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Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea May 28th 2009

Thursday, May 28th to Saturday, May 30th. Our stay was short but nice in Oradea. There were three reasons we picked Oradea to be our exit point out of Romania. One, it was close to Budapest. Two, Tages really wanted to visit the popular Bear Cave. Three, Oradea has the only strictly vegetarian restaurant in Romania. We had read a vague discription about a camping ground in Oradea and we figured we would get to Oradea and figure it out. We didn't have internet access in Sighisoara so we were not able to plan as well as we usually do. We arrived early in the morning after our terrible train ride so we felt a lack of sleep and a bit of confusion. The taxi drivers at the train station were more aggressive than in Sighisoara ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara May 23rd 2009

Saturday May 23rd..Today we travelled Northwest to Sighisoara by a dirty old rambling train with lots of character. Our new friend Wieteke from the Netherlands took the train with us because she had also planned to stay a night in Sighisoara. When stepping off the train, it had a distinct small town feel about it. Sighisoara was high and low. The main city was low in the valley in between two mountains (well, to the locals they might be large hills but they were mountains to me) and then there was another city, a fortress city high in the mountains on one side. It was really beautiful and very picturesque like the rest of Transylvania. We walked to the main street in town and almost immediately started seeing families on horse drawn wagons. We walked to ... read more
our first glimpse
Camping this way!
Camping Villa Franca

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov May 19th 2009

Tuesday, May 19th. We took the 6:13am P-train from Gara de Noor in Bucharest to Brasov. We were so excited to get our first peek at the mountains. The train ride was very nice and quiet. We arrived at the chaotic train station and navigated our way by bus to the hostel. Unfortunately, they did not get our reservations and the cheapest dorm room was booked. We had to stay in a private room which was nice but out of our budget. We did what we usually do when we first arrive in a town, ask lots of questions about the town from anyone who will help us and find the cheapest grocery store. We were pleased to find the Kismet Dao Hostel had super friendly staff and that Brasov had a Carrefour grocery store. We ... read more
Bucegi Mountains
snacks on the train
bucegi mountains

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest May 18th 2009

May 17th to May 19th. Back to Bucharest! We hadn't planned on going back to Bucharest but it made the most sense being that our next stop was Brasov almost straight North through Bucharest. We emailed the Funky Chicken and our friends that we were Surprise!, coming back. Laura and James were waiting for us at the hostel. It was so good to be together again! And Anna was working at the Funky Chicken, too! We had a great time in Bucharest, as always, our second time around. And we taught Laura and James how to play pitch which is the card game that my grandparents would play. They learned quickly and proceeded to beat the pants off of Tages and I all night until Laura had to catch her bus home. ... read more
embarassing scores!

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Marea Neagra » Mangalia May 17th 2009

Sunday, May 17th...I had to create a seperate entry for this special train ride back to Bucharest because it was so great. We left Vama Veche by way of maxi taxi bus to another sea side town called Mangalia. And from Mangalia we took an hour and a half train ride back to Constanta. In Romania there are 4 different classes of trains. P-Personal, A-Accelerated, I-Intercity and R-Rapid. As you can guess, P is the slowest and cheapest, A is a little faster and the I and R trains are very nice, fast and sometimes have dining cars. Tages and I would always take a P train if we could. I liked the beat up cars and seats (it gave it character), dirty filthy toilets (ok, that was pretty nasty) and the slower pace was fine ... read more
P train to Constanta
our empty carriage
typical romanian train station

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Marea Neagra » Vama Veche May 15th 2009

May 15th to May 17th We travelled to the Southern most tip of Romania on the Black Sea to a little seaside town called Vama Veche. We went there because our Let's Go guide had said it remains a destination for Romania's counterculture, with hippies, punks and goths flocking to camp on the nude beach and rock out under the stars. Sounds like paradise, right? Well, we didn't really see any punks but we found out that it only gets busy during the summer when students are on holiday from school. We figured we would get off the bus and make our way to the Sea to camp on the beach. One of our books said you could still camp on the beach and the other said it was not allowed. We didn't really have a ... read more
on the bus to vama veche
Maryanna's house
Maryanna's street

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Constanta » Constanta May 12th 2009

Tuesday, May 12th. Journal entry...."on train to Constanta. so far the country has seemed nice, green, brown and peaceful. I've seen lots of railway workers asleep in the field right next to the train tracks. and goats and dogs atop heaps of trash. and people plowing the fields and traditional looking Romanian women with scarves tied under their chin." We wanted to travel to the black sea after Bucharest for a couple of reasons. One, I love large bodies of water so much and wanted to see another sea. Also, Tages had an uncle that she loved very much named Uncle Connie and he was from Constanta. We knew there were not any hostels or camping in Constanta but figured a nice lady would approach us at the train station and offer us a cheap room ... read more
waiting for our train to constanta
on our way to Constanta
anxious to smell the sea!

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest May 7th 2009

May 7th, Thursday....Oh Bucharest, where do I begin? Let's start with our celebratory drinks on Sky Europe flight #NE3208 to Bucharest. We were celebrating for many reasons. We had not slept in over 36 hours, we had stayed all night in Amsterdam at the Centraal Station and then at Schipol Airport. Our flight from Amsterdam to Vienna included an 8 hour layover. We even had to exit the airport and recheck in. But we had made it and had our second wind knowing we would be in Romania soon. Romania was one of the countries we have been most looking forward to visiting. Our plans once we landed were to head to our hostel, The Funky Chicken. I have to admit this night was one I had been dreading since leaving Minnesota b/c the Bucharest airport ... read more
Funky Chicken Hostel
Funky Chicken
Anna and us

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem May 6th 2009

Here are pictures from our time in Haarlem, Netherlands. ... read more
Camp De Liede
tages enjoying ikea soda

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam April 24th 2009

Sunday April 19th: We made it to Amsterdam! We had a hectic travel day starting at 7am, checking out of the hostel, rushing to the tube to Victoria station getting on the EasyBus to take us to Luton Airport which is the farthest airport out of London. At one point we were running and I remember Tages saying, "we don't have time for mistakes", it was like we were on the Amazing Race! haha. At Luton we checked in for our EasyJet flight to Amsterdam Schipol. It was our first flight in Europe where we got to walk onto the tarmac to the plane and then once on the plane, you choose your seats. We slept on the flight and arrived safely at Schipol. Immigration was super nice as I would expect out of Holland. We ... read more
house boats
our food

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