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We left San Cristóbal more informed people than when we arrived. We were motivated to go to San Cristóbal because we wanted to see the state of Chiapas and the obvious draw of the Zapatistas. We had also heard that San Cristóbal was an amazing town. It was everything we expected it to be and more. We stayed in the best hostel we had stayed at in all of Mexico. Le Gite Del Sol, Posada Bed and Breakfast was amazing! We arrived into town on an OCC overnite bus around 6:30am and the French Canadian owner was up and waiting for us at the hostel gate. A delicious home cooked breakfast every morning was included in the cost. During our brief stay in San Cristóbal we visited the Museum of Maya Medicine where we learned all ... read more
major change in temperature from the beach!
tages and emily at Le Gite Del Sol hostel
museum of mayan medicine

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Puerto Escondido January 2nd 2010

Sadly we left Oaxaca but GLADLY for the beach! Thanks to Graham and his generous Xmas gift to us all, we didn't have to take the 7 hour barf shuttle to Puerto Escondido but a quick 1/2 hour jaunt straight South in a 6 seat plane. WAIT! SIX SEATS AND THAT INCLUDES THE PILOT??!! When we arrived at the airport, I had no idea what we were in for. The man who checked us in told us we had too much luggage and that it would be too heavy for the plane. However, a monetary bribe seemed to make our luggage A LOT lighter. We boarded so quickly that I didn't have time to panic. Graham sat in the co-pilot seat. It was 30 minutes of sheer terror and excitement. We landed safely and the pilot ... read more
that's our plane
the pilot and graham.
i sat behind the pilot

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca January 1st 2010

We had a blast in Oaxaca on New Years and here are some photos to prove it! Also, the street art section has been updated... check it out here.... Street Art... read more
salamander bar
salamander bar
i love mexico's bar food

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca November 18th 2009

We spent one and half glorious months in oaxaca. it was everything and so much more than we had even hoped or expected it to be. both of us agreed whole heartedly that it was one of our favorite destinations on the entire trip. not only did we fall in love with the city but we loved our spanish language school, the friends we made and our teachers, the food we ate, the house and neighborhood we lived in, the mercados we frequented, the ruins and many day trips we took and so so so so much more. my brother graham also came to travel with us for 6 weeks. he was with us for our last 3 weeks in oaxaca and we had an absolute blast. i am 100% positive this added to the fact ... read more
Oaxaca Aeropuerto
exiting the plane...hello oaxaca
first sights of oaxaca

North America » Mexico » Yucatán November 15th 2009

we left brooklyn at 5:15am, took the subway to harlem and the bus to LaGuardia. we were SOOO excited to be going to mexico. we could hardly wait. this was never part of the plan to be going to mexico 7 months into our trip. but plans change and that can be fun. we were ready to leave europe and we were ready for mexico! It felt hilarious and unreal to be sitting at the gate that said "AirTran flight 326 for Cancun". Cancun has the reputation for being the spring break/senor frogs/party central so that it's not a place tages and i would normally go. But the flight was so cheap into cancun that we couldn't pass it up. i loved watching people pass by our gate, seeing the flight to Cancun and then looking ... read more
cancun here we come!
only documented footage of my leap into temporary vegetarianism
swine flu questionnaire! sweet!

North America » United States » New York » New York » Brooklyn November 10th 2009

we arrived back in the usa for a short 5 day stay in new york. it was strange hearing so many american accents and it felt like we were still tourists. but just enough time to see friends and family, eat a chipotle burrito, vegan fake meats, new york bagels and craved fried tofu and find tages a new pair of levi 505's and we watched the first 3 harry potter movies for the first time ever. and i discovered a liking for brooklyn. it was great but we were already itching to leave...mexico here we come! ... read more
hello again new york!
staying with katrina in brooklyn
doing laundry for the first time in 2 months!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol November 2nd 2009

Can you even imagine how excited I was to see my 'mum' after being without her for almost 8 months?! Sometimes I would have day dreams about stepping off the plane in Bristol and seeing her excited face! I can't tell you HOW ECSTATIC I was to see her! Well, that moment finally came after counting down the days to November 2nd. We exited the Bristol airport immigration gates around 6pm and there she was, camera ready, dressed as British as possible (she totally fit in, well, i don't know about the bright white tennis shoes), waiting to give us big hugs! She had flown to Bristol by way of Minneapolis and Amsterdam and had arrived around 2pm. She had been anxiously waiting awhile. But knowing my friendly midwestern mother, she had talked to loads of ... read more
renting the car!
oh boy, here we go..
mom trying out the navigator role in the passenger seat

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam October 28th 2009

We returned to Amsterdam for a lovely and quiet 5 days. We stayed at Camp Zeeburg again, only this time it was too cold to camp so we stayed in a little wagonette. We pined after them the last time we were in Amsterdam so we thought we would stay in one this time around. It was a bit of culture shock being back to Amsterdam from Turkey and it was also chilly and rainy the whole time we were there. It was ironic though because right away out of the Centraal Station we were starving and our first stop was at a Turkish fast food place. It was like we didn't even realize what we were doing. We went in, saw falafel and Ayran, sat down and heard Turkish music and we just looked at ... read more
oh look, it's the grand bizarre.

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul October 27th 2009

Upon arrival to Istanbul the second time around, I recalled leaving the last time and what a mad house it was. The bus station in Istanbul is total chaos. Chaos like I had never witnessed before. Crowds of people pushing and shoving to get to and from their designated bus. People loading large packages underneath the bus to be received by who knows who in another town. Bus staff yelling times and destinations. People blocking doorways and smoking in groups. And to top it off, people selling things like glow sticks in the middle of this madness to make things even crazier. Arriving at 6am in Istanbul this time around was like holding my breath, closing my eyes, squinting them open and realizing there was nothing there. no noise. no shouting. no crowds. no pushing. And ... read more
spice bizarre
spice bizarre
spice bizarre

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Pamukkale October 22nd 2009

Our bus from Olympos/Antalya arrived in Denizli in the late afternoon of the 22nd. The bus station was hectic with lots of men trying to get us on their buses to Pamukkale, which is a huge tourist destination. We chose one and it just so happened to be with a young guy representing the hostel we were staying at. Of course I pronounced it wrong and called it "Kayle Hostel" like the vegetable when it's really pronounced "Kah-lay". With our mutual misunderstanding, it took us like 3 minutes to realize we were both talking about the same hostel. It reminded me of how classic midwest I am. There was no need for him to recruit us b/c we had already made reservations through like we usually do. This hostel was only 4USD a night in ... read more
gorgeous streets
Lamuko's Lokanta
pomegranite juice at Lamuko's Lokanta

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