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23rd May 2009

I'm so glad you're getting all into Spain's history. When you brought up Franco, I automatically thought about Ms Rogers and how she used to talk about Spain and then ugh even Ms Veltman came into my head. bleh. She loved that architecture stuff too. um. i bought that book. i think you owe me a powells card lol. JK. ha. sorta.
19th May 2009

Um, yeah
I remember that. Be careful if you are ever alone. Bad things can happen with a group of guys. Buy as much cool jewelry and clothes as you can! It is fun to wear them back here and get tons of compliments! : )
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19th May 2009

YAY! Amanda en EspaƱa!!
Hi Amanda! I am soooo excited for you being in Spain right now! This blog entry is incredibly similar to things I did/experienced in Spain when I did study abroad (meet a nice English-speaking Spaniard on the plane that helped me get a cab to my hostel once I got off the plane, went to una corrida de toros y El Prado museo, took the train to meet my family and could hardly speak at first. You'll get better each day as long as you practice it- even with your English speaking friends. Enjoy every single minute of it and definitely go to Barcelona, Granada (to see El Alhambra- but you have to buy tickets ahead of time) and Sevilla. And Oviedo or anywhere in Asturias if you have time- it is so much like Oregon!
15th May 2009

Sounds familiar
Hi Amanda! This entry reminds me of Emily. Emily spent the summer in Spain before her senior year, so about two years ago now. She was exhausted by the end of the first week because it was such a switch to "think" in Spanish. However, she'll tell you now that she often does think and dream in Spanish! Her time spent in Costa Rica really was much easier after spending the time in Spain. It is so much more difficult to go over there and listen and speak in their fashion. Good luck! Soak it all up! Mrs. E
15th May 2009

Day 5.
ahh gosh. i'm so glad you're having an awesome time already. :) fyi - if you come back able to speak four different languages, i'm gonna be mad lol. i'm expecting fluency in only one! i laughed out loud in class when i read about the alcohol hahaha. uuum. :) i love you. across everrrrry ocean.

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