Hi Everyone! I'm in Spain for Six weeks. Thought I'd blog about it to let everyone know what i was seeing/experiencing 😉 Miss you all. - Amanda

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Segovia May 31st 2009

So im down to 18 days til i return. I continue to be homesick, but I continue to see cool buildings. Not sure which one is more important :). I appreciate all the love i´ve recieved over here from you all. And i hope that all of you are doing well. Last week i got to visit salamanca and avila. Avila is still surrounded by a castle wall. it´s really beautiful and antique. I also saw a dead old finger from Saint Theresea. It was not my style but that´s cool. lol. It still had a huge bling ring on it! Salamanca was really beautiful, bigger than segovia, and had random pink people on balconies. I think there was an art exposition or something going on. The catedral alli was huge and amazing. I´ve never seen ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Segovia May 22nd 2009

Haha, worst title ever. Yes, it´s true. Im halfway bored in spain. The country is beautiful but WOW does everything cost a million dollars....i think yes! :) These past two days, we went two of the coolest places so far though. El escorial= which is the biggest building in Spain i believe. It´s a palace, a basilica, houses the tombs of many many royal person...which totally creepy and eery. But sort of amazing at the same time. They went all out for these people, the tombs are beautifully carved and have cold and other precious metals. The palace was huge, and was beautiful. I wish i could have seen what it looked like in it´s time of kings and queens. The library at Escorial was the coolest library I have ever seen. It had huge windows ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Segovia May 20th 2009

Hey All, This is more of a compliation of random things from this week. This week i had my first week of school. BOOOO. but it wasn´t that horrible, it´s two classes= grammar and transatlantic literature. fun...all in spanish and such. but my teachers are nice so it´s somewhat bearable. The weather has been amazing. so i´ve been walking around a lot. i got a new tattoo here haha. it´s pretty cool except the guy almost spelled it wrong haha. it reads "be thou my vision" which is the name of a hymn that i´ve like for the longest time and it´s irish. the artist forgot the h in "thou". I think that i almost had a heart attack haha. Especially since he barely spoke english but anyways. I think it´s pretty cool looking and pretty. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Segovia May 15th 2009

I should add a bad thing about europe...or perhaps its only spain, but the men´s ability to speak what is exactally on their minds. i mean exactally. it´s quite annoying and repulsive at times. a pro= everyone has great style here, i bet that has something to do with it. haha. the wives put on some clothes, and the husband doesn´t like it.... ¨"no honey that is hideous,..." hahaha ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Segovia May 15th 2009

My first week.... Hi all, sorry it took like a million years to write anything...kinda busy.... i actually am in an internet cafe here, which doesn´t have coffee, im blonde, i thought it would,.. :) Anyways i thought that i could highlight some of the stuff that has happened so far, like the bull fight and meeting my family and such. I flew into Madrid, the capital, haha for those of you who didn´t know , and i found my way to a hostel there, called Musas, which was awesome. Arriving in madrid i was overwhelmed by all the change of language and thank goodness there was a man that helped me the whole way that was from amsterdam and understood german english and french. He was very nice and showed me how to buy tickets ... read more

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