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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Motueka April 28th 2013

Dear all, It's Sunday evening. We are sat in the van having taken a stroll into town, stocked up on beer and eaten chips from the local chippy. We are here in Motueka, almost at Abel Tasman national park. After I wrote on Friday we decided to head into the town for the evening. We went and sampled local steaks and pies and then stumbled on an Irish bar called The Strawberry Tree. It was a great place and it was jam night so we heard some pretty cool live music. It was obviously the place to go for locals and there was plenty of local sagas going on with the two local ladies and the three men who all looked the same!! Great people watching. Since I last wrote we said goodbye to Kaikoura and ... read more
Can you spot the seal...

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura April 26th 2013

Dear all, After a very long and sleepless journey we arrived here on South Island New Zealand. We picked up our Campervan and drove round the corner to the nearest camp site. We are now 11 hours ahead of the UK and we were tired, confused and didn't know if we should eat breakfast or dinner. We put the bed down in the van and then slept for 13 hours!! I guess we needed it. We woke up feeling refreshed and headed off to explore Christchurch, the biggest city on the South Island. Christchurch was hit by a bad earthquake in 2010 and then again in 2011 and so much of the city was flattened. We walked around re:start which is an area that local businesses have rebuilt. They have used old shipping containers to make ... read more
Shops rebuilt from shipping containers
Sun rise
Here comes the sun

Asia » Singapore » Changi April 22nd 2013

Dear all, When I wrote last we were waiting for the rain to stop. Sadly it didn't stop enough for us to explore Chinatown but that only means we will have to visit again soon!! We went to Orchard road for shopping and then eventually headed back to the hotel. After that it was time for a swim and then more amazing Asian food! We honestly haven't had a single bad meal since we arrived. Singaporean food is influenced by so many cultures that its all really interesting. This morning we checked out and headed off to explore more of Sentosa for the day. We went to a museum called Images of Singapore which was a really good exhibition about the history of Singapore. Then we walked a nature trail through the forest. Ash had never ... read more
Ash only wears Asian clothes now!!!
The beach

Asia April 21st 2013

Dear all, We finally arrived in Singapore. Got to our hotel on Sentosa Island after a typical encounter with a taxi driver where he didn't know where our hotel was. I explained that it was next to the Merlion statue but my Singlish wasn't good enough and I was emphasising the lion bit instead of the mer bit! Anyway our room is amazing. We slept well on our first night and the got up yesterday to go to Universal Studios Singapore. Breakfast was in a traditional food place and we had roti with a lentil curry dip. It was actually really nice. We had a great day and the weather was amazing. In the evening we had a swim under the moon and then went to find some more traditional Asian food for dinner. Having been ... read more
Chinatown in the rain

Dear all, I won't be starting my travel blog with news of our arrival in a stunning hot location. No I'm starting it in the stunning Heathrow airport. We got here in plenty of time even though the great British weather decided to send a huge rain storm, a massive reminder of why we are leaving! Anyway we checked in with no hassle and then Ash made a very exciting discovery that he wasn't expecting....a Wagamama! So off we went for more Asian food even though it will soon be our main diet in Singapore! Then we discovered that we won't actually be leaving at seven, it's looking like about nine at the moment. So here we are waiting now. I am already a bit fed up of sitting down but sadly it has to be ... read more

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