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26th November 2022

Munich is great place to explore!!
Munich is one of the most recommended places for history lovers. It is a well known destination of Germany and famous for its annual Oktoberfest celebration, historical museums, landmarks, beer halls and centuries old buildings. I have been there about a few years ago just before planning my bus tour packages. I would say although i had a great time there you had more than me and posted it very well. I love the way you did it and during my next visit i am going to taste delicious food you mentioned.
7th October 2022

Best Airlines 2022
Very interesting Gerry. However the effect of airlines cutting costs by outsourcing services due to lost revenue during Covid has resulted in massive delays, cancelled flights and missing baggage all over the World that makes foreign & domestic travel a lottery and the joy of flying a nervous pursuit.
8th October 2022

You Are Right
But it will not stop any of us hard core travelers, will it? I think this is just the beginning!!!
22nd September 2022

Thanks for your posts, Gerry
Hello Gerry: Thank you for your continued posts I enjoy them! I am returning to Prague to visit friends. It is the first trip I've taken abroad since 2019. I'm looking forward to it!
24th September 2022

Great News
I have been the Europe 3 times in the past two years: Greece, Croatia, Serbia, France, Poland, Germany.
6th August 2022

Your Best National Park
What a challenge Gerry! Coming from Oz which has a multitude of National Parks too hard to ponder. But on our drive through Utah and Arizona in 2015 during a polar vortex, the South-west National and State Parks were Wow, Wow Wow . Monument Valley NP and Goblin SP in heavy snow were out of this World but Vermillion Cliffs...variegated colours that blew our minds!!! Gotta be an area we return to one day as so much more to see.
6th August 2022

Monument Valley
Did you stop at the Forrest Gump spot with the Monuments in the background. I found people laying in the road to snap the photo!!!!
5th August 2022

I loved Yangon
Hopefully it stabilizes over there. I loved my trip to Yangon. Ryan
5th August 2022

I loved Yangon
Hopefully it stabilizes over there. I loved my trip to Yangon. Ryan
4th August 2022

Great Place
Thank you for sharing this amazing article and these photos, they are beautiful. I love to travel to difference places and in my next year I will check my list of all the countries I have wanted to visit. I am super exicted for that. I would love to see more great contents here, you just got a new fan. Cheers, Jany best email finder :
4th July 2022

Spanish Bay
I worked as a concierge at Spanish Bay in my youth. Such a fun job! John Bunting was my dear friend. Sorry to say I’ve lost touch with him.
10th July 2022

Still there?
John is still there, as far as I know. We last saw him there about a year ago. He looks great!!!
4th June 2022

Travel in Europe...
I also read that France has banned airlines from having flights within a two hour train ride from each other. Why anyone would want to catch such a short flight is beyond me, given that the time to get to the airport, arrive 2 hours before the flight check in, and then get into the city once at your flights destination would take much longer than taking the train!
30th April 2022

Good blog
Nice blog, but just curious. Could you describe your experience as to why you would not redo the Trans-Siberian railway or visit Lake Baikal again? From everything I have heard, the railway is supposed to be a great experience. I only ask since I would like to have that experience myself one day. Thanks.
30th April 2022

Yes, It is a Great Experience
But it is a long trip, once is enough. Now that Russia is in a war, I would not want to do anything to help support Russia or Putin. I met many interesting people along the way, Russians, KGB, PhD students, businessmen, other travelers. A Great experience!
6th March 2022

mazing article about the Nature and travel
Thanks for Sharing, great article. I have to feel travel in these place by reading these articles. we hope you will also visit our site.
16th February 2022

My comments about anti bucket list and TSR
There were two countries I visited where I was extremely happy, after I left them: India and Morocco. Yes the people there are poor but this is no reason to be so greedy towards travellers. I also was in China in 1995 and they were also poor but government prevented most scams and beggars (and I am really no communist). Concerning TSR I will see it this summer. I have no booking for the normal train but for the Zarengold tourist train. From Moscow with stops in Kazan, Jekaterinenburg, Nowosibirsk, Lake Baikaal, Ulan Batoor. Originally scheduled to continue to Beijing, but they will inform me again in mid may how they will do this journey with Covid and Ukraine crisis. So this tourist train really looks nice. Shared showers, good meals and sightseeing included, but terribly expensive. I understand the problem: there is this 100 visited countries club. But if you want to visit so many places you also need to do a few poor and dangerous. Until now I did around 55 or 56 and I will see what I do next. Greetings, Thomas
16th February 2022

Great story, Thomas!!! You will find the TSR to be interesting, and boring at times. But you will meet some very unusual and interesting people. Read my old blogs for some insights. Safe travels to you.
3rd February 2022

Still here
Gerry, I am still here. However, life has been way too hard, I just wanted to check in with you.
3rd February 2022

I am sorry to hear. I hope you are well.
27th January 2022

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27th January 2022

Please explain
What exactly do you have in mind?
16th January 2022

In Moscow, trains arrive every 60 seconds during rush hour and about 3 minutes otherwise. 6 to 8 minutes headway is limited to the last hour of operation. Also, the newer stations are pretty impressive, in their own kind of way. They've opened about 20 over the past couple of years, here are some examples: Oh, and another thought - not sure what effect you're going for with pooh-tin, but it was lost on me.
16th January 2022

Thank you
I was just going by the article and my Moscow based guide. Thank you for the corrections!!!!

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