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20th April 2019

Online event management solutions
Great information Glad to find your article.
20th April 2019

Thanks for feedback
I appreciate your feedback and comments. You will love all three places near Moab.
20th April 2019

Online event management solutions
Very informative blog…. I will keep in mind all the things.
From Blog: Masters Memories
20th April 2019

Online event management solutions
Your article is very useful and knowledgeable post.
20th April 2019

Advantages of Online Event Management System
I have read your blog. Your information is really good.
20th April 2019

Try flying from Karachi to Cairo with a plane load of pilgrims straight off the street. I must confess that I once came off a long stay in the jungles of Northern Thailand and directly caught a plane to Bangkok.
8th April 2019

Arches & Canyonlands
We got a private flight over these sensational National Parks one winter during a polar vortex. Never got to see them this close though.
From Blog: Meander to Moab
8th April 2019
Where is Forrest?

Where is Forrest?
When leaving Monument Valley the view back down this road is an iconic shot...even I could not resist. Did you take this shot? It is quite a hoot.
9th April 2019
Where is Forrest?

I Did Not
It is the scene from Forrest Gump.
8th April 2019
The Needle

sTunning beauty
6th March 2019

cool life
I wish i can live a life like you。。。。
6th March 2019

Many thanks!
Well, I am mostly retired, still work 2-4 days a month for extra travel money. Your day will come!!!
8th February 2019

Interesting statistics you've mentioned. Your last line sums up Hawaii well. When our friends ask why we've been to Hawaii so many times, my standard reply is "We can drink the water and walk the streets".
1st February 2019

And have we lost the wonder of Travel?
No way...No way...That's a YES to your personal in your blog but a big NO WAY to the question raised to your title
1st February 2019

Thank you
As always, thank you for reading, and your kind comments. Where next? How about Bucharest, Romania?
1st February 2019

"Here here"...thanks a big YES in agreement from here
A thought provoking blog Gerry. And isn't it great being a member of Travelblog where so many of us know what travel means and brings? Reminds me we've got our next destination to enjoy the excitement of making it happen. As usual us dancers (we do it our way)...we can hardly wait !!!
12th January 2019
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22nd July 2018

Central Coast Wines
We agree with you that this is a lovely area to explore and they have outstanding wines.
25th July 2018

Less Crowded
It is a much easier, safer, and saner area to move around, wine taste, dine, without spending a small fortune. I like the low key atmosphere too!
8th February 2018

Go or do not go?
Interesting perspectives Gerry and I expect you are not seeking rabbits to agree as if blinded by your experienced headlights! Myanmar - we want to but the Rohingya genocide is a definite worry. The Great Wall of China - we have never been to Badaling as we do not like tourist hordes. The outer Beijing wall sites are the places to go. We were once alone on Jinshanling and no better part of the wall you will find. Machu Picchu - you must have been in a tourist group or there on a bad day...what a shame. Sometimes you have to go to some places before it is too late e.g Tibet and Mali...sometimes it is too late. We go where our imagination leads us then our hearts jump in. It is then up to us to get the most out of it and not let disappointments alter our enjoyment. Everyones jpurney is different...everyones step is what they make of it.
8th February 2018

90% of the time I get pre-check...
and this is without paying the $85 for the privilege. It's nice to have.
22nd January 2018

Why ride the rails?
Thank you Gerry. Great blog. I often hear the phrase "the great train journeys of the World" and other than China, Peru and Java I think that would be nice and then think no further. I travelled to and from school in Sydney by train many years ago and sworn never again and have only recently discovered the trains in Sydney are a good option to get to the city as they are air-conditioned, comfortable and efficient. Most importantly they save braving city traffic!!! You extol the delights of train travel in USA. Maybe that is where we should spend our time just looking out the window for miles and miles. 'Cos when I travel I don't text or read. Travel for me does not allow time to not use every precious second to take it all in. But you are highlight the joys and advantages of rail travel in USA.
25th January 2018

Thank you so much!
Appreciate your comments and insight. Is it worth coming all the way over to Oz and take the Ghan?
9th January 2018

Probably the coldest I have been in is minus 20C in Datong, China. Everywhere after that seemed warm. Our son lives in Toronto, Canada where it was minus 22C a couple of days ago. For us travellers from Oz there was no greater thrill than snow covering Zion NP in Utah & Monument Valley in Arizona a few years ago during a polar vortex yet it was colder in Memphis, Tennessee. Gotta love USA!

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