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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston June 24th 2012

I had driven into Boston from Cape Cod by rental car that I had dropped off back at the airport. Before doing so however, I had some time left to find my chosen hostel (with the help of GPS) where I had trouble finding a parking spot in order for me to drop my backpack so I wouldn't have to haul it all the way from the airport. After a few circles around the block, I managed to find an undergound parking, where the guy was so nice to put my car next to his booth for 5 minutes without paying.. Thank you! From the airport I took the blue T line and changed at Gov't center for the red line to take me to Arlington T station. From there it was just 10 minutes to ... read more
Looking towards downtown
Boston 'bean town' pub
Downtown Boston

I had come in from Montréal, QC by greyhound bus on an 8 hour overnight trip and arrived at the Boston south station in pooring rain.The forecast didn't look promising; For that Monday till Wednesday that I had my rental car booked for it was supposed to be cloudy and raining :( I took the T (silver line) to Logan airport, and hauled my bags to the rental car desk where I was told to deposit myself in the free bus that would take me to the parking lot. Upon arrival, I was first asked if I wouldn't want to consider changing my choice of car and my attention was pointed at a supersized, bling-bling, American style, tjizzle-my-nizzle-on-the-televizzle-kinda car that would fit in a driveway in LA... I kindly refused and kept my European sized vehicle ... read more
Lobster roll @ Provincetown
Beach Cape Cod
Nauset beach

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City April 17th 2012

OK, so finally traveled to Quebec city. Good Friday I left Montréal early morning with a friend and his acquintances by car. First we drove north to a place called Mirabel. Here a large cargo airport which also serves as a place of assembly for the canadian Bombardier planes sits largely untouched, be it for the cargo planes. This airport, build for the 1976 Olympic games was intended to be the worlds largest airport in terms of surface area but never gained the popularity it had hoped due to its distance from Montréal. (55 km from downtown) The old Dorval airport was therefore rebuild into the current Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, gaining the name of the then Canadian Prime Minister who was responsible for the initial Mirabel airport project. Near the airport we stopped at ... read more
Tire d'érable
Cabane a sucre
Je me souviens (I remember)

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal March 30th 2012

I wanted to share some of the autumn / winter pictures I have been taken the last few months, so therefore another blog from Montréal, Quebec. Against my expectations I have now been here 8 months. With now less than a month left before I travel to Boston and then fly via Iceland to the UK and onwards home, it is more than time to visit a few places in the vicinity of Monteal. Unfortunately winter has not quite yet left us, so not sure if I will get a chance to. Montreal is a city of festivals. No matter the season or weather, there's always something going on including url= student demontrations I was able to watch from my workplace at Peel the other week. In the heart of winter was the so called Igloofest ... read more
Wintry Montreal
Old Montreal
Paroisse de la Nativite church

North America » United States » New York » New York December 31st 2011

I left accompanied by Eri, my Japanese co-worker, on a late Friday evening after work taking a Greyhound bus leaving the brandnew bus terminal at Berri-Uqam in Montreal. With snow lying around everywhere and the forecast of (much) more snow over the Christmas days, it felt like I was cheating out of a white Christmas by going to New York, as the forecasted temperature there was way above freezing. Oh well, another day perhaps. It didn't take long to get to the 24 hr Blackpool border crossing, a time we spent playing Monopoly on my Ipad2. The lady driving the bus felt it was needed to give us a VERY detailed explanation of the border crossing procedure and everything that might come along with it. I wish I had recorded it coz it was funny like ... read more
Bryant park skating rink
Eri @ times square
Me @ times square

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal November 26th 2011

Montréal, Quebec. A weekend of pride 2011, French-Canadian cuisine (in the form of poutine), a lot of walking, and getting info on buying a car to go travel Canada with. Well, that plan flew out the window! I have been here for 3 months by now, the time has flown by, summer has turned into autumn (a colourful one btw) and the first snow is on our doorstep. Yeah, plans change... Montréal really is a fantastic city as I had already see from the air actually when I first flew into Canada. Located on an island within the st. Laurent river, it is the birthplace of multiculturalism thanks to 'Pierre Elliot Trudeau' in the 1970's and the seventh largest city in North America. After that first crazy but fantastic weekend, I happened to get a job ... read more
Yup,that's me.. on Mt. Royal
Dream Lake, Chinese garden.
Notre Dame Cathedral

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 9th 2011

On the way to Niagara my friend told me how earlier that week a driver had been pulled over by an officer on a HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicle). This lane, meant only for cars occupied by 2 or more passengers, was being misused by a single driver pretending to have a passenger (a fully dressed one, may I add) who actually was no more than a blow-up doll. Full story here. Pretty smart and funny if you ask me, especially for the officers involved... But let me get back to my arrival in Canada first... I had flown in from Fort Lauderdale FL on westjet, a really nice flight with informal announcements, I liked that. Unfortunately I couldn't buy anything on board as ONLY credit cards were accepted. The landing into Montreal Trudeau airport was ... read more
Toronto skyline
Wine tasting...
Too much wine perhaps?

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale August 8th 2011

The flight from Panama City arrived at Fort Lauderdale in the early hours coming from inland and not asI had hoped via the coast, passing Miami on the left. In the lobby of the Hollywood airport I checked hostel world and saw that all the hostels were fully booked! i later learned this was most likely due to a beach party that weekend. Not knowing what to do and not wanting to waste valuable 'tanning time', I picked up all my gear and got on a Broward county bus to the beach, as I had done 9 weeks before. I took this bus farther north this time however and got off Galt Ocean Drive where I parked all my gear on the beach, settled in next to a fenced of area where a turtle had chosen ... read more
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood airport
Fantastic bacon, ham and cheese salad

Central America Caribbean » Panama August 7th 2011

As by now I have really lost ALL my pictures of my central america trip, with that my motivation to write an extended blog on Panama has also gone out the window. Therefore only a short summary of events during my 8 days in Panama; A long and arduous but fun nonetheless trip all the way from Isla de Ometepe via San Jose, Costa Rica, with an overnight stay at the border with Panama, brought me to David, the second largest city of Panama. From there it was one more bus to Boquete. A lovely town,set in a valley among lush green hills inhabited mostly by rich retirees from north america. Really a beautiful location with so much green and bougainvillea and waterfalls etc. Stayed 3 nights in total in which I hiked to waterfalls (Sendero ... read more
El Valle zoo
monkey hug
Monkey @ los pozos de caldera

As by now I have really lost ALL my pictures of my central america trip, with that my motivation to write an extended blog on Nicaragua has also gone out the window. Therefore only a short summary of events during my week in Nicaragua. Arrived In Leon after a long and grueling trip all the way from San Salvador via Honduras. Freak thunderstorm that evening. Took a day trip out to the beach (Las penitas) and visited lots of the old churches and cathedrals around town, with stunning views out over the city and its surroundings. Moved to the capital, Managua after a stopover at the tranquil Laguna de Xiloa. Stayed for just the one night, after sharing the views with the Sandino silhouette from atop Loma de Tiscapa. Carried on to Granada, a wonderfully historic ... read more
Ox cart, El Ostional
Fishing, El Ostional

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