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June 2nd 2013
Published: June 3rd 2013
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Dear all,

Wow what a busy few days! We arrived safe in San Francisco and met up with my brother Adam and Sophie. We have been staying with Sophie's parents who live in a lovely area called Palo Alto. On our first night we had a home cooked meal which was really nice after all this time away. We got up the next morning and got the train into San Francisco city.

We explored the city, rode on one of the famous cable cars and went to pier 39 to see the seal ions that sun themselves there. Like true tourists we ate clam chowder for lunch. We also went on a boat ride that took us under the famous Golden Gate Bridge and right next to Alcatraz. Seeing Alcatraz was really interesting and next time we come I would like to set foot on the famous rock!

Next came a trip to the ballpark to watch the Giants play the Wanderers. This was a highlight for me! The atmosphere is great and it's a real family game. We ate loads of baseball snacks and watched as the seagulls circled in the bay waiting to clean up when the game was finished. We also saw the fog rolling over the top of the ballpark.

I can't say that I completely understand baseball but I think I'm getting there now. Watching the Giants in San Fran was very different to watching the Redsox in Boston. The ballpark here is very modern and much bigger. I am still amazed that all the fans sit together. We watched two lads being given a timeout as they got a bit too excited. It's a huge contrast to the non family friendly atmosphere at home with our football matches. It actually makes me a bit ashamed that our fans can't drink in the same pub and its really not a great game for children as a lot of people have to swear or shout racist stuff. Anyway.......

Next day was a chill day. Sophie's Mum Julie, Sophie and I went to have a pedicure which was very relaxing. After all the walking we have done this trip it's nice to be coming home with feet that look brown and healthy. Then we went to an amazing deli to get sandwiches which we took to a lake for a picnic. I shared my picnic with the friendliest squirrels I have ever met, they put their paws out to ask for food and ate out of my hand.

Next we played crazy golf. I played really well to start with but got worse but Ash started badly and got better. Adam won though! That night it was time to head out to an Italian family style restaurant where you choose a few dishes and share. There was a lot of food but as its America you get to take it all home in boxes to enjoy the next day!

Our next day (not sure which day as time is no longer important) we jumped in the car and Adam drove us to a state park which was full of redwood trees. The tallest one was 350 feet high. We went for a walk and then headed to the coast. We went to Santa Cruz and wandered along the boardwalk.

Yesterday, Sophie's Dad hired a big car and drove us all to the Napa Valley. There we went on a wine tour and found out about how wine is made. More importantly we were taught how to taste wine properly, I think I still need a lot more practise! We stopped at a famous burger joint for lunch and had a very very good burger. Then it was off for more tasting and then dinner at a great restaurant that did amazing homemade, warm cheese.

Now it's Sunday evening and I'm sat writing this at the airport. We have said goodbye to Adam, Sophie and Julie and Peter and we are waiting for our flight. It's not onwards to the next exotic destination, this time it's our flight home. I'm using the term home which is a good thing as it means that this time I feel like I have something to come back to. I think that we both have very mixed emotions about coming home. Our trip has gone quite quickly but we have crammed loads in. Ash is looking forward to not living out of a backpack anymore. We are both looking forward to seeing everyone and being in our house.

We are both trying to focus on the fact that we are coming home to exciting times. Finding new jobs, getting fit again, volunteering for the local animal rescue and hopefully getting an animal or two of our own.

I just asked Ash to tell me what the highlight of the trip was but neither of us can pick. Singapore and Asia are very dear to my heart and Ash is very keen to see more. We both loved Alaska, have never seen such a beautiful place and want to see more. California has been wonderful but that's probably also been to do with the lovely people we were spending time with.

If we could plan the trip again then maybe it needed to be a bit longer. We needed more time in Singapore and Sydney. As for our next adventure....watch this space.

Love to you all,

Wend and Ash xxxxxx


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