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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar January 18th 2011

Welcome to Zanzibar. Blue and turquoise shore line, with local fishing boats sprawled along the coast. We walked along the beach for awhile until we saw Old Fort (a Stone Town landmark) and then headed into the narrow, mesh of streets. The buildings were old, grey and falling apart but the history and stories that those building have experienced is evident. It is so easy to get lost though - on more than one occasion I was unable to determine in which direction I needed to head towards. So much for my sense of direction. My lack of sleep probably had a lot to do with how quickly I got annoyed with the people of Zanzibar, but I was surprised and saddened to see how tourism has corrupted and distorted the local culture of the Zanzibar ... read more
Welcome to Zanzibar
Stone Town
Beaches of Stone Town

Africa » Tanzania January 17th 2011

Train supposed to arrive at 1pm to depart at 2:30pm. Train actually arrives at 6pm and leaves at 7pm. Train breaks down at 9pm. ... Waiting for new locomotive... Train starts moving again at 4am. Don and I were lucky enough to share our cabin (first class) with 2 awesome medical students from England: Leon and Kirsty. We all got along great and spent most of the day chatting, playing cards, taking pictures and stuffing around. Whenever we stopped in the rural villages, all the women and children come up to the train to sell food to the passengers - we bought some sugar cane and mangos. We were supposed to see game as the train goes through the National Park but due to the delay we went through the park at night and could see... ... read more
Like our Train
Our Cabin

Africa » Malawi January 14th 2011

Malawi to Tanzania Malawi Time to depart - not that I was here long. We needed to get to Mbeya, Tanzania by Saturday to catch the train to Dar es Salaam, so we set out to catch a taxi to Mzuzu then another one to Karonga near the border. As we were leaving Nkhata Bay, we walked past the small prison and all the prisoners were sitting outside on the grass. They let them out to play local soccer and no one runs away or tries to escape. Only in Africa. We also walked past a recently )(maybe 30min) slaughtered goat with blood pooled on the road and skin and meat and bone. In Mzuz', we headed for the bus depot and bargained down to the local price for the trip to Karonga. Then we just ... read more
Very helpful Local Tazanian

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi January 13th 2011

Lilongwe Arrived in Lilongwe with Emma (met her on in O.R.Thambo as we were leaving RSA). She had pre-organised a taxi, so lucky me we were all sorted and had someone waiting for us as we got off the plane. We were both staying at Mabuya Backpackers and going to Nkhata Bay the next day. Lilongwe, considering it is the capital city is tiny compared other cities - even African cities. Taxis/Minibuses fill the streets and the sound of hooting is loud and never ending, and yet I have the rural, in the middle of nowhere feeling - It's going to be a good trip. Turns out dividing by 22 is too difficult for my brain to handle so I've now resigned to dividing by 20, It's also strange getting used to paying so much for ... read more
Zet & Myself at the Shack
Random baby on the bus
Rollercoaster AXA Bus ride

Africa » Swaziland January 24th 2010

On the border of Mozambique lies a not-so-east-to-get-to-but-definitely-worth-the-bumps backpackers called Shewula Mountain Camp. We got to explore a nearby community on a village tour and meet some of the locals. The view was breath-taking. I wish my camera was working properly so that I could have taken un-blurred photos.... read more

Africa » Swaziland » Manzini January 21st 2010

Africa » Swaziland » Manzini January 19th 2010

Dev, Kel and myself decided to tackle the Usutu River in two-man rubber duckies - facing up to grade IV rapids. I think Kel had it easy as she got to accompany the guide and hence had to do very little actual paddling - although I'm sure Dev will state he did most of the work in our boat too... I'm positive the guy at the back is suppose to do most of the paddling... right?... read more
Round Two
Lunch Break

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Paraty December 9th 2008

Paraty is a small coastal town between Rio and Sao Paulo. The first night we stayed in a hostel in town, the next day we took a few kms walk to the coastline where the hostel was right on the beach - hammocks, sea kayaks and table tennis. Felt like a dream holiday. We rented the kayaks and headed up a small stream which circles back through the town and then our into the 'harbour' area. There was a small island off the coast so we aimed for that. About an hour later we touched the island and headed back as I was starting to get sea sick. We hit the sand and I tumbled out the boat and lay on the ground until the world stopped bobbing. The next day we did an island hopping ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro December 5th 2008

I got no sleep on that bus trip - 6 hours later we arrived at our hostel: Alpha House and instead of going to sleep we set off to find banks and then to find food. We decided on a picnic in the Botanical Gardens to celebrate Bruce's birthday. The gardens were beautiful. It was like being in a forest, there was a little waterfall and streams, a lake and specialized greenhouses all over the place. When we got back to the hostel we were told that most of the visitors were going to Lapa (street filled with clubs) - we said we were in but just wanted to have a quick nap. The next thing I know its 9am and every single one of us had slept through the night. I got up and had ... read more
Corcavado - Christ the Redeemer
Awesome Statue

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