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South America December 4th 2008

So the conversation went something like this: Me: "I think I'm going to go travelling somewhere at the end of this year for two months" Friend: ""That sounds good - Any idea where?" Me: "Not really, I just want to go do something different" Friend: "I've been wanting to go to South America, would you be keen?" Me: "Awesome, I'm in" And so the planning began. Four months later, there were six of us (BLACKG) on a plane to Sao Paulo, Brazil: (B)ruce, (L)ouis, (A)shleigh, (C)laire, (K)ate, (G)areth = BLACKG (this was me being lame) We flew into Sao Paulo, and wasted no time getting to the bus station and booking tickets to Rio. Being the smart people we are we booked a 2am bus so that we wouldn't have to pay for accommodation. This meant ... read more
Failing at falling asleep
The Wait

Africa » South Africa December 10th 2007

Same applies here - another story another time...... read more
Sugar Shack
Oribi Gorge Swing
Oribi Gorge

Africa » South Africa December 5th 2007

Day 1: Colesberg Five of us set off on the 30th of November and headed for Colesberg - Myself, Kelly, Jules, Katie and Johno. We got comfortable at the Colesberg Backpackers before heading to the nearest pub. We met a young couple from Durban and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Day 2: Beaufort West Most of the morning was spent driving to the tiny town of Beaufort West which is situated along the main route from JHB to Cape Town. We stayed at a Guest Cottage (Birds Nest Guest Cottages) which was a beautiful cottage all to ourselves. The weather made it a necessity to go find the local pool. Much to the surprise of the locals I might add - breaking South African stereotypes - I love it. The rest of the afternoon was ... read more
Beaufort West Public Pool
My Bungy Jump
Bloukrans Bungy

Africa » South Africa December 2nd 2007

The start of a crazy adventure of six students setting out to explore their own country. Five will set out in Johannesburg onto Colesburg to Beauford West, where the sixth member will join them at a very inconvenient 3am. From their they will set out along the coast - starting at Wilderness, ending in P.E. where two of our group will have to say goodbye. The remaining four then head to Hogsback, then back to the coast at Coffee Bay and work east until Pietermaritzburg. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur April 7th 2004

I was lucky enough to be at Saints when they selected the First Hockey Teams (boys and girls) to go to Malaysia and Australia on a hockey tour. We spent three weeks touring and playing against some of the local teams. Our trip started in Kuala Lumpur visiting the Saltin's Palace, Melaka, quite a few shopping centres and of course playing hockey games in between. We even played in the Malaysian National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil. We then spent 3 days on the island of Langkawi - soaking in the sun, burying friends in the sand, touring the island, and spending our evenings at a restaurant on the beach. The dumbest story so far was when we decided to try swim (race) to a small island about 300m off shore. The race had to be ... read more
Malaysian Team
National Hockey Stadium - Bukit Jalil
Girls Team

North America » United States October 26th 2003

Florida I was very fortunate to go away with my FABS family for Fall Break and we took a trip down to Florida. I got to carve my first pumpkin for Halloween. I also made choc chip cookies from ready-made dough that you just break off into pieces and put in the oven - can you believe it? While most of the day consisted of lying on the beach, swimming or walking around town - we were a bit of a menace at night throwing water balloons at passing cars and then running away - ah to be young and immature - so much fun New York City Right at the end of my stay in the States, I had a 12 hours layover in New York, so I put my luggage in storage and went ... read more
FABS Family
New York City
Statue of Liberty in the Background

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto October 20th 2003

During the last two weeks of my exchange I decided to go to Canada to visit family friends. I caught a flight to Buffalo and then Bobby pick me and drove me across the border into Canada. Gill and Bobby saw to it that I got to see as much as possible during my stay there and also that I tried as much food as possible (I wasn't complaining). The Niagara Falls were incredible - I couldn't believe the mass of water flowing over the top. We walked around for about half a day going under the falls (through a tunnel) and trying to see as many view points as possible. Next I went to the CN Tower. Right at the top is a viewing deck (enclosed) and a thick glass floor which people can use ... read more
Niagara Falls
CN Tower
CN Tower Glass Floor

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga August 19th 2003

I was placed in Lawrence Residence for the duration of my stay. For the first few days I did the normal sight seeing around Chattanooga, and then school began. I got to choose my courses (5 electives and English was a requirement). I was placed in Junior year (our equivalent of Grade 11) which was strange as I was still in my final semester of Grade 10 back home, but I wasn't complaining because I got an extra 30 mins curfew on weekends. Each boarder is given a FABS family who is there to assist the student while they are there. Cat and her family were my FABS and they were awesome. Due to the careful selection of my courses, I had very little homework, which was good because I spent every afternoon either at Walkabout ... read more
Big Red Ball
A good night out
Spirit Week

North America » United States August 16th 2003

After 3 airports and 3 different flights, I finally arrived in Chattanooga just before 10pm to find... no one. The people that were suppose to be fetching me were no where in sight. I managed to arrange for someone to announce over the PA system who I was and was there anyone here to pick me up - always fun. Thank goodness there weren't very many people left in this small airport at that time of night. I was found and profusely apologised to and then we were off to the school I would attending for the next 9 weeks: Baylor High School, Chattanooga, TN.... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife July 29th 2003

From London Kelly (18 at the time) and I flew to Tenerife in the Canary Islands just south of Spain (technically part of Spain, but I don't think you can really count it as having been to Spain itself). Upon arrival at our hotel - originally booked for Mom and Kel - it was very nicely (hmm) made apparent to us that we were not allowed to stay there unless accompained by someone older than 23. Problems! Phone call to mom (who was only suppose to join us in a few days) and another rushed pack-and-fly landed mom in Tenerife with us for a two-week girls trip. We spent the next two weeks on the beach and in the sun. We did two island tours which definitely did not agree with me - on a boat ... read more
Mom and Me
Parasailing Group

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