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With no clear plan or route of how I was going to circumnavigate the biologically, culturally and geographically diverse countries that make up Central America, I landed safely at the San Pedro Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport and thus, my trip had officially started. It was in the middle of the night and I wasn't quite sure yet if I was going to stay the night at the airport or at the bus station. A local made the decision easy; A guy who later appeared to be a Utila-born native called me over and asked me if perhaps I was going to the island. Upon affirming his question he told me I'd better stay at the airport since going into the city was too dangerous. After lingering for an hour or so, him, I and another ... read more
From here to there...
Rubbish to be collected, Jewel cay, Utila
Diamond cay, Utila

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale March 25th 2011

Airlines, routes, availability, prices of course and I think just the countless possibilities of the combinations of aforementioned factors that contribute to the decision how you're flying to your next destination make me that much interested in this part of travel that I can spend hours surfing the web, looking for the cheapest but also most original and exciting way to fly. Options I had to get to Central America, a route that doesn't see any real low prices due to a lack of competition and low budget flights at least on direct routes, included flying with Condor (Germany) via the Dominican Republic to Panama city (€400+), an AA flight from Brussels, connecting in NY JFK with a TACA flight to El Salvador / Cancun or a number of Air Berlin and other airlines combinations. When ... read more
Coral Princess leaving ft. Lauderdale harbor
Fort Lauderdale beach
Bubba Gump shrimp

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Groningen March 13th 2011

In the north west of Groningen province lies a small town called Pieterburen. It lies directly south of the Dykes so profoundly Dutch. It is in this small town a lady named Lenie van't Hart started a rescue center for seals: Pieterburen Seal Rescue Center These seals are rescued from the ever-changing Waddensea which was recognized the status of UNESCO world heritage:Waddensea world heritage I took my mom out for the day in a rental car, not having been there myself. We drove from Friesland province through the harbor of Lauwersoog from where the ferry to Schiermonnikoog, the island most east of the 5 Wadden islands leaves. My previous blogs on url= read more
Lauwersoog harbour

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Baotou March 13th 2011

''Johan Lao shi, you are ugly!'' Something I had to hear often during my two years and three months teaching English in the north of China. This phrase was very popular with my young students, kids aged 6 to 10. It didn't bother me the slightest though, in fact, I liked it! Grammatically correct, and it proved they had remembered at least one of the adjectives I had taught them. The fact that the unit which included this particular adjective was about pet animals and not about people proved they were able to use the learned vocabulary in a broader spectrum of language than I had taught them. Other adjectives or nouns popular with the kids to describe me were 'fat', 'monster', 'gorilla' and the less frequent 'Johan is a girl!'. Teaching in China really is ... read more
My other teeny tiny kids class in Baotou
One of my students wearing my sunnies
Foreign teachers

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Baotou March 6th 2011

Here's just a small blog on my experiences with food living in Inner Mongolia province. I have included a short but useful list of words and phrases in Pinyin, photos of take away food we ate on the job and some interesting facts; WORD & PHRASES LIST *Jiao Zi (Dumplings) *Da bao (Take away) *Mantou (Steamed bread) *Bu hao chi (Not good to eat) *Zhe ge cai you rou ma? (Does this dish have meat?) *Pi jiu (beer ) *Wo chi bao la / Wo he duo la (I am full / I am drunk) *Kuai can (fast food) *Wo xi huan la de (I like it spicy) Did you know ... ... that the amount of bamboo chopsticks used in China is immens... read more
Vacuum sealed pig's noses
Chǎo Jīdàn Xīhóngshì – 炒鸡蛋西红柿
Zha Jiang Mian

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Baotou February 27th 2011

Remember the news reports on rare earth exports from China at the end of 2010? Most of this rare earth is from the city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia province. (or in fact, from the huge Bayan Obo mine north of the city. Famed for its natural resources and minerals, the city of Baotou was built by the Russians first, later by the Chinese. It is one of China's great industrial cities, mainly thanks to iron ore and coal. To the south lies Ordos, the 6th richest city in China. The people from this small city have suddenly turned rich, sold out by the government for the land rich with coal. Another big income is the Kashmir trade. Baotou is divided in 3 large districts and a few smaller ones. From west to east lies; Kunqu, with ... read more
Statue in Donghe...
Dry Inner Mongolia, at Kundulun Reservoir.
Baotou Deer Statue

Asia » China » Shanxi » Pingyao February 11th 2011

(Delayed blog) Me and my good friend Leo headed for the ancient, walled city of Pingyao for the October national holiday. We had originally planned to travel at least one way by train, but although Leo had tried on the first day possible to buy a ticket (10 days in advance in China), by the time he got to the ticket desk, all were sold out. (touts?) So we ended up with a return ticket on China Eastern airlines from Baotou to Taiyuan from where we were going to take a bus to Pingyao. We left on the 1st of October, the National Day of China, and landed safely with an hour delay at Wusu airport. On my previous trip to Wutaishan in Shanxi province, we'd flown into the same airport, so I knew the tricks ... read more
Another great courtyard
Flying Leo @ Taihe Gate
Leo and I at the Pingyao wall

Asia » South Korea » Busan January 3rd 2011

(Delayed blog) After arrival at Busan train station, looking towards the green hill that is Gubongsan peak, I dragged myself plus luggage by subway to Jungang station where I checked in at a guest house. For 30.000 Won I had a double bed and bathroom in a creaky old room with views on the local 7-11 corner store and in spitting distance of the subway station. Of course I headed straight to the beach after dropping my bags, as temperatures were around the 30-ies those days. I opted for Gwangalli beach as my first beach, a wide and moon shaped beach with towering office blocks and hotels behind it, and a view of the Gwangan bridge in front. I spent the afternoon staring at this mini- zeppelin that wasn't tethered to anything, instead it seemed to ... read more
Gwangalli beach
Gwangalli beach
Daecheong park monument

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do December 12th 2010

(Delayed blog) The bullet train that took me from Seoul Station to Dongdaegu station lasted a mere one hour and forty minutes, at its top speed travelling 297 kilometres an hour(!) Wow! Getting out of the station, I decided to drop my backpack in a locker (7000 Won) to explore and find a place to stay before rushing into some overpriced love hotel. Not feeling tired due to the excitement of being in a new place again, I walked out and soon discovered that Daegu (obviously) was not Seoul. I think I must've walked south a bit at first. The streets were hilly I noticed and not as clean and developed you could say as its northern capital neighbour. It just sort of gave the idea of being a 'second rank' city. After not much time ... read more
Cold noodle dish, Daegu market
Pohang, Bukbu beach
Cleaners, Bukbu beach

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 24th 2010

Oh yeah... HOLIDAY!!! My last class finished at 21:00, so in order to catch my 23:20 flight to Beijing, I had to hurry home and grab the last things before jumping into a taxi to Baotou airport. Flying with Air China, I arrived at terminal 3 while my China Southern flight was going to leave from terminal 2 the next morning. Shuttle buses drove throughout the night I was assured, so with facilities better at terminal 3, I decided it was better to hang out there for the night. Of course with my holiday then having officially started, I settled in with a few beers and chatted to some other guys, from Wuhan and Shijiazhuang respectively. It was a mild evening so hung out outside the terminal for most of the evening, only disturbed by an ... read more
Seoul from Inwangshan Mt.
Seoul fast food display
Seoul from N Seoul Tower, Namsan park

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