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Europe » Denmark June 19th 2010

Some time in the last few days Afira found some "bed bugs". She broke out with bits the other day, last night it was pretty bad, I gave her some hydrocortizone which helped a little. This morninbg she woke me up said something about "Apothacary and Hospital" She couldn't take the itching any more. We road our bikes to the nearest apothocary, which was closed on Saturday (of course), I walked across the street to the bakery and asked an elderly woman, she gave us directions to the one that would be open. We had to wait 30 minutes, so we had coffee. The lady there gave her an oral med and a cream, she was concerned that we should get our money back from the insurance. We don't have any... It came to $15.00...That's less ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 18th 2010

so lets see...the second day in paris we went for the louve...awesome..and we took the subway..quicker.....afterwards a little shopping at the stalls they have along the banks of the some nice postcards and smallish pictures of paintings of all over paris...will make a nice collage on the wall. we were going to go see the orsay for free the last hour its open....and then the cluny museum......but after going to get our tickets for amsterdam.....we were tired adn hungry..... back to the hosltle for dinner....and then a little nap....we get up finally and take the subway to go see the moulon rouge....walk down the street to see the sights.....very nice and seedy.....walk all the way up the one hill in the church on thehill with the awesome views....and yeah the views were amazing.....and we ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 17th 2010

just a quick update to let ya know were in amsterdam safe and sound...i would type more..but the train trip from paris to here was really tiring.....yeah..... now where were those cheetos? seriously tho...were i will update the blog was amazing and we were having too much fun and out so late...when we got back to the hostle the past 2 nights we were too tired to blog...just like with the promise that ill tell you about my adventures tomorrow....please enjoy this cute kitten photo. read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 15th 2010

so hop the trains from gimmelwald...oddly so easy this time with our the countryside turn from mountains to...well...just like looks just like back in fairmount..the meadows and cows here and there..kinda flat but some hills here and ther....i have a new appreciation for indiana now..sadly we had to go to europe to realize it...oh well. paria.....OMG...everything you think it is..and more.... get in last night..walked from our hsotle to the eifel tower..20 mins no this hostle is the best...really really budget...but the place is clean....and the beds are great..adn the location....can i harp on that enough??? awesome...and for this price??? wow so its all lit up..the tower i mean..awesome....walk back and get a quick shower and die...we slept pretty well...get up..have a quick free breakfast here....its actually good..roll with butter... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grindelwald June 13th 2010

had a realxing day in the fog and the clouds.....bought another nice large slice of cheese and some more sausage..and another 1 litre of fresh milk for breakfast in the morning....everthing is packed up and ready to be stuck in the bikes and off we go to paris france!!! paris france!!!! and we can bike around it on our bikes!!! were so excited!! we even found a great (hopefully) reasonably priced hostle in paris that is within walking distance of a ton of sites!!! and has a guest kitchen and a grocery store woot!! its only 2 days but itll be awesome....... really gona miss beautiful adn quiet and peaceful...and the people..our new friend we met in the hostle from colorado...kaitlin....shes really cool!! but thank goodness for facebook.... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grindelwald June 12th 2010

so early friday we get up, have breakfast, pack our stuff and say our goodbyes to our new friends, richard and aurin from denmark, and joana from slovakia who was the front desk lady for the lake lodge hostle. take the bus into interlaken and get a train to lauterbrunnen. amazing train ride ....beautiful views alongside the river and beside the mountians....beautiful. get into lauterbrunnen and walk the bikes up the hill at the trainstation to the bike path....awesome..right by a huge high it turns to mist..then condenses on the side of the mountain and then makes the roaring along nicley by beautiful paths and meadows full of happy goats with bells on munching happily. beautiful, green, amazing..what else to say? the pictures can only convey a feeling of the size and green we ... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken June 10th 2010

ok so at the lake lodge hoslte and we have been having an amazing time!! we met 2 guys from denmark who are geeks like us....really great guys! they brought a car and invited us along to go with them to the shynege platte..(beautiful view) a cog train that goes up a mountain just a little south of innsbruck and boy the views were amazing!!!!! all the mountains to the south laid out before you....amazing..then we went the next day to the st. beatus caves....a legitimate pilgrimage site..where a irish priest drove out a dragon in the caves and converted the local pagan population in the 6th centure to was awesome..walking through the caves..the walk up was awesome...back and forth over bridgesup asteep cliff side through the waterfall the goes through the cave. we went ... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken June 8th 2010

switzerland is amazing..expensive but amazing..i would blog more and upload some photos..but were using an unsecured network we found open in the little park here by the hostle.....this place is amazing.....not sure about internet access fer a bit but were safe...were by a lake..weve made new awesome geek friends from denmark and took a cog train to the top of a really high mountain to see the amaizng view of all the moutntains around the area those mountains on thursday..monday paris...our new friend are really cool...tomorrow gona go see some caves...take a rowboat around the lake..some geocaches ther (yes they do geocaching too woot!) and hike to a waterfall not far away!!... read more

Europe » Switzerland June 7th 2010

As I type this I am on a train…from Zurich main going toward Bern….from Bern we go to Interlaken. Just finished a can of peaches..and we ate em with our tiny little spoons…fun..hey we got our fruit in today! Best can of peaches I ever ate.anyway… 4 hour ride from Munich to Zurich..and I just loved how the trip began….anyway this morning: Wake up and get some breakfast…the little burner was not cooking! Grizz took it apart and fixed it..i guess the little nipple gets clogged…I think maybe from condensation from the morning dew when we camp, anyway, pack all our stuff…..its brilliant with most of our stuff on our bikes, everything fits great and is light on my back! I keep lunch and all electronics in my pack for safety…..thank goodness I went back and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 5th 2010

So yesterday we went to the residence……amazing…..the treasury and the vault of relics was the best part…yes we took tons of pics…highlights: reliquary containing relics of st. George…it was in the form of a knight on horseback killing a seen on rick was awesome….crowns and scepters….and the state rooms were nice too…afterwards we went to the café and had lunch….and found a sporting goods store and a hardware store……at the sporting goods place we got grizz a new camp pad…non inflatable…so hes good now…. On the way to the subway from there in marienplatz..the center with the glockenspiel..there was a protest over what Israel has done lately…frankly I have to agree….signs held high like “this time Israel has gone too far”….agreed…..isnt it great we live in the last country on earth where you can ... read more
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