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North America » United States » Montana » Kalispell September 20th 2014

I am not talking about 100 huckleberries. Nor am I baking 100 huckleberry pies. Yes, boys and girls, it is Fall in the Flathead Valley of Montana. It is time for the famous Huckleberry 100 bicycle race in the backyard to Glacier National Park. It is the premier summer cycling event in the northwest of Montana. Much like our previous trips here, we are staying at the fabulous Candlewycke Inn in Bigfork. We spent the first few days up in Alberta, Canada at Waterton National Park, sort of the northern cousin of Glacier National Park in Montana. This is our fourth trip up here since we first met Megan, the gracious proprietress of Candlewycke. Famous huckleberry pie Though the "race" is scheduled for the entire Huckleberry 100, shorter rides of 25 miles, 50 miles, and a ... read more
What a view!
Going to the Sun Road

North America » Canada » Alberta » Waterton Lakes National Park September 20th 2014

Alberta is one of three prairie provinces of western Canada, and home to slightly over 4 million people. Alberta, and its next door neighbor, Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) were established as provinces on September 1, 1905. If you are like me, how much do you really know about Canada, other than perhaps Vancouver, the Canadian dollar, the Mounties, and maybe Canadian oil? How many provinces have you visited? Do you know the provinces bordering Alberta? It would be British Columbia to the west, Saskatoon to the east, Montana (USA) to the south, and for those of you who would never guess, the Northwest Territories to the north. It is one of only three provinces that border a single U.S. state. And it is only one of two provinces that are landlocked. Edmonton is the capital. I knew that ... read more
Time for Boating
Too cold to water ski!!!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Waterton Lakes National Park September 18th 2014

Waterton Lakes National Park borders Glacier National Park on the north. In fact, north being Canada, with the combined parks making up the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park. I wonder if this park honors the fact that the US-Canadian border is the longest unarmed border in the world? In addition, Waterton is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a biosphere reserve. Waterton is located in the Canadian province of Alberta. If I am going to start my journey to all of the Canadian provinces, this would mark my third or fourth. It is Canada's fourth national park, formed in 1895, and named after Waterton Lake, which was named for Canadian naturalist and conservationist, Charles Waterton. The park is 195 square miles. img= read more
Fall has sprung!
Winter is coming!

North America » United States » California » Fresno September 12th 2014

Now this really sounds like an oxymoron. Wine tasting in Fresno. When I grew up amidst the acres and hectares of vineyards, our grapes went into mostly raisins, cheap wines, champagne, and the newly minted "pop" wines. My how things have changed, for the better!!! Did you know that Fresno County grows more wine grapes than any county in the U.S.? And the area is becoming a hotspot for boutique and family wineries. And much like the Napa and Sonoma regions, they have incorporated jazz dinners, music concerts, and weddings. In addition, Ficklin Vineyards is America's oldest port winery, founded in 1946, a great year for many of my Kingsburg High School Classmates (1964 Class). Ficklin actually resides in Madera, another sleepy valley town about 20 miles north of Fresno. This farm was actually purchased back ... read more
Thompson seedless or ??
Zinfandel or Sirah?

North America » United States » California » Monterey September 11th 2014

Notice that the title reads "Cycling", and not "Golfing" the peninsula? Yes, things have changed the last few years. In the past, I always carried my golf clubs down to the Monterey/Carmel area. These days, I can hardly wait to ride the many bicycle trails that trace the beautiful central coast of California. Among the trails I can take are: Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Trail, 29 miles long, from Castroville to the Monterey Peninsula, mostly along Highway 1, and Fort Ord Dunes State Park. Fisherman's Wharf to Lover's Point, is a short, almost beginner's ride, but perhaps its most historic and interesting. It passes Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row, the Monterey Aquarium, and Hopkins Marine Station. It is the most popular route, particularly for families, and is separated from vehicle traffic with its own path. Seventeen Mile ... read more

North America » United States » California » Lake Tahoe September 9th 2014

What is the most spectacular lake you have ever seen? Mine would be Lake Tahoe, though Lake Baikal in Siberia would be a close second. Third, would be Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, and fourth, Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. Tahoe is close, less than three hours drive form the Bay Area, in good weather. Most of us Californians have been there dozens of times, either to ski in winter, or play in the summer. But what do you really know about this famous lake? The maximum depth is 1645 feet, the second deepest lake in the U.S. (Crater Lake in Oregon is 1932 feet). There is enough water in Lake Tahoe, 39 trillion gallons, to supply everyone in the U.S. with more than 75 gallons of water per day for 5 years!! The Tahoe shoreline extends ... read more
Is that beautiful?
It's only island

North America » United States » California » Truckee September 5th 2014

It seems like years, probably 3 or 4, since I have been up in Tahoe basin in general, or Truckee and the North Shore of Lake Tahoe in particular. I always preferred the North shore of Lake Tahoe to the South, except for gambling, and top name entertainment in the casino showrooms. The north has always appealed to my love of the outdoors, skiing and golf in particular, along with some water sports, and now, some cycling. I can relate many funny stories from my skiing days in the Tahoe basin. But it was also the vacation site of many family vacations, encounters with bears, lost kids, and family reunions. My parents loved Tahoe when they were alive, perhaps fostering my love for the area. During the summer, often on the spur of a moment, my ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 30th 2014

We all thought the TSA rules for carry ons were over the top when first implemented. People lost valuable items like vintage wines, sharp tools, wrapped gifts, perfumes, toiletries, food, and electronics. Is it any better now? Have you tried to sneak a few things through? That got me thinking about things you should never carry on to an airplane, or even to an event venue like a sporting event or concert. And could it be something a little embarrassing as well? Liquids Over 3.4 Ounces I do not think they measure. I have inadvertently left things in my carry on that are not allowed. These include: sun tan lotion, water bottles, and alcohol, like beer and wine. Invest in a few 3 ounce plastic bottles. And toss the water bottles before you get to the ... read more

If you think the San Francisco Bay Area is highly populated, take a look at these megacities: Tokyo 34.8 million Guangzhou 31.7 million Shanghai 28.9 million Jakarta 26.4 million Seoul 25.8 million I have been to only two of these places, Tokyo and Seoul. Both are quite dense, have great public transportation, and located in Asia. In fact, all of these five megacities are in Asia. We know that the cities in China are quite polluted. So, where might we find clean air here in the United States? Cheyenne, Wyoming St. George, Utah Santa Fe, New Mexico Prescott, Arizona I would choose any of the above EXCEPT Cheyenne. Santa Fe has the most culture, and the best food. St. George is great for its proximity to National Parks, Snow Canyon, and Nielsen's Frozen Custard. Prescott is ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 19th 2014

A is for Autobahn, a truly exciting and frightful experience the first time on the German superhighways. A could also be for Amsterdam, the wildest city in the world, where anything and anybody can be bought and sold. Of course, Amazonia could outshine anyplace on earth for its riches of forest, animals, plant life, and pure adventure. Don't forget the lovely and peaceful Algarve, on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, a wonderland of golf, good food, wine, and nice people. I almost forgot the magnificent ruins of Angkor Wat, perhaps my favorite place in the entire world. B is for Bangkok, almost on a par with Amsterdam... read more

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