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Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków August 26th 2009

We took a train to Krakow. Somehow our seats ended up ın the babychangıng station carriage. We were fortunate that no one came in to change their baby's nappies during the ride! pee-yu! We arrived at Krakow's Glowny Station around 4pm. Glowny station is attached to a huge mall called the Galleria. We found a Carrefour grocery store in the mall and bought some groceries for the next day's breakfast in case our camp ground was ın the middle of nowhere. After visiting the tourist office in Glowny, we fıgured out how to get to the campground on a cıty bus. We arrıved at thıs lıttle piece of heaven called Camping Clepardia. It was so nice, clean and the staff were also so friendly. We set up our tent in what they called 'the forest' and ... read more
our forest at camp clepardıa
meet my best friend the NesCafe machine
mmmm...camping breakfast

Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz August 25th 2009

We travelled to Łódź because we wanted to see a smaller city in Poland. I also couldn't miss Łódź because it is David Lynch's favorite city, there is an active modern art scene, strong film roots, a Hollywood style walk of fame, old looming textile factories and so much more. I also will say that Łódź has the most helpful tourist office on our trip so far. We loved it! We also learned about this Łódź native. Check him out at... read more

Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw August 21st 2009

Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland We had orıgınally hoped to travel ın Poland for one month but because of our Schengen worries we decıded to travel for 2 weeks ınstead. We arrıved ın Warsaw by a very nıce Polısh traın and stayed at 123 Campground. We were so excıted to travel ın Poland, ıt was a country that was on the top of both of our lısts and upon arrıvıng ın Warsaw we knew we already loved ıt! We would attempt some basıc polısh in our terrible accents like 'Dziękuję' which means 'thank you' and the older ladies working at the kiosks would smile so big at us, my heart would melt! Warsaw also had the first sky scrapers we had seen in a long time, it made me feel at home a little bit. We spent our ... read more
I love Warsaw!
Welcome to Poland

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 4th 2009

Berlin is off the hook!! Emily and i had such a wonderful time that it was hard to leave Berlin. After being on an island for 27 days it was so nice being in a big city where there are so many vegetarian options and to actually have a real bed to sleep in! Let me start at the beginning... We left the island of Brac at 7 in the morning and had to head back to Split by the catamaran. The waters had been choppy the last few days and when we left it still had not improved. We set sail on the catamaran and soon start getting some air from all the choppy waters. At first it was super fun being tossed all around, but about 15 minutes of that I started to ... read more
Berlin, DE
On the bus

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Brac July 8th 2009

There isn't much to write about the month of July spent living and camping on the island of Brač because we didn't do much! Our campground was located in the city of Bol and we were right on the beach. The campground was situated in the back of the Dominican Monastery. We swam almost everyday, went to the Bol library and checked out books, we sat on our favorite benches over looking one beach and read tons of books, grilled all of our meals like baked potatoes and grilled cheese on the communal grill in our campground, saw two movies at the outdoor movie theatre, enjoyed an occasional Croatian beer on the beach, went grocery shopping at the Konzum and Kerum, bought fresh bread from our favorite Pekara and made friends with other campers from Slovenia, ... read more
on the bus to Split
Adriatic Sea
city of Bol

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar July 7th 2009

We travelled to Mostar for a couple of reasons. I really loved Bosnia and wanted to see another city besides Sarajevo. I was also interested in seeing the region of Herzegovina. Our friend Tina in Serbia recommended Banja Luka and Mostar and we had also met a Dutch traveller in Sarajevo who told us a little about the history of Mostar, the seige, ethnic cleansing and the city's division between Croats and Bosniaks. I was very interested and thought if we travelled there, we could learn a little more about Bosnia. However, we were only able to stay one night so of course you cannot learn so much when you have to leave so quickly. Bosnia had turned out to be too expensive for our budget and we needed to get to Croatia quickly so we ... read more
Bosnia is beautiful!
delicious spinach pie
Karadzozbey Mosque

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 3rd 2009

Friday July 3rd- We took an 8 hour (airconditioned...yes!) bus to Sarajevo, Bosnia from Beograd, Serbia. Tages and I were overwhelmed at how beautiful Bosnia was. We didnt know much about Bosnia and didn't know what to expect because it is not in the one large guide book we decided to bring. I felt like my breath was taken away when seeing Bosnia out of the bus window. The landscape slowly started to change from flat fields to green forests, valleys and cliffs. The sights were incredible. The mountains, winding rivers, and small mountain roads were gorgeous. We arrived at a bus station mid-afternoon that was far outside of the city so we broke down and paid for a taxi. This is only the second taxi we have had to take on the trip, not too ... read more
Sarajevo, Bosnia
River in Bosnia
Hay Bale in Bosnia

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 1st 2009

Београд, Beograd or Belgrade, Serbia We decided to travel to Serbia earlier than originally planned after finding out about the Schengen Rules for travel in the EU. We thought we would leave the Schengen area for a while now rather than later. Without much notice, two very nice women in Belgrade accepted our request to couchsurf with them. Tina and Lily, roommates and architecture students at the University of Beograd currently living in a student dorm so generously offered to let us stay with them. However, when we arrived in Belgrade (by way of a very hot but empty train) there were some difficulties about registering with the police and not having ID cards to present to the dorm. We stayed with Tina and Lily the first night, ate dinner together and they even gave up ... read more
reading harry potter on the train to serbia

Europe June 15th 2009

there has been some pretty awesome stencil art and graffiti around europe. keep checking back as i am sure this will keep growing. i've also re-arranged the photos so the most recent are at the beginning. 2010 Feb 26.... read more
Ciudad de Mexico, MX
Ciudad de Mexico, MX
Ciudad de Mexico, MX

Europe May 30th 2009

Dohany Utca 84, Apt 7, Budapest, Hungary is where we lived for the whole month of June and it was spectacular!!! It was great actually having an apartment and not constantly sleeping at a hostel or in our tent. Not to mention eating hot meals everyday. During the month in Romania Emily and I were craving bloody mary's so we were able to enjoy BM's multiple times during that month. We found a "hungarian chipotle" and fell in love with the decor of the place. The food was definitely not as good as chipotle, but definitely worth the visit. We also went on a brewery tour while our friends Sherene and Rachel were in town. For me it was definitely a highlight of the trip so far. It was completely different than any of the other ... read more
city pub
heroes square

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