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May 22nd 2009
Published: May 22nd 2009
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Haha, worst title ever. Yes, it´s true. Im halfway bored in spain. The country is beautiful but WOW does everything cost a million dollars....i think yes! 😊

These past two days, we went two of the coolest places so far though.

El escorial= which is the biggest building in Spain i believe. It´s a palace, a basilica, houses the tombs of many many royal person...which totally creepy and eery. But sort of amazing at the same time. They went all out for these people, the tombs are beautifully carved and have cold and other precious metals. The palace was huge, and was beautiful. I wish i could have seen what it looked like in it´s time of kings and queens. The library at Escorial was the coolest library I have ever seen. It had huge windows and a beautiful painting on the ceiling. All of teh books were super ancient and were gold leafed.

After we visited Escorial, we went to this place.....

which is AMAZING. it´s simply the craziest peice of work i have ever seen in my entire life. It was beautiful and extremely moving. Housed there are the bodies of 50,000 dead who passed in the Spanish war during the thirties i believe. Also there is the body of Francisco Franco, which actually frustrated me. It´s har dto be in this extrememly religious and beautiful place and then not feel contempt for this man who ruined so many and was extremely horrible. But i guess that is not my place to judge. He was a human, like myself, and who am i to look down upon him.

Other than that, I´ve been just chillin, doing some homework, eating some food, and passing some time. Been reading Captivating, by John and Staci Elderedge (sorry about the spelling).... which has been a great book.

Love and miss.



23rd May 2009

I'm so glad you're getting all into Spain's history. When you brought up Franco, I automatically thought about Ms Rogers and how she used to talk about Spain and then ugh even Ms Veltman came into my head. bleh. She loved that architecture stuff too. um. i bought that book. i think you owe me a powells card lol. JK. ha. sorta.

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