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May 31st 2009
Published: May 31st 2009
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So im down to 18 days til i return.

I continue to be homesick, but I continue to see cool buildings. Not sure which one is more important 😊. I appreciate all the love i´ve recieved over here from you all. And i hope that all of you are doing well.

Last week i got to visit salamanca and avila. Avila is still surrounded by a castle wall. it´s really beautiful and antique. I also saw a dead old finger from Saint Theresea. It was not my style but that´s cool. lol. It still had a huge bling ring on it!

Salamanca was really beautiful, bigger than segovia, and had random pink people on balconies. I think there was an art exposition or something going on. The catedral alli was huge and amazing. I´ve never seen anything like it. We also saw one of the oldest universities in the world there, and a skull with a frog in the architecture there for good luck. we visited various tombs within the catedrals and i got to put my feet on the feet of a dead guy whose luck helps with tests. We´ll see how well that works. haha.

As far as classes here, I´ve been doing alright I think. The most difficult part of the classes is perfecting simple things. it´s amazing how much i can still learn constantly about spanish. I feel so far from being fluent at all. Especially since i can understand most things, but i don´t know how to reply properly.

Hm, what else....i took an amazing AMAZING ride this weekend with my friend ashton. We went out to a pueblo and further into the country and rode in fields of poppies and soft wheat stuff, not sure what it was. It was beautiful. we saw sheep, almost got hit by cars, and were chased all the way home by a rain storm. we also got an amazing view of segovia and the cathedral and castle from the top of the jewish cemetary. It was very beautiful. All of the creation was humbling to me, as i got to look up close views and such that you only see in books (if you grow up in the city). God´s artistic ability amazes me, no matter where i am. the buildings here are beautiful, but I am sure nothing beats the beautiful landscape.

The best part: I have a half tan haha. This is amazing if you have known my skin color at all. 😊

Hardcore missing portland, but enjoying Spain.



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