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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 3rd 2010

Today we got up early….didnt sleep well last night for some reason…even after staying up late to watch part 1 of a 2 part doctor who we downloaded….ah well… Got up and headed to the alte pinoteck museum…the one that houses more than 500 years of art from the middle ages to the rococo period……it was amazing We saw…….the first Leonardo davinchi……lots of reubens….albrecht duher….botichelli…..hans memling….van leyden…..raphael….van dyck….tizian…..and rembrant……just to name the big ones…and it was all amazing…..lots of these paintings were humongous!!!! Giant pieces stretching all the way to the ceiling!! Really touching and breathtaking……and yes…we got pictures!!! And in grizz’s 10 megapixel goodness…you can zoom allllllll the way in kids!!! Awesome….. I took extra close up pics as well of awesome dresses, shoes hats and... read more
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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 2nd 2010

yesterday was awesome...and a killer we slept in till about 11 am...raining all the way of up and went for breakfast in the grocery store..the bus was coming but was going the wrong way..we figured wed ride it anyway as to get out of the went the other way into a little town not far from the has a subway connection so we took it..get our tickets..after having to walk al around to the other platform as the ticket machine by us wqas broke.....go back and get breakfast from the little store.....i wanted something hot...i crave hot stuff now as its been so damn rainy and i got a bowl of soup from a little deli and sat out front...and ate our breakfast.....hop the train to town....and we go out to see ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 31st 2010

yestserday i was feeling kinda off.....kinda like i was coming down with bronchitis if i dodnt watch it...of course i went to the archaeological museum anyway..i mean who wouldnt? it was a rainy day yesterday and the day before that......its a rainy day today..after the museum we came back and relaxed a bit..was able to download a doctor who episode....and a lost episode..watched those and then watched "up" in the tent......rained all night and its cold..felt really awful....slept badle...felt the bronchitis coming on worse so we decided to sleep till 11...and then just had to get up..... took a subway into munich by the glockenspiel to get some nice hot coffee.....that helped a lot... so today were prettty much sitting here in the munich burger king cuz its the only place weve found with wifi.....gona sit ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 29th 2010

after a fairly easy day yesterday of napping, relaxing, and checking out some sweet bike trailes in the woods surrounding our new camping home to the south of munich proper (15 mins by bus and underground)..besides the bike ride with all of our gear on our backs..instead of packed for a bike ride....need to redo our stuff to fit on the bikes...grizz is going to get some rope an that will be no problem..hes got it figured out. after a nice breakfast and sleeping as late as we could, we headed to town to check out talien market and to go to the dutches museum. the market was really nice...but it was mostly fresh fruit and veg (nice but we cant cook yet) fruit was (nice but we cant use them) and an awesome kick ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 27th 2010

today we relaxed....slept in..but still got up early..couldnt sleep any more... went shopping for new shoes inserts for his fell apart already...and got new shoestrings for him..foot spray..and sock for us both..... then we went and bought bikes......great bikes at a real deal..we couldnt have gotten these bikes at home..and especially not at the price we paid... comfortable..easy riding bikes..not the ones where your ass is up in the beach cruisers kinda......with reflectors...light in light in back...a basket on mine a basket holder on his...fenders over the wheels...a bike lock for them both...comfy..nice easy.....and our feet are already thanking us.. then we went to a showing of the prince of ticket price was awesome and a great theatre by the bike shop..then we went to the store on our bikes..bought ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 26th 2010

went with our new friend we met on the bike tour to neuschwanstein castle.awesome back in time to go to the hofbrau house and have some ber and grub.....sat across from who we called uncle fritz.....till we learned his anme was ludwig........drunk old man and his wife that has been putting up with him for years..shes also probbly the same way which is why sh hasnt left him.....anywya he was a real treat to watch.......rainy in munich tonight...its nice.... tomorrow a camping place to save money...look around to maybe buy some cheap used bikes..... relax....thats all thats planned for tomorrow... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 25th 2010

Im going to start off this blog by saying things are way better now. Everythings ok…don’t panick….. But We did have a bit of a trying day….we bought our fricking tickets but of course forgot em back int eh room…..well this aint salzberg or prague..those damn germans are one it….and we hit the wall today…inspectors in plain clothes asked for our ticket..well we learned a valuable lesson..and I really don’t wanna go on about that any more cuz the fine wa painful…were ok….but it was a lesson that I would rather forget about ….but we wont do that again……but it has caused some angst that must be released so here goes….. I am a person who does the best I can to be a good person..get along with others of all sorts…religions…political persuasions..what have ya..even tot ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 24th 2010

so the trip to munich was spot a great seat up top of a train..great views of the mountains and farms and fields going by....get into munich...find our hostle.....closed... not open till!!!!! walk back to the bus way of a long tram ride...find a coffee shop..yes wifi...sit down..find a hostle... we passed by this one....cheapest worries...booked 2 days..its the cheapest in town that i can find...other than camping..we want a bed..a real bed...with a shower close by...booked 2 days and maybe we will book more..gotta be other camping choices..but having a bed is sooooooooo nice. anywya its a nice and staticky..but english its worth on roof...internet in rooms in basemenet.....sweet...even a little balcony and windows and a door that opens for too tired to do m... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt May 23rd 2010

Today we took a day trip to Hallstatt in the lake country. This was to be a major stop on our tour and we were planning to spend several restful days there; however mother nature intervened, the cold rainy weather the past week, made the thought of camping in the moutains unsavory. It was only a few days ago that we planned to go today to Hallstatt, which turned out to be the perfect day! We caught the bus, a little more cramped than the train, but that's O.K.. We saw some nice little towns on the way up and saw a wonderful moutain lake at Oberion, where we had to switch form the bus to the train. Winding it's way through the moutains the train dropped us off at an abandoned station across form Hallstatt, ... read more
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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Durrnberg May 22nd 2010

so we slept late....cuz we were totally tore tired and sore..i slept pretty good tho..all the rain made some good white noise to sleep by....once we got things covered where they were leaking....need to seal the seams of the tent, even good tents can only take so much water...thank goodness for my ponco/tarp We toured the salt mine of Hallein....althought its actually a little bit away in Bad Durrnberg....awesome fun..slide down some wooden slides they made to get from a high shaft to a lower cheesy boat ride across one of the man made salt lakes they now use to get out salt out of the rock instead of pick axing it...and got some awesome the end of the tour..since our group consisted of 6 people...the tour guide lady gave us some substantial ... read more
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