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Africa » Malawi » Southern February 9th 2011

I spent an entire day trying to go from Chipata (Zambia) to Monkey Bay (Malawi). I caught a private taxi to the border with two English girls I met, then another one to Mchiniji in Malawi. From there I caught a minibus (matola) to Lilongwe. On the mini bus I met Mike, a young Malawian who was heading to Salima. We caught a bus to Salima, a minibus to Golomoti, another one to the middle of nowhere (a storm hit and we had to wait in this random little town until another minibus came past) and then finally one last one to Monkey Bay. Luckily Mike was with me and helped translate from & into Chichewa (Malawian language) where needed. He is the son of a pastor of a church in Lilongwe and was very good ... read more
Matola to Golomoti
Truck to Middle of Nowhere
Middle of nowhere - just before the storm hit

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka February 7th 2011

A 5 hour bus trip later I landed myself in Lusaka. Upon arrival I was once again bombarded with guys wanting to know where I was going or if I wanted a taxi - the problem is that every person asks thinking that somehow my answer will be different. I got my bag and just started walking as confidently as I could as if I knew where I was going (I didn't). Turns out I did go the right way, and only took the wrong turn once before ending up at the backpackers. It has a completely different vibe arriving at a backpackers alone. I'm sure I will get used to it but the initial arrival I was quite shy. I went on a walk by myself. I asked where then main shops are - there ... read more
1km from top of Cairo Rd  in Lusaka
Bottom of Cairo Road in Lusaka
Nature in the City

Africa » Zambia February 4th 2011

After saying goodbye to Vix on Friday, I went to go find a minibus to Kalomo. I found the taxi rank easy enough and asked a local lady which minibuses go to Kalomo. She showed me and when I asked her if she knew how much it should cost, she offered to go ask for me. So I waited for her to find out the local price and then went with her to buy my ticket. I had asked the security guard at the backpackers how much I should pay and he said about ZK30000 (R45), so when the lady came back with that number I didn't question it. It was strange being on my own - different. I think it will take a little while to get used to it. The guys on the bus ... read more
Me & Ivo
Me playing in the Mealie Fields

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone February 2nd 2011

Day 1 We had been told we were getting picked up in an open-top vehicle - I pictured a game-drive truck or something similar - what arrived was a bakkie. After loading all our stuff onto the back all 6 of us piled on the back and we were off. We arrived at the edge of the water and got off the bakkie and into 3 tiny little boats carved out of tree trunks. All our luggage and all 6 of us managed to fit onto these boats. We pushed off down the river and managed to just take in the Zambezi in all its natural beauty. As we rounded a corner we could see the thatch of the bar of Jungle Junction at the waters edge. Vix and I just looked at each other and ... read more
Boats to Bovu
Vix & Me on local canoe
Sunset view from Bar

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone January 31st 2011

Vix and I were staying a Jollyboys Backpackers in Livingstone. Its a pretty good backpackers with a chilled vibe and lots to do. We decided to go to the Orphanage to play soccer with the kids with some of the other people from the hostel. It was very similar to what we would find in South Africa - so no culture shock. I spent ages speaking to a 14 yr old kid who kept saying he liked my skin saying "because its white", I found it quite strange. I had a couple of good chats though - one about how I am African even though I am white and how not all white people have lots of money. Random. We caught our first minibus in Zambia (like our taxis). It was fun and it was the ... read more
Vix & Me at the Falls

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls January 29th 2011

Victoria Falls were incredible - I kept trying to compare to Niagara and Iguasu but its hard to remember how I felt seeing those - and each is so different. I was in my own world to start with - just taking it all in. The magnitude of the falls was incredibly beautiful and unbelievable. I think the word that describes it best is magnificent. We took so many photos, there were rainbows and fall spray. At one point we got absolutely drenched standing on Danger Point in the spray right at the end of the Zimbabwe side of the falls. It was awesome to spend time with the family, Vix, Tori and Leo. In the late afternoon we went for a sunset (booze) cruise on the Zambezi. That was really awesome to be on the ... read more
Kelly & Me
Vix & Me
Sunset Cruise

Africa January 28th 2011

We boarded the plane at 1:45am and departed at 2:30. Three hours later, we landed in South Africa - about 5am. I had breakfast with my family at about 9ish after which we boarded and we were off to Zambia. We randomly had to land in Victoria Falls (Zim), then went onto Livingstone (Zam). The hour or two on the tarmac provided a little time to sleep with the consequence of a sore neck. Took off again and landed in Zambia 30 minutes later. We got to see a little bit of the falls from the sky which was nice. So I was in four countries (Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and then back to Zimbabwe) in one day and was on 3 flights - that is definitely my record. The Lokuthula Lodges were so beautiful ... read more
Sunrise in SA
Arriving in Zambia

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam January 27th 2011

We disembarked the ferry at 7ish and Don and I began our day of missioning without a plan. We started off by trying to find the Karikoo market and spent hours wandering up and down random roads. We were in no rush and I love walking through the streets just watching and being around people. The Karikoo market wasn't quite what we were looking for, so we headed for another place that supposedly had touristy things to buy. Wasn't quite what we were looking for so we headed onto the local ferry with thousands of people who do the 5 min ferry ride (Tsh100) across the entrance to the Dar bay. This ferry just goes back and forth all day long. We met a young girl Sabina (24) and her friends mom Monika (60) and got ... read more
Dalla dalla Outside
Getting on the Ferry
Getting off the Ferry

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Jambiani January 23rd 2011

Jambiani made my day. The locals were friendly - a refreshing change from Stone town and Kendwa - we could walk through the village without being harassed and just enjoyed talking and meeting the locals. I was ready to leave after Kendwa but I'm very grateful we stayed to see Jambiani - it was far more what I expected Zanzibar to be. Although the downside was that the beach literally disappeared during the day, though late afternoon and early in the morning it was perfect. The second day I didn't get out of bed - I think it was a bad reaction to the Malaria tablets but I was dizzy, spaced out, my body and head hurt and I had zero appetite. I thought I might have Malaria, but the test proved otherwise. I slept most ... read more
In the Village and Up a tree
Don and me with a local fishing boat
Me by a local fishing boat

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa January 19th 2011

Kendwa The plan was to try out the Northern beaches first - the most popular being Nungwi. On the ride, I was reading the Lonely planet about another beach just before Nungwi called Kendwa which sounded really good. Change of plan - we asked the driver to drop us off at Kendwa instead. There was a local who then started speaking to us - he works in Kendwa - and offered advice and assistance. We spent the rest of the trip speaking to him and he helped us get our things off the Dalla dalla when we arrived. Turns out this is the point we lost Don's sleeping bag and towel as they had somehow been unclipped from his backpack. Rahim (sp) walked with us and suggested places to eat and stay. He showed us the ... read more
Me at sunset
Don at sunset

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