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North America » United States » Washington » Prosser October 25th 2014

On our way to the big Tom Douglas Prosser Farm dinner, we made a few stops. First, after catching a 6am flight to Seattle, we had breakfast at Lola, and a quick stop at Dahlia Bakery for a small treat for a friend in Suncadia. Then, we drove east, toward Yakima, with a couple stops. First, the little hamlet of Roslyn, home to the world famous, but haunted saloon, the Brick saloon, established in 1889. We got the dungeon tour from a musician who performed last night. Then, over to nearby Cle Elum, for a stop at Wood's Meats, similar to our famous Corralitos Market between Aptos and Watsonville, for all manner of meat, fresh, smoked, or otherwise. Across the street, we had to visit the Cle Elem Bakery for so e breakfast goodies for tomorrow. ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle October 25th 2014

Here is an interesting timeline on Pike Place Market in Seattle: 1850s City of Seattle is founded on Puget Sound. 1907 With consumers howling over a spike in the price of farm goods, Seattle officials earmark Pike Place, a newly planked street near the waterfront, as a spot for farmers to bypass middlemen and sell to the public. 1907 Rushing to capitalize on public demand, developer Frank Goodwin constructs and opens a building next to Pike Place with 76 produce stalls. Over the next few years, the city adds facilities, and private developers put up several rival market buildings clustered around Pike Place. 1922 European and Asian immigrant farmers fill many of the stalls; in fact, most of the farm vendors are Japanese Americans. City Fish, the market's first fishmonger, opens shop. 1926 Some 627 farmers ... read more
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North America » United States » Washington » Prosser October 25th 2014

Back in 2006, our favorite Seattle restaurateur, Tom Douglas and his wife and business partner, Jackie Cross, bought a house on a little farm. They chose Prosser, an area in the lower portion of the Yakima Valley. They converted three of the twenty acres into a little vegetable garden. Little did they know they were making tiny steps toward a farm to table operation that would become world famous. Each week, the produce is driven the nearly 2.5 hours into downtown Seattle. Among the choices are beet greens, mint, baby rainbow chard, lolla rossa, radishes, eggplant, spicy peppers, hundreds of pounds of tomatoes. Roughly 2,400 pounds of produce are trucked into the Tom Douglas restaurants each week. We are fortunate to be invited to attend a function out at the Prosser Farm, complete with dinner and ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle October 24th 2014

You are wondering why we visit Seattle so often. You may also wonder why we are not moving here. We considered it several times in the past. We also thought of renting here temporarily until our new home in Clovis is done. But poor Buddy is getting too old for long distance car travel. So, in the interim, we will just visit, as often as we can. What makes Seattle so appealing? There is so much to do! Here is another list, from Thrillist, with a few comments of my own, as usual. 1. Being Outside-Seattle has only 80 days with rain or overcast. But as I have said before, locals do not carry umbrellas. 2. Being Casual-Jeans are welcome everywhere, but skinny jeans are required in some places! 3. Ferries-Not the two-legged type, but the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Napa October 18th 2014

From the Napa Valley Vintners: As winemaking activity in the Napa Valley transitions from the vineyard to the cellar, we asked our vintners to respond to frequently asked questions about this year's harvest. When did harvest begin? The first sparkling wine grapes were picked on July 30; however, for most vintners and growers, harvest didn't really kick into high gear until the third week in August. (Earlier than normal, Aug. 4 at Gloria Ferrer) How many grapes were picked? It looks like 2014 will be the third abundant harvest in a row for the region, but no one is expecting any records to fall. Has the drought impacted this year's harvest? Quality was not affected. Perfectly timed, heavy rains came just prior to bud break, and a warm spring allowed vintners to save water that would ... read more

In my travels across the country and globe, I have run into almost every kind of irritating traveler. Mostly, I try to ignore them. Sometimes, it is impossible. But it is best to just keep walking, sitting, or sleeping, as the case may be. Perhaps, I look that way to them? 1. The Weird Eater-it is a challenge to eat really healthy on the road. You can have your kale chips, I am on vacation, and plan to enjoy myself! 2. The Timekeeper-sometimes required for business trips, or with large groups of people. I try not to get too obsessed by time or deadlines. 3. The Fearful Flyer or Nervous Nellie-these are truly frightening people, as they are very unpredictable. 4. The Drunk-hopefully they will pass out soon, or the flight attendant will cut them off. ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 14th 2014

Business travelers are the most experienced travelers. I remember those days, when I was on the road (or on a plane) about half the time. You learn about life on the road, sometimes the hard way. You learn to find the best of everything, particularly hotels, restaurants, routes, bars, entertainment, and frequent flyer and hotel programs. I often accumulated enough points to take a family of four to Hawaii, and stay at a nice condo in Maui for miles and points. Yes, only miles and points!!!!! No cash. It was about that time that I became enrolled in the Samurai School of Discount Travel. I eventually went to grad school and got my Ph. D. from that esteemed program. It has served me well over the years. These days, apps and websites abound. We started traveling ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town October 3rd 2014

Top ten things you must do in Seattle. Have you done them? 1. Space Needle (from the 1962 World's Fair) 2. Pike Place Market 3. Ride the Great Wheel 4. World Class Wines (over 800 wineries in Washington) img= 5. Seafood (halibut was fabulously good) 6. Take a seaplane ride 7. Chihuly Garden and Glass ( nice, but overrated) img= 8. Local craft brews 9. Seattle's colorful neighborhoods ... read more
The venerable Space Needle
You must have a Serious Pie, seriously!
The great Experience Music Project

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town October 1st 2014

It is no secret that we visit Seattle at least three times a year. We go for each of our birthdays (Feb. and Oct.), as well as our anniversary (June). In fact, the big 20th is coming up in June, 2015. Many people ask, "Why Seattle?" We answer, "Why not?" We started coming to Seattle on our honeymoon, 1995. We have visited Seattle at least once a year since. It is our favorite American city, and perhaps, one of our two or three favorite cities in the entire world! Is it the food or fine dining? The food and dining choices are excellent or even better. We love the Tom Douglas restaurants, and have tried them all. We also love the fresh seafood here. The bakeries are without peer. url= read more
The BEST public library in the entire world, Seattle Public Library
Seattle Space Needle, 1962 World's Fair

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 27th 2014

So, the big race today, the Huckleberry 100 was 4 races in one. There was the big 100, a fifty miler, and a twenty five miler that I planned for. But after a wrong turn, and volunteers who did not know the route, I took a wrong turn, and ended up cycling from Kalispell to Bigfork, where we are staying. It ended up close to forty miles, if not more. So, in good humor, I finished FIRST my own little race, and called it the Bigfork 40. There were a few others who got trapped into this route as well, but they finished well behind me. So, to reward myself, I am going to have a Roederer Estate brut rose' in honor of my big first race win. You are welcome to join the party here ... read more

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