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24th May 2017

I'm going to Norway to walk the St. Olavsleden pilgrim trail in July...
I've seen the Pennsylvania driving to my girlfriend's (now wife) home. Really inexpensive...the drive that is...not the wife!
24th May 2017

All the places I loved to visit in the past...
have been overrun by tourists. Now I'm going off the tourist trail to find other special places. Norway is next. With the high cost of living there I don't expect to see many tourist and know there is great scenery.
24th May 2017

Norway Expensive
If you are going for the Aurora, go to Alaska instead. Closer and cheaper.
6th May 2017

"one camp, ten thousand lives, ten thousand stories"
I think it is important that you tell some of these stories Gerry...especially poignant for your family...Lest We Forget.
6th May 2017

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4th May 2017

Taking time
It must have been hard to pen this blog Gerry. Thank you for reminding us of what has been and could have been for your parents and Japanese Americans in WWII and how alienation be it for colour race or creed must be seen for what it is...inappropriate fear and discrimination that rips at the fabric of humanity and shatters so many lives. Thank you for your courage to tell your story so courageously.
From Blog: Manzanar
4th May 2017

Many Thanks!!
I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments.
From Blog: Manzanar
12th April 2017

Lots of great info thanks... I will be travelling to Alaska ( From UK) staying near Anchorage in June so it's good to have any travel tips. And have you any idea why car rental is so expensive compared to other places in US.
22nd April 2017

Not So Bad
Car rental did not seem too expensive. Mostly, I used the car around Anchorage, and for a drive into the countryside. Best to fly to Fairbanks or take the train.
5th February 2017

great travel
Thank you for a great post
5th February 2017

Thank You!!!
Your comments are greatly appreciated!!!
30th July 2016

Can you tell me your store hours and days that you are open' Thank You
30th July 2016

Sun Maid Grower's Store
Mon through Friday, 9am to 5pm
25th April 2016
A few chilis?

The best ever!
I love Mexican food, and you've given newbies some great descriptions. The food tour sounds very exotic and fun, but it's the street food that I live for there. Buen provecho!
25th April 2016
A few chilis?

Thank You
We did have street food several times, the best being the ceviche tostada.
19th August 2015

Great article in the Fresno Bee and great blog. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures!
28th July 2014

Fun blog
Loved it when Dave played Pebble Beach and St. Andrews....I love seeing him that happy.
23rd April 2011

Hello, drove by friday night but was to late to stop...and now I just remembers you will be closed tomorrow to Easter...dang... Well I hope to come this way again in the next week or two... Sun Maid has been something I have loved since I was a little soon to be 54...oopps did I say can't wait to come visit. Thanks Pamela Warren.... didn't even know you had a factory store...\ 909418-4423

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