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February 21st 2011
Published: May 18th 2011
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Most of the day was spent idling around and relaxing. I bought my ticket for the ferry and spent the rest of the day reading and playing cards with Tim & Matt. At about 6:30pm I said goodbye to the staff at Mayoka and then to Matt & Tim and headed for the docks. I was going to buy a few supplies in the shops but was worried I would run out of money, so decided against it. At the docks I changed my ticket to get off at Chizumulu instead of Likoma and got MK1500 back which was cool.

Although it was only 7pm I decided to get on the boat and find a good seat. It looked like it might rain, so I wanted to find somewhere under shelter as my ear was still really sore. I just sat alone, put my anorak and waterproof bag cover on my bag and then just read my book. Once it got dark I walked around the boat and took a few pictures with me and the boat. Sometimes I don't feel like taking pictures but them am glad when I have them afterwards - weird.

I can't remember how but I met one of the other Muzungus on the boat - her name was Becky and she manages Mango Drift (a backpacker) on the island. She was having trouble with one of the other first class passengers (not sure if he was local or a tourist) but he was incredibly rude and obviously hitting on her. She showed her ring (married) and her tummy (pregnant). - even after that this guy struggled to get a hint.

At 1pm the boat stopped and then there was the call to get off at Chizumulu. We climbed onto one of the lifeboats with all our bags and headed for the island. It was a short trip but truly beautiful - seeing the lit-up Ilala getting a bit smaller, full moon overhead and the reflections on the water.

At the other end I had to quickly take off my shoes as the boat doesn't quite make it all the way onto shore, so you have to get out into the water. I miss judged it a little and jumped into knee-deep water, so although I had rolled up my pants and had no shoes on, I got absolutely soaked. The water then diffused up my pants, so I was all wet. Turns out it didn't matter much as it started raining shortly after we arrived. We met the owner - Nick, and I got introduced to the other 3 travellers.

Then off to bed at 3am.


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