The first cluster would make the top five of almost any Brit and French cuisine, well.... Hell, surely Spain has more to offer than the rather limited Cajun repertoire?
30th March 2023

Cajun is limited to the US, you are right. How did French not make the top 10?? Spain, Portugal, Germany, Laos, Cambodia.
29th March 2023

What is your best food country amongst the above-mentioned countries?
30th March 2023

My Vote
I go with either Japanese, Chinese, or Greek.
29th March 2023

Ten best food countires
Amazing blog! I am an mba student doing MBA in UAE
23rd January 2023

Ambien, which I take at bed time at my destination...
If I have a two week trip I get 14 pills. I usually take half doses.
From Blog: Beating Jet Lag
23rd January 2023

Good Idea
And it does not go well with alcohol, as you know.
From Blog: Beating Jet Lag
17th January 2023

New Orleans & All that Jazz.
We drove down the Blues Highway in a Cadillac from Memphis to New Orleans and danced the nights away in the Blues Joints along the way. In New Orleans Denise danced with a street jazz band as we headed to Frenchman's Road where we were entranced by the Dipsy Daisies at The Spotted Cat and later danced with a large street jazz band forcing us to leave our dinner to join in. Then one of our favourite Blues artists was playing at 11pm nearby, so meeting him and sitting at his table during the gig made our New Orleans truly memorable. Bourbon Street was surprisingly sleazy but Frenchman's Road was a delight. A city of many contrasts we found. If you go for the Jazz, I agree with you Gerry, You will not be disappointed.
From Blog: All That Jazz
17th January 2023

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!
This is a very underrated part of the US, not appreciated by most northerners, or "Yankees" as they call them in the old South.
From Blog: All That Jazz

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