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Published: May 3rd 2013
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Dear all,

Here we are in Abel Tasman national park. We have now reached that amazing state where we don't really know what day it is or what time it is. Mostly at the moment its beer time or chillout in the sun time.

Since I last wrote we have been on a crazy journey. Picture the roads that you see in those terrible programs such as "Ice Road Truckers" etc. A road stretching up a hill for miles and then down the other side. Very high with hairpin turns. It was the only way to get here, Ash was driving. The views were amazing, I can't say that he enjoyed it but I think that he had a huge sense of achievement afterwards. It's my turn to drive us out on the same road tomorrow, I don't mind the driving up its the driving down that isn't as great. (But Bev, if you are reading this, don't worry it's perfectly safe!!)

We stopped at the top of the hill and walked to a lookout. It felt as though we could see across the whole of New Zealand. Then we jumped back into the van and drove down the other side. Eventually we arrived here in Pohara. A tiny seaside place. Picture a road with 2 restaurants, the sea and a campsite. Thats Pohara.We are sharing the site with a couple of other vans and it's very quiet as low season officially starts tomorrow. It's Autumn but we have struck very lucky with the weather, today it's 25 degrees.

This morning we got up and went to eat banana bread on the beach for breakfast. We had a stroll and a sit in the sun. I am on the look out for penguins as they breed around here. Tomorrow we will do the drive back over the mountain and head to Nelson. We have booked into a motel for a couple of nights so that we can do all of the stuff in town. Sometimes we forget that once we are done in New Zealand it's not home time yet and we still have a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to. Ash has been reading a book about Alaska and I think it's going to be pretty amazing there

But enough about that. We still have another week here in NZ. I hope that the weather in the UK is improving for you all.

Love and big hugs,

Wend and Ash xxxxx

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