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North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah August 1st 2014

sooo massive day....i go to the interview fr the oceanographic instrument place ( receptionist job) and i love it..small place 12 employees....and they need someon to help jump in on doing soldering and data entry and stuff....perfect....i get home and call in....they have theri receptionist ( at teh temp agency) out and can i come in and work for a nice wage today to fill in? yes i can!!! since im there i am first to hear i didnt get the first interview job ( athough they loved me and 1 other most) prob....i would rather have this oceanographic place.....i did get to hear by the end of the day they love me teh best so far..but have 3 more interviews tomorrow.....i have to leave the temp agency by noon to be at my preliminary interview ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah July 22nd 2014

still searching for a job. plenty of them around here as opposed to indy.....but finding one is hard. ive been told to calm down...we havent even been here a month and we have at least had some interviews.....but i guess i have a high sense of entitlement now that i have my degree that this should be easier....for gods a god worker...reliable and nice...i get along well....and im not a kid anymore who would just screw off..... trying not to loose my mind but our new friends who are hosting us in their home have reassured me to just breath.....they are happy we are here helping out with work around the house and small acreage they have....we will get something and we continue to put in apps everywhere....and i already refused one job...i figured ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah July 18th 2014

havent updated for a few days...really its just us sitting our new friends freaking out because i dont wanna cramp their style....trying to get jobs.....applying to jobs like your wouldnt beleive......and to be fair.....ive had 2 interviews and grizz had one finally. were doing fine...something will come through soon. the first job at volt didnt go through...but the lady has a new position, data entry..heavy on 10 key..i can do it.....and its redmond...its a hell of a lot better than securitas finding a job that is an hour and 45 minutes drive away.....for what is almost minimum wage for here....i really think im gona do myself a favor and not even go to the interview for that..because im better than that and after driving that far every day it will be like make ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Fall City July 1st 2014

today grizz and i got up and reconnected the drive shaft to the jeep. afterwards we went into issaquah and got new prepaid phones at teh fred meyer. fortunately we found a great deal on some tracphones....5 bucks a piece with charges included!! awesome.... afterward we went to the post office to get a po box so we can have a local address....of course ya need a bill sent to your current local worries we figure our hosts family here (the fab robert and crystal) will have some ideas on what to we pushed aside the stress and worry of that and put our faith in things will work out....this isnt indiana anymore so we are sure it will. to feel better about that annoyance we went literally..LITERALLY..down the road to where they filmed ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 30th 2014

heres some pics of our outing today.....we moved our tubs of clothes into the bedroom we are staying in and after a breakfast of pancakes...we hit the road to see seattle downtown..we just had we only drove around a bit..went to see the space needle and pikes place today..afterwards we were so very tired....we just came on back home...we stopped by a grocery store we found in issiqua.....wanted to make dinner as a thank you for our hosts....and things are cheaper outisde downtown..and the famous market of anyway..heres some pics....... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah June 30th 2014

so after a good nights sleep i am finally not too tired to post some details!!! our new hosts are named crystal and robert odekirk from the barony of madrone out here. they have a son too who is stewart and hes 19....ill get pics later of everyone....promise. awesome people. and if you know us....ya know we love the outdoors...and especially love the whole atmosphere of places that look like...well basically the sets of twin here we are... their house seems like you are so very secluded way out in the country amid all these pine trees and ferns and ponds....but evidently not.....ya go to the park and ride down the ways and the awesome public transport out here whisks you into downtown seattle in 30 awesome is that? so they have a nice ... read more

North America » United States » Washington June 29th 2014

After driving 300 miles yesterday...we are now making breakfast in spokane. After coffee and bacon and cheese mcmuffins...we head on to seattle today. Already have new friends offering their showers, which e really ned, and advuce on camping spots, and offers to stay the night. Today we arrive, tomorrow we look around and monday we look for jobs.... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Butte June 27th 2014

Because wordpress refused to upload my on here now. We used this for our europetrip and I was onward... Don't ever enter yellowstone from the south entrance through the grand tetons if yor in an old, over loaded old van....ufh......with the brakes smoking and me screaming a bit....we made it to the bottom to a nice camping place that had a bar..thank god I needed that beer...holy crap..... Yellwstone was nice but I was worn out from the fear of those mountains.... really pretty but went to bed early....woke up to pitch blackness....the dark was so total it ate up the light from the flashlight I used to try and get to the dark. This morning we got up and saw old faithful and made breakfast right therein the parking lot. Afterwards...on to ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Evansville May 22nd 2012

sure i should be posting more....truth tired...and were really not doing anything more than what we have been..every other day.... but this weekend we went to borde raids..even though we couldnt afford it..cuz we needed a se our mead hovel family....and to relax and have fun and drink/....i got way too drunk....its its been a while since i was that messed up so i guess i needed it... back here...waterscreening..paperwork..studying readings...which my partner brandon refused to help with.....see we get in groups to present readings we have...and then a blog we do t osum up the week for this field school...guess brandon thinks its unimportant to get together..cuz he ditched me...telling me all 5 times i asked...ill get with you never hes out with the cool kids at buffalo wild wings....and we ... read more
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