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3rd June 2020

Atacama Desert
I have always dreamed of driving through the driest place in the World...the Atacama Desert. We entered by the backdoor from high altitude in Bolivia to the the longest downhill drive to below sea level San Pedro de Atacama. As always what we found was very different to what we expected. The Atacama Desert was spectacular with salt sprinkled over barren land but the biggest thrill was driving to the Atacama altplano where snow capped volcanoes caught us totally by surprise.
30th May 2020

the same cynical playbook
A refreshing article Gerry 'cos you are prepared to say it. We in Oz have been called by China's ambassador to Australia as "the gum on China's boot that needs to be scraped off". Carrot top's rhetoric puts us in a dangerous position such that our largest trading partner calls us such derogatory names. A Fox owned newspaper in Oz reported on USA claiming Covid-19 was created in a laboratory and spread around the World. It did not support the claim...just reported Carrot Top was claiming it. What made me mad was when Fox News in USA crowed that they had international support for the claim as it was printed in an Australian newspaper!!! Talk about FAKE about putting Oz under the bus!!! We have enough trouble balancing our relations with USA and China without Carrot Top drawing us in as falsely supporting his unsavoury vitriol. No wonder there is increase in racial tension you report. We also often hear and see on TV he is claiming USA is doing well with Covid and we see images of populous believing that delusional claptrap. We hear gun sales have increased during Covid and there are now restrictions such that you are only allowed to buy one gun a month!!! must be scary living in your country.
4th June 2020

Worst Pres Ever
I agree, he is a lying, cheating, bull shit artist of the highest order.
19th May 2020

Speak to me
Interesting Gerry. The hardest languages vary depending on which site you read e.g. Mandarin followed by Arabic, Finish followed by Russian, Hindi followed by Hungarian are three examples. I make a point of learning a few phrases for countries we visit as we find it opens doors. It never ceases to amaze me that a simple thank you in Mandarin has a different pronunciation over every airport PA in China. The fact so many languages have local dialects affecting tone and interpretation...yeeka!
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19th April 2020

Good to know that works too! I learn so much from you as well! Keep it up great post.
16th April 2020

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15th April 2020

nice pics
thanks سوله,/a>
8th April 2020

Keep on Walking
Thanks for sharing your experiences Gerry! During this times we need this kind of content around.
27th March 2020

nice and useful
27th March 2020

biggest coffee drinkers
Coffee will never go out of fashion, as evidenced by the 10 countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world. There is nothing better in the world than a hot, steaming cup of coffee to jolt you awake in the morning. Similarly, nothing comes close to coffee as you attempt to pull an all-nighter to meet a deadline, be it for university or work. There’s a reason why one of Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX)'s is just a stone’s throw away, McDonalds (NYSE:MCD) has opened McCafes and there are more Dunkin Donuts (NASDAQ:DNKN) than stars in the sky (unverified). Demand for coffee is huge, even though if you compare coffee consumption by country 2019 and coffee consumption by country 2018, you will notice a decline. Similarly, global coffee exports in October 2019 have also decreased when compared to 2018, by 13.4%. So what is the reason behind this? Are people falling out of love with coffee? Is there a more suitable substitute? Actually, the reasons are much more mundane. Unfavorable weather patterns have seen coffee production decrease in 2019, which combined with decreasing prices have led to a corresponding decrease in consumption as well. So don’t worry, coffee is still in popular demand, especially when compared to its competitors such as tea,
26th March 2020

The World's Biggest Coffee Drinkers
Interesting article Gerry. I have checked out the International Coffee Organization's top 20 coffee-consuming countries and interesting reading indeed. I thought Australia would score for sure but not in the Top 20 for coffee but came in 13 for tea. Interesting that Scandinavia says "Coffee Rules!"
24th February 2020

Another solution for gut lag is...
to travel to a destination where you are sure to have the opposite problem!
24th February 2020

What I do
Well, I can't really categorize this as a help or something. I am quite picky when it comes to foods and as a result I hardly notice my bowel movement. But when I notice that I am being constipated, I take lots of fluids and fruits. It set me up real good. Thanks for the article.
8th February 2020

Joaquin of Joaquin Valley
Very interesting Gerry. Joaquin, an outlaw that for many was a hero. In Australia we have our outlaws or bushrangers such as Ned Kelly who was so infamous his exploits and death are the stuff of films and legends.
30th July 2019

San Diego: Lots to See & Do
You've brought back some great memories of San Diego. My husband had 2 work trips there in the '90s and were able to accompany him. Had lots of fun seeing a Padres game, visiting Sea World and the Zoo, having a great margarita or two with TexMex meals at Bazaar del Mundo, and even visited a cousin there. Thanks for stirring up some great memories of that city!
30th July 2019

Great City!
I guess that is why they call it the All American city.
27th June 2019

The danger of being on the road
As a lawyer I see the dangers of the road in Oz from the travails and injury of victims of road rage to accidents by negligence, misadventure and just bad luck. But venturing out on one lane roads either in Oz or overseas makes me hold my breath each time. All one needs is someone coming the other way too fast to avoid and your time may then be up. Road travel is a lottery. Its just that one lane roads such as the Death Road in Bolivia (that I refused to go on), many through mountains in China, central Asia, South America, Africa, Australia and others I have travelled I have so far been lucky. The best one can do is not drive too fast, be always vigilent...and know that if one does not do so some idiot will ensure your time will come to an abrupt halt. Until then like the millions of other road users...I continue to ride my luck.
27th June 2019

You are exactly right. I agree to everything about vigilance on the road and elsewhere.
20th April 2019

Try flying from Karachi to Cairo with a plane load of pilgrims straight off the street. I must confess that I once came off a long stay in the jungles of Northern Thailand and directly caught a plane to Bangkok.
8th April 2019
The Needle

sTunning beauty
22nd July 2018

Central Coast Wines
We agree with you that this is a lovely area to explore and they have outstanding wines.
25th July 2018

Less Crowded
It is a much easier, safer, and saner area to move around, wine taste, dine, without spending a small fortune. I like the low key atmosphere too!
8th February 2018

Go or do not go?
Interesting perspectives Gerry and I expect you are not seeking rabbits to agree as if blinded by your experienced headlights! Myanmar - we want to but the Rohingya genocide is a definite worry. The Great Wall of China - we have never been to Badaling as we do not like tourist hordes. The outer Beijing wall sites are the places to go. We were once alone on Jinshanling and no better part of the wall you will find. Machu Picchu - you must have been in a tourist group or there on a bad day...what a shame. Sometimes you have to go to some places before it is too late e.g Tibet and Mali...sometimes it is too late. We go where our imagination leads us then our hearts jump in. It is then up to us to get the most out of it and not let disappointments alter our enjoyment. Everyones jpurney is different...everyones step is what they make of it.
8th February 2018

90% of the time I get pre-check...
and this is without paying the $85 for the privilege. It's nice to have.

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