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Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Baotou June 1st 2010

7 star lake, a new tourist destination near Baotou, funded and built by one of Inner Mongolia's largest resource companies, was our destination for the day. We set out at 07:00 in the morning, heading south out of Kunqu into the country side. It was an overcast day, and a strong wind was blowing but that didn't temper the festive mood. With karaoke and a bag the size of a small stadium filled with sweet bread that served as breakfast, we soon arrived at the low bridge crossing a narrow section of the Yellow River. Been told to get out, we took the opportunity to take some pictures and hang our asses out of the windows of old boats moored at the bridge. The road wometimes broke up and changed into a proper dirt road including ... read more
There it is... very well hidden
Kerstin being sand-blown

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Baotou May 31st 2010

Summer!! Finally!! Aahh, and how nice it is after the long, cold winters here in inner Mongolia. The trees flower and turn green within an instance (well, 2 weeks, really), people gather outside, small barbecue restaurants put tables and chairs outside and the main walking street here in Kunqu, Buxing Lu, is turned into a night market. Fantastic! Funny story about all of these small barbecue places though; apparently most or even all of them don't have permission of the government to put chairs and tables outside. Therefore, periodically, the police will go around the city, drive up with their trucks, empty barbecues and throw them on the back of their trucks. A bit later, with the police out of sight, the owners miraculously take a replacement from somewhere and the party goes on...! Heard from ... read more
Qingnian road, Kunqu
Me and some camels, Sahantala
Horses and camels...

Asia » China » Shanxi » Taihuai May 31st 2010

With a 35 minute delay, MU5690 took off from the small Baotou airport at 14:20, and landed some 50 minutes later at Taiyuan, Shanxi province. For its size and population, I reckon Baotou could have an upgrade in both aiport facilities and number of flight and destinations as well as frequency available... The flight was pleasant, with a gradual ascent and descent. First crossing the yellow (not as much as being brown) river just south of Baotou and lots of farmland, the scenery changed to mountains and nearing Taiyuan, a craggy landscape, where each piece of land and even hill seemed to have been used as it was all terraces, appeared through the plane window. After landing it was a slow taxi ride of around 40 minutes on bad roads to the train station. It being ... read more
Monastery detail
At Nanshan temple
The road to Taihuai

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Baotou May 13th 2010

Saved the pictures of this hiking trip in a folder on my PC named 'mountains, February 23rd'... It seems surreal, it is by now the end of April and only now temperatures have become spring-like. I can't even remember that day, I do know it was the first 'warm' day of the year. The forecast spoke of 13 degrees. I decided to go for a walk heading in the directions of the mountains, which basically, are right north of Kunqu district in the west of Baotou. Alhough being the most developed and 'richest' part of the city, only a 20 minute walk north of it one can see a major change already. Dirty streets, people staring at me (who knows, no foreigner might actually have ever walked these narrow streets...), kids using the curb as a ... read more
Stuffing sheep skins on a truck
Hard at work

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin April 13th 2010

The eleventh Harbin ice and snow festival For many years now, having a number of Guinness World Records, Haerbin has been presenting this festival to the world. With over 100.000 sq. meters of snow and ice,the festival started in 1999 to call in the new millennium. Ever since, it has been attracting more and more visitors from worldwide to this freezing city with winter temperatures that can get below -30 degrees Celsius! Originally being in Zhaolin Park within the city itself, it has moved to the other side of the mighty Songhua river, which was in the news around the world in December 2005 due to a major water pollution incident. The snow sculptures are in the large Sun Island park, with the Ice festival on the other side of the main road, in the west. ... read more
On the right hand side is a miniature version of Shanghai
Sun Island Park in winter

Asia » China » Heilongjiang » Harbin April 13th 2010

Our holiday started on the 13th of February, the last day of the year of the ox in the Chinese calendar. Our afternoon flight landed at terminal 3, from where we took the underground to the city. After dropping our bags in the hostel, we set out to do some much needed book shopping on Wanfujing street. Very much missed in Baotou... For dinner Kerstin took me to this well known American brand of fast food restaurant she knew, where we had the best bloody burger I've had for a long time. Ooh.. it was so good!!! We washed the food down with lime cocktails... Mmmmm The evening we spent drinking local Beijing beers in the hostel chatting to other travellers. Hoping for a spectacular government organised fireworks display on Tiannanmen Square, we set out at ... read more
Happy year of the tiger!
Waiting room nr. 5
Ice building outside Harbin airport

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Baotou April 13th 2010

''No vegetables available'' This street seller selling toilet paper (!) on the street which I live on, has one of those pre-recorded megaphones blearing often incomprehensible lines in order to get passers-by to pay attention to their goods. This particular time though, I couldn't help but hearing the words 'no vegetables available' which just made me laugh so much,seeing what he's selling really is toilet paper... Right.... well, after almost two weeks back home I booked another flight via Dubai this time and flew across Pakistan and the Karakoram mountain range into Qinjiang province, flying exactly south of Baotou and Hohhot while getting ready for descent into Beijing Capital airport. Oh, how I love flying. Was able to get some great views of the snowy mountain ranges separating China from it's middle eastern / central ... read more
Baotou view
Indoor skating rink
A'erding botanical gardens

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan March 2nd 2010

Oh yes, train travel in China; loved by some, hated by some. Of which the latter I would belong to. I don't know what it is about train travel in China, but it just isn't my thing. Probably simply because of the lack of privacy, which would mean I wouldn't enjoy any hard sleeper of any train in any country... Anyway, I discovered the wonders of the 'dining car'. Actually never sort of occurred to me before, but after re-reading one of my favourite writer's books (Paul Theroux) I remembered his idea's on the dining car, so decided to look for it. Of course full with 'officials' instead of actual train passengers, I ordered a lukewarm beer, or a few actually (not at the same time though) and read my book. A funny book, got it ... read more
Looking down from the YCT
Yellow Crane Tower
Yellow Crane Tower

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo March 2nd 2010

Bus station touts... They're all over Asia, easy to pick out. Eyes like ravens, seeking for the 'new and naive' traveller, carrying brochures showing their fantastic guest houses with all amenities for incredibly low prices. Best to avoid them, when you do choose one though due to lack of sleep, road tiredness etc. they often take you to the guest house by motorcycle (which you think is free of course) to get then charged money for it while the bus tout is having his commission paid out to him. The accommodation itself is nowhere near the stuff they show you in the brochure, or there's only one chalet that looks like it, which is full of course, and you settle in an overpriced bungalow not worthy its roof and surrounded by screaming kids while facing another ... read more
Li river boat ride
Me @ Li river boat
Water buffalo eating river bed grass

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou December 25th 2009

Macau's airport is basically a strip of asphalt built in the sea surrounding the little SAR (Special Administrative Region) with one taxi-way leading to the terminal building. Sitting in the aircraft it looks like you're floating on water, pretty neat! Landed at noon, and arrived by bus in central Macau at around half past one. The only cheap accomodation I had found beforehand, and I checked travelguides, internet etc. was a guesthouse on Travesso Do Felicidade called San Va hospedaria. The building basically had been divided into rooms by paper thin plaster walls that left a space of more than a meter below the high ceiling. With no wi-fi, livingroom or any other hang out space and just acceptable bathrooms it wasn't that great but by far the cheapest, having just came from S.E. Asia it ... read more
I just thought it was a nice building...
Macau street sign
St Dominic church

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