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Back from Africa, in South Africa for the next 2 months and then its off to the UK for a 3 week Contiki, 2 weeks unplanned and then 2 weeks with my family.

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Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Metangula February 25th 2011

The transport arrived 20 minutes early. It was a big truck - one you would put animals on, I climbed over the wheel and into the back. My big bag got moved to the front and I sat on the floor on a piece of plastic (the truck base was wet). I noticed almost immediately that my knees showed (as did the men)when I sat on the floor, so I put my bag on my lap and tried to cover as much as possible. I spent the 4 hour trip to Metangula trying to learn some Portuguese. No-one on the transport could speak English. I listened to them speak Portuguese just to try get used to the language. I couldn't pick up much. This was definitely going to be a challenge. What truly amazed me, was ... read more
SIM Dinner
Claude & Me

Africa » Malawi February 23rd 2011

Boat to Likoma I was up early and got one of the workers at the backpackers to escort me (I had to insist) to the village with all the boats. It was a good 20min walk with all my stuff over not the easiest terrain. My leg was seething and it was such a mission to keep the flies out. At the fishing village, he helped me find someone to take me to Likoma at the right price (MK500). While I was waiting, Immanuel showed up and chatted to me for awhile. He somehow managed to organise to come on the boat as well. I was lucky enough to be on a boat with a nurse who was going to the hospital. She had actually seen me at the clinic the day before. The boat ... read more
Hair Brading by Elfie
Mango Drift & my Hair
Sunset on the backpackers beach

Africa » Malawi February 22nd 2011

After a quick breakfast (I didn't bring much food and turns out there isn't much to buy on the island), I decided I would go for a walk around the island, take in the scenery and maybe find the tiny store they can a shop. I walked along the coast, getting stares from the locals, taking pictures and just breathing in the beautiful lake, the massive baobab trees and the small local fishing boats. I followed the coast and ended up sitting on some rocks right by the shore, just listening to the waves on the rocks and staring over the lake into the distance. I got up again and started heading around the side. I headed back along the path just thinking and taking in as much as possible. The next village I reached I ... read more
My walk through local island villages
Dog bite

Africa » Malawi February 21st 2011

Most of the day was spent idling around and relaxing. I bought my ticket for the ferry and spent the rest of the day reading and playing cards with Tim & Matt. At about 6:30pm I said goodbye to the staff at Mayoka and then to Matt & Tim and headed for the docks. I was going to buy a few supplies in the shops but was worried I would run out of money, so decided against it. At the docks I changed my ticket to get off at Chizumulu instead of Likoma and got MK1500 back which was cool. Although it was only 7pm I decided to get on the boat and find a good seat. It looked like it might rain, so I wanted to find somewhere under shelter as my ear was still ... read more
First Class Deck
Ilala Ferry

Africa » Malawi » Northern » Nkhata Bay February 20th 2011

Day 6 This morning - I sat on my balcony that over looks the lake (unbelievably beautiful view), played on my laptop and read my book. It was a good morning. In the afternoon the backpackers was offering a boat race (in the local dugout canoes) and the prize was free pizza - 3 people in a team and it was a relay. The guys decided they would enter (Tim, Matt and Joost), while Tessa and I opted out. My ear wasn't great and I wasn't all that keen on getting it wet. Turns out no other team entered so we decided to do a girls verses guys boat race. I was convinced the guys would win but wanted to give a good go at it. Carol (the doctor friend of Tessa and Joost) was ... read more
Boat Race
Boat Race Ending
Me in Lake Malawi

Africa » Malawi » Northern » Nkhata Bay February 17th 2011

Day 3 We had a chilled morning, quick swim in the lake and then collected our clothes from town. As we were walking down the road we ran into Matt and Tim again. They were heading to Mayoka. The party started early with a free lunch of Nsima (pap), beef stew, beans and veg. We played a round or two of killer pool while chatting and having a few drinks. The party continued well into dinner and after. It was good to see Tim and Matt again - with the hilarious, classic Tim quotes. They also got along really well with Jen, Naomi, Grant, Edward and Matt - so our group is expanding. We all went for a sunset cruise on the lake. It was so beautiful. Naomi and I pushed Tim in and then ... read more
Sunset Swim
Me & Tim at Mayoka
Sheltered in the Boat

Africa » Malawi » Northern » Nkhata Bay February 15th 2011

Day 1 Rasta Kelvin's Restaurant After we had checked into Mayoka Village (the same place Don and I had stayed almost a month before), we decided to go for lunch at Rasta Kelvin's up the road. What I had forgotten however is that you need to pre-order food because it takes so unbelievably long to cook - 2-3 hours minimum. We must have arrived at about 12 and only got to eat at 4:30 - but it was a very chilled way to spend the afternoon. Later on Grant and Edward arrived, so our little family was back together again. Even though we had eaten we went with Grant and Edward to dinner in town. We went to a local restaurant called H&M (Harry and Maria - husband and wife). Matt, a South African guy ... read more
Matt, Naomi, Me, Jen @ Rasta Kelvin's
Dinner at H&M Restaurant
English Premier League Soccer Game

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Kandi Beach February 14th 2011

"Let sleeping Mzungu's lie" We woke up at 5:15am to catch the early morning (5:45am) pickup truck back to Monkey Bay (MK250). It was a bumpy, very uncomfortable hour drive back, but we chatted to some of the locals and each other, so time passed quickly enough. I reckon I am a little bit bruised from the trip. In Monkey Bay, surprisingly the 7am AXA bus was on time and we hopped on for the trip to Salima (MK780). Most of the guys just slept for the trip (about 3hours). When the ticket man came around again to check our tickets he woke up all of them - they weren't impressed and Jenny said later (as a joke) that they need to "let sleeping Mzungu's lie" - I think that is my favourite quote of the ... read more
Kande Beach
Valentines Day Date1
Valentines Day Date2

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Cape Maclear February 11th 2011

Day 2 Snorkelling We negotiated with some of the local guys on the beach to hire a boat for 9 of us to take us to the little Momba island to go snorkelling (MK780 each) and then another MK400 per person for food which was a lot of rice, tomatoes and braai-grilled fish - it was really good. The snorkelling was so different to anything I have seen before - lots and lots of tiny fish - blues, yellow, black. It was so nice to be in the water and with fins and mask. After snorkelling they took us around to look at the Kingfishers. The locals throw fish into the water and call the birds - they then swoop down and catch the fish out the water - its incredible to watch. Party on the ... read more
Snorkelling Expedition
Our family

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Monkey Bay February 10th 2011

The next day I chatted to Mike for a bit before he set off back to Salima. Turns out in the storm I had broken my phone - it got wet. I sat at the breakfast table for a few hours and ended up having a really good conversation with Edward about politics, South Africa, USA, China, the future, investments etc. It was an interesting and in depth conversation. It was Grant's birthday so after wishing him happy birthday, I set off with them into town to try get my phone fixed. We waited in a tiny 'African Mobile Service' shop for about an hour while this guy took my phone apart and used chemicals to displace the water and then used a box and a light bulb to dry it - amazing, and after all ... read more
Birthday Dinner
Monkey Bay Town
Monkey Bay Bay

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