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North America June 2nd 2013

Dear all, Wow what a busy few days! We arrived safe in San Francisco and met up with my brother Adam and Sophie. We have been staying with Sophie's parents who live in a lovely area called Palo Alto. On our first night we had a home cooked meal which was really nice after all this time away. We got up the next morning and got the train into San Francisco city. We explored the city, rode on one of the famous cable cars and went to pier 39 to see the seal ions that sun themselves there. Like true tourists we ate clam chowder for lunch. We also went on a boat ride that took us under the famous Golden Gate Bridge and right next to Alcatraz. Seeing Alcatraz was really interesting and next time ... read more
Squirrel friends
More squirrel friends

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas May 28th 2013

Dear all, When I last wrote we were headed to Seattle and we got there fine. We had two nights at an airport hotel. As it turned out we just crashed for two days. We slept loads, watched TV and did our laundry etc. We also found a Denny's where Ash had a very huge breakfast which made him very happy. We could have caught the train into Seattle city but in the end it just didn't happen, after two weeks of touring Alaska I think we just needed to chill. So then we jumped on another plane and headed to Vegas. We arrived on Saturday evening and Vegas was busy! I think it's a very crazy city and it was a huge shock after being in the Alaskan Wilderness for so long! We checked in ... read more
Huge Denny's breakfast!
Bellagio fountains

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks May 23rd 2013

Dear all, So when I last put pen to paper (sort of) we were just getting ready to go on our Tundra Wilderness tour. We jumped on a bus and headed off into Denali national park. It's 6 million acres and its one of the most impressive things we have ever seen. Alaskans have strict rules about how many people go in and out and it's kept in its true wild form. That's what we loved about it. So we drove part way into the park. The thaw is late this year and so there was a lot of snow. It felt a bit like being on safari, looking out for wild animals. Ash and I bought a new camera a week ago as they are pretty cheap here and our i phones just weren't doing ... read more
Ash and a train
Steam boat
Alaskan house

Dear everyone, Skagway. A very interesting little Alaskan port. We docked early in the morning and went off on our bus to the dog sledding camp. We started with a unimog ride up the steep mountain to where the dogs were. They got really excited as soon as they saw us as they knew that soon they would be running which is what they are bred to do. They pulled us on a summer sled as there wasn't much snow in Skagway. It was amazing!! After our ride we had time to fuss all of the dogs and get licked by them. Then we went to the camp for a talk by a musher, someone who has her own team of dogs and enters races. Then it was the bit that I was very excited about....puppy ... read more
Our ship MS Zandaam
Our team of dogs
Puppy!!!!! Can I bring it home?!

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau May 16th 2013

Hello everyone! Wow. I don't really know where to begin. We left Seattle and got our coach to Vancouver. The coach crossed the border from the US into Canada so along the way we had to get off and go through customs. We finally arrived in Vancouver which looks like a really interesting city. No time to stop though, we had queueing to do! We got to the cruise terminal and queued for hours. We had to go through immigration again as our ship was going to sail back into the US. We finally made in onboard our ship at 4.30 and we set sail at 5.00. We found our cabin which is lovely and the window looks right onto the sea. Our ship is mid sized and when full it has 1400 passengers and 600 ... read more
Whale watching
The glacier
Bear alert!!!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 10th 2013

Dear all, Wow what a busy few days! When I last wrote we were getting ready to meet Ash's friend Peach. We met him on Oxford street and went to see his friend in a hardcore gig. This was also someone that Ash knew, so there we were in Sydney with three people in the room from around Canterbury UK! So my first ever hardcore gig. For those of you that have never had the pleasure I shall try to describe it. Very loud drums, a man screaming something loud and shouty and everyone dancing in a crazy fashion. If I'm honest it was a bit like going to a trance gig, good drum beat but slightly different vibe and not as chilled out. Great for people watching though. After the gig we went to a ... read more
Ash with Peach and Louis
Katoomba falls

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 9th 2013

Dear all, Well here we are! We gave back the van with no problems and spent a night in an airport motel. It was strange being in a bigger space and I missed the small space of the campervan. Ash suggested that to compensate I should shut myself in the bathroom or sit under the table! Anyway we didn't sleep great but got up and got our flight to Sydney. For the first time ever we arrived in the day and I was on the right side of the plane, coming in at the right angle to see the amazing sight of the opera house and Sydney harbour bridge. I was very excited, much to the dismay of the stuffy business man who was sat next to me! We got to our apartment which is right ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch May 6th 2013

Dear all, After my last message we stayed the night in Kaikoura and then left the next morning to head for Hanmer Springs. We arrived there and the small little town was packed solid as it was Saturday. We spent the day exploring the small town and enjoying the beautiful sun. Sunday morning we got up early and went to the springs. They are natural volcanic hot springs that range in temperature from a lovely 36 degrees to a slightly too hot 42 degrees. The sun was out and we spent a couple of hours there. Apparently the water is very good for your skin. Sunday evening the sky went a black colour and soon it was raining, it hasn't stopped since. All of last night it rained really hard and our journey back to Christchurch ... read more
Amazing scenery as we drive
Amazing camp food
Ash in Antarctica

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region May 3rd 2013

Dear all, Since I last wrote we have left Pohara Beach and driven back over the crazy mountain! I call it a huge mountain but its known as a hill here! Anyway the drive was fine and we headed to Nelson for our 2 nights in a motel. The motel was walkable from the city centre which was much easier than staying on a campground and driving in each day. Not that Nelson is huge but parking a campervan isn't always easy. So we checked into our motel which was really lovely. We walked into town and wandered around shops, had lunch in a cafe and I even managed to walk past Starbucks without going in! We found an old church which was converted into a bar and much to the delight of Ash it sold ... read more
The Cathedral.
The terrible bell tower!!!
Another seal colony.

Dear all, Here we are in Abel Tasman national park. We have now reached that amazing state where we don't really know what day it is or what time it is. Mostly at the moment its beer time or chillout in the sun time. Since I last wrote we have been on a crazy journey. Picture the roads that you see in those terrible programs such as "Ice Road Truckers" etc. A road stretching up a hill for miles and then down the other side. Very high with hairpin turns. It was the only way to get here, Ash was driving. The views were amazing, I can't say that he enjoyed it but I think that he had a huge sense of achievement afterwards. It's my turn to drive us out on the same road tomorrow, ... read more
View from the top
Ash on the beach
The beach at our campsite

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