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November 15th 2009
Published: February 21st 2010
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we are going to cancunwe are going to cancunwe are going to cancun

and i am excited.
we left brooklyn at 5:15am, took the subway to harlem and the bus to LaGuardia.
we were SOOO excited to be going to mexico.
we could hardly wait.
this was never part of the plan to be going to mexico 7 months into our trip.
but plans change and that can be fun. we were ready to leave europe and we were
ready for mexico!
It felt hilarious and unreal to be sitting at the gate that said "AirTran flight 326
for Cancun". Cancun has the reputation for being the spring break/senor frogs/party central so
that it's not a place tages and i would normally go. But the flight was so cheap into cancun
that we couldn't pass it up. i loved watching people pass by our gate, seeing the flight
to Cancun and then looking jealous or joking that they should hop on that flight instead of
going to bismark or detroit.
i'd totally done the same thing before but this time i was on that flight. yes!
once we landed, the immigration line was huge and the people in line were exactly who i figured would be there; young american honeymooners in flip flops, american college students with
greek letters on their t-shirts, paris hilton look alikes with luis vitton bags and maybe a few canadians. before baggage inspection there were even men in white lab coats collecting passengers swine flu check off health forms. i don't think they were doctors but it was kind of funny.
that first feeling of hot sun on my face upon exiting the airport was amazing. it was 30 degrees celcius, not a cloud in the sky, palm trees galore and i was already in love. once we headed for the bus in the "downtown" direction (opposite way of hotel zone)we shed most all of the other tourists (except a nice couple from wisconsin-midwest represent!). Downtown cancun was what i pictured mexico to look like, not at all what i thought cancun would be and i liked it.
There were colorful buildings, small shops, friendly people, upbeat music, calm mercados where no one is hounding you to purchase anything, food carts on the street and mexican food galore!!!
i will always remember that first feeling of being in mexico. there was something memorable
about it that i won't forget.
and i'm not talking about the lice that we managed to pick up at the hostel in cancun.
or the first case of traveller's diarrhea that we had on the entire trip.
no, those things went away (eventually) but my strong feelings for mexico were only
beginning to grow.

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our hostelour hostel
our hostel

getting lice and we don't even know it...
hot sauce hot sauce hot saucehot sauce hot sauce hot sauce
hot sauce hot sauce hot sauce

i am in my own personal heaven

23rd February 2010

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I had looked at flights to Mexico ever since getting your email about being there! I was unable to make it work... but I do hope to see you soon! Looks like you had a wonderful time. :)
13th November 2010

Every time I think of your getting lice... I get the heebie-jeebies! I guess getting to see and experience Mexico would be worth it. :)

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