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January 2nd 2010
Published: February 26th 2010
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Sadly we left Oaxaca but GLADLY for the beach! Thanks to Graham and his generous Xmas gift to us all, we didn't have to take the 7 hour barf shuttle to Puerto Escondido but a quick 1/2 hour jaunt straight South in a 6 seat plane. WAIT! SIX SEATS AND THAT INCLUDES THE PILOT??!! When we arrived at the airport, I had no idea what we were in for. The man who checked us in told us we had too much luggage and that it would be too heavy for the plane. However, a monetary bribe seemed to make our luggage A LOT lighter. We boarded so quickly that I didn't have time to panic. Graham sat in the co-pilot seat. It was 30 minutes of sheer terror and excitement.
We landed safely and the pilot hopped out and even called us a taxi. We immediately felt the HEAT and were ready for the ocean. Well, Graham and I were, not so much Tages. The beach is not Tages's idea of a good time with all the sand and dirty sea water that comes with it. She would rather watch Cartoon Network in an air conditioned hotel.
We spent 4 glorious
that's our planethat's our planethat's our plane

no safety instructions, no barf bags...
days at the beach filled with swimming, surfing, crazy waves, coco locos, and rental beach chairs with umbrellas and ocean side service. The first two nights were spent in a cheap hostel but it was super dirty and the staff creeped us out so we spent our last night in a nice hotel right across from Playa Zicatela.

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the pilot and graham.the pilot and graham.
the pilot and graham.

apparently graham was voted as best candidate for co pilot.
i sat behind the piloti sat behind the pilot
i sat behind the pilot

i was panicking and trying to think about what mcgyver would do in case the pilot had a heart attack.
Tower Bridge BackpackersTower Bridge Backpackers
Tower Bridge Backpackers

our room was big and awesome except really dirty and the toilet wouldn't flush...
the best thing about Tower Bridge Backpackersthe best thing about Tower Bridge Backpackers
the best thing about Tower Bridge Backpackers

the fridge comes stocked with beer when you move in!

24th March 2010

Freaking Awesome.
I dont' know that I could have boarded that plane! What an amazing adventure. LOVE the photos. :)

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