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Published: August 4th 2011
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Isla de OmetepeIsla de OmetepeIsla de Ometepe

Upon leaving with early morning ferry
As by now I have really lost ALL my pictures of my central america trip, with that my motivation to write an extended blog on Nicaragua has also gone out the window. Therefore only a short summary of events during my week in Nicaragua.

Arrived In Leon after a long and grueling trip all the way from San Salvador via Honduras. Freak thunderstorm that evening. Took a day trip out to the beach (Las penitas) and visited lots of the old churches and cathedrals around town, with stunning views out over the city and its surroundings.

Moved to the capital, Managua after a stopover at the tranquil Laguna de Xiloa. Stayed for just the one night, after sharing the views with the Sandino silhouette from atop Loma de Tiscapa.

Carried on to Granada, a wonderfully historic town on the shore of lake Nicaragua. Visited more churches here, again with stunning views over the red tiled roofs of the town.

Followed the hordes of backpackers to San Juan de Sur, but didn't stick, instead carriedon along the unbeaten track to El Ostional, a charming little fishing village, only a few miles north of the border with Costa Rica. This was by far the most authentic experience during my 9 weeks in central America.
Assisted the local women and their kids digging up the sand on the wide moon-shaped beach looking for baby clams, which one evening I had for dinner with spaghetti, served by my host who is also a national park guardian. Spent the evenings drinking a few beers and hanging out with some local guys at a beach shack. I loved it, great little place!

After 3 nights in Ostional, I had little time left, so only spent 2 nights in Moyogalpa, on Isla de Ometepe. This being Nicaragua's big tourist draw, I have to say, I don't know what all the fuss was about. I mean, yeah, great perfect conical shaped volcano on an island in a lake and all, but there are so many beautiful lakes elsewhere in central America. maybe it was the (huge) blisters on my heels preventing me from climbing any volcano, my chronically dire financial situation, or the fact that my adventures in Maya land where coming to an end, anyhow, I didn't think Ometepe was all that.
Visited the cool and blue Ojo de Agua on a very hot and grueling bike trip around the island tho, so I can at least say I explored it.

My next day(s) of travel took me all the way from a very early morning ferry departure off Ometepe to David, Panama via Costa Rica...

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