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19th January 2011
dr caligari cafe

hi there, I too love this spot. My friend is about to embark on a Mexi adventure and I'd love to send her here to say hello to 'Redman'. Could you give me the actual street address? Thanks so much Scottish Andy
13th November 2010

Every time I think of your getting lice... I get the heebie-jeebies! I guess getting to see and experience Mexico would be worth it. :)
27th September 2010

thanks for all ı wish you best of everythinks we wait for you again turkey many greatings kemal
30th July 2010

Lonely Planet Sucks
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1st June 2010

Tages told me aaaaaaaaaalll about your illness, and your bad experience while in Puerto Vallarta. More like Puerto VallBARFa. HAHAHAHAH, oh I'm hilarious. Seriously, I have had the unfortunate experience of having things come out from both ends at the same time, and it's less than marvelous. I'm sorry you got SO sick. Ugh.
From Blog: puerto vallarta
17th May 2010

I'm also digging that violinist... even though he's probably a teenager. Look at those snacks! Drinks! HOT SAUCE!
17th May 2010

I laughed, and Laughed, and LAUGHED at Tages driving, and Emily being the navigator. if you're anything like me and Brad, we fight like crazy when in an unfamiliar place. I'm the navigator and have a way of getting distracted. One wrong turn, and I have Brad telling me we don't have any time for mistakes. Yes, this happened in Pittsburgh, and any other time we have been anywhere outside of our element. Good times!
26th April 2010

Hot Sauce!
Oh man... hot sauce. I LOVE hot sauce! I still can't believe you didn't buy that dinosaur mask. ;)
26th April 2010

Oh yeah... I think I've been to St. Louis, and Arizona... and that's IT (as far as places you have been). I see those damn trucks on the highway ALL THE TIME. I usually give them the finger. Uhh... what else? Why the HECK didn't you buy the dinosaur mask?!
26th April 2010

It has been an absolute pleasure reading this blog, and I'm SO SAD that your travels have come to an end. Just keep in mind that the future holds so many different possibilities; and that you guys did something that not many people have done. Your face in the airport very nearly made me cry... I LOVE YOU BOTH! Even if you read Danielle Steele, and Harry Potter (hahahaha). &hearts
23rd April 2010

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23rd April 2010

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24th March 2010

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24th March 2010

Freaking Awesome.
I dont' know that I could have boarded that plane! What an amazing adventure. LOVE the photos. :)
23rd March 2010

Özcan Aslan's bed, the name & location is? Is it has web and telephone no? thank
23rd February 2010

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I had looked at flights to Mexico ever since getting your email about being there! I was unable to make it work... but I do hope to see you soon! Looks like you had a wonderful time. :)
23rd February 2010

Welcome Back! Kind of. ;)
Hello ladies! :) Glad to see that your return to the states went well. Now you will have to come over and play Super Mario Wii!
17th February 2010

Thats cooL
16th February 2010

Apartment for rent on Łódź
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28th January 2010

Wow... the Mediterranean looks gorgeous! I'm glad you had some to to chill out. I'm sure that Mr. Esyr was very pleased with your staying for so long. :)
28th January 2010

Things look awesome! Particularly the pommes frites. *Sigh*
24th January 2010

great blog
fun time reading your blog, really makes you feel like you are there with you (and Tages). I wrote one summer of 09, based on a trip my wife and i did in turkey.
From Blog: Istanbul, Turkey
24th January 2010

E&T! your blog is amazing!!! that is some crazy crazy stuff that you two have done & seen. turkey looks so beautiful... also, i just remembered, in case you wanna add it, that building in berlin with the many courtyards is called "hackesche hoefe". and the banner at the squat says "the border is not between peoples but between the top and the bottom" (of society, that is ;) sorry i forgot!!!! ok, big kiss from chicago & COME HERE SOON!!!
15th January 2010

Pic. "Leaving our hostel" LOL
From Blog: Istanbul, Turkey
31st December 2009

Love the photo of Emily in front of the Nescafe machine. You look so happy!
From Blog: Krakow, Poland

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