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15th February 2015

Great to have you back blogging...
it must have taken you two years to recover from the beating at the night club. I hope you've fully recovered by now! I also suffered while in Xian...but from the gout in my right foot. The next time I visited China, I had broken my ankle six weeks before the trip. So I also have painful, but self inflicted, memories.
24th January 2015
Baotou Deer Statue

My second hometown
I really missed this place Qingshan District Baotou City Inner Mongolia China. I just hope I can return there again.
19th January 2013
Sendero El pianista

Sendero el pianista aire puro al alcance dee la mano
yo he recorrido el sendero El Pianista varias veces y pienso seguir haciendolo con frecuencia: belleza de su fauna y su flora; agua pura,incontaminada; oxigeno reconfortante...y tan cerca de la circunvalación principal de Boquete!,
7th January 2013
Fantastic mural on side of house

Really impressive!!!! The post is really a worth sharing... I am a frequent traveler. I am addicted to the beautiful locations and hotels of Quebec , hotel le president of sherbrooke is one of my favorite hotel.
From Blog: Quebec City trip
20th November 2012

So let's hear about your time in Mongolia...
your profile says that you started teaching there in October!
From Blog: Mancunian Ways
1st October 2012

Whoa! What a post.
Hey, nice work on this post. Provincetown has a lot to talk about and even more beaches than you got to include. Just like any place the cops vary from town to town drastically. TRUST ME. Next time you're here check out my site for navigation on Cape @
7th September 2012

hotel le president
What a lovely blog.. looking forward many such blogs, I work for hotel-le-president.
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22nd June 2012

Nice blog!
We enjoy that part of the country. We lived on Cape Cod for 6 months and you've done a very nice job representing the area. We've eaten that same lobster roll sitting on the deck looking at the water. That brought back some nice memories. Thanks. Loved the part about not listening to directions as you left the airport. Pretty funny. Most of the cops in the US are very nice in my opinion.
23rd June 2012

I had heard some negative things about the cops in the US so... But I reckon the cops thre on Cape Cod are by default more relaxed than say, in Boston... I am glad you like my blog and that it stirred up a few nice memories for you! Thanx!
11th April 2012

You lucky bastard!
Gosh man, you are so lucky! I dream to go to Iran, and visiting Tehran with locals - well that's pretty cool, and the best way to discover a bit of the life there! - also, the pictures are cool : really makes me wanna go there!!
From Blog: Iran, Tehran
9th April 2012

hi bro...
Foreigners were very sedom to see in my hometown...most of them come for teaching english,i just return frm sg for my holiday, is there anyway i can contact with u ?
6th April 2012

3 thumbs up!
your blog rocks man! I enjoyed reading it very much, informal, fun and exciting too.
18th October 2011

Belize 3 week stay
A budget of 30 Euros / 40 US would be sufficient I guess.
18th September 2011

wana stay for a wee while
text me back how much it would cost me to stay please! for the rest of my life!! joke 3 weeks
12th August 2011

tumbs up for your central america trip
hey buddy -) To soon did it come to an travelling more than one countries in a row - doesn't )) thumbs up anyway for your Central america trip - Hope you will be soon able to explore more :) Keep score !!
10th August 2011
Too much wine perhaps?

wow, I don't know you can do this before...
19th May 2011
Me & chicken bus

Gotta love the chicken buses
Awesome picture!
13th May 2011

good travels
Enjoy reading ur blog amigo! Ur doing some good travels again. Different stuff than South East Asia I recon.
9th May 2011

27th April 2011
Epitomical Antigua

Amazing photo
Fantastic composition!
26th April 2011

he broer
He lieve Johannes, Heb het uitgevonden hoor hoe ik het kan vertalen. Al hoewel het nog niet makkelijk weg leest zoals jij al zei, krijg ik er meer van mee als dat ik het in het engels laat. Ik zou zo wel even met je mee willen reizen. Prachtige foto van die vrouwen die de was doen in de rivier. Jammer dat wij toch de wasmachine uitgevonden hebben, lijkt me best gezellig met z'n allen. Heb jij ook even je oondergoed afgegeven om te laten wassen;-) He ga nog even je andere verhalen lezen en tot skype's! Stuur mr eens een smsje als je kan. tut zussie
26th April 2011

those sawdust carpets are really something. thanks for sharing this. the religious processions on good fridays are so familiar to us. we hold the same catholic rituals here too.
24th April 2011

last dinner
Yes, it is.... Good of you to notice!
From Blog: China's food
24th April 2011
Offering of salt or sugar by Mayans

Cool Photo ...
I really liked this one!
24th April 2011
Me munching on another Hot Pot visit

I remember this is our last dinner @ little sheep hot pot, right?
From Blog: China's food

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