Yacht Breeze of Weymouth

Yacht Breeze of Weymouth

Yacht Breeze of Weymouth

Yacht Breeze of Weymouth, some words about our travels from Weymouth and before on Perthamina from the med to the caribbean.

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu March 13th 2016

It has been quite a while since I have written a blog for us, we have spent the last couple of years in Greece, and learnt to love this very varied country. We have been lucky enough to have some good friends here, and have enjoyed some very relaxing times. All of our trips have been interesting and mostly really fun, but last september we had a very bad trip to Crete. The weather was very hot, 42 Deg but the winds were very favourable when we set off from Preveza, we headed to Zante first, I had not been there before, and we anchored int he middle of the big harbour. It was so very hot, we took the dog ashore and had an ice-cream. We had spent the previous evening in Kastos, one of ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Olhão November 28th 2012

Weymouth to Portugal. We spent a weeek in perfect weather really enjoying the olympics, but really that is when we should have gone! The conditions were perfect but there again sometimes that is the way it goes. We had a great day with Bruce on his birthday and really thought the olympic saliing event inWeymouth was wonderful. We could watch gold medals being won right in front of us, for free,on the rocks. We could enjoy the activities happening, art, musical, fireworks, all in all a great time.So when we did finally want to leave the weather was no good! We left on 17th August at 9.10 am to catch the tide around portland bill. A little bumpy and rough, but a good sail to Salcombe. Some big crocodiles off the bill,, but Breeze had no ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Howth November 28th 2012

We left Troon after a slight delay, when the water strainer had to be repaired. It was quite windy when we left but luckily off the land. We were heading for Stranraer. The wind was behind us, force 7-8 with a gale force imminent,not the best forecast to hear after we had set off! But the sea was calm and by 16,45 we were approaching Loch Ryan. We sailed up to the marina in Stranraer after checking by phone that they had a place large enough for us...well the pontoon they wanted us to tie onto was almost impossible to get into with the wind, and at the crucial moment the bow thruster cut out, alan had been using it to stop him going onto a bank while we were reorganisng the ropes, there was so ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands June 22nd 2012

Plockton When we arrived at Plockton we had just had the scary experience of negotiating the Skye road bridge. This bridge is 25 metres high, but as we approached it really looked as if our 23 metre mast was just about to hit. Alan had been reassuring me that there was plenty of room, but when he looked up, it looked so close he stopped the boat, just in case. As it was we were soon underneath and safe. Plockton is one of the most picturesque villages in Scotland, and there is a big wide mooring area, with mooring balls to tie onto, and room to anchor as well. Forested hillsides line the shore one side and a small whitewashed village the other. There are walks all around the village, and the people were very friendly ... read more
skye 074
breeze at dunvegan castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands May 22nd 2012

The next night we had lovely oysters and good fish. We went to the oyster bar.We spent some time looking in the shops which appeared as tiny but were filled with every kind of object that you could need. There was a soap making shop, a bakery, a kind of ironmongers, a coop and lots of little gift shops. The bakery did good cakes and coffee. Next morning we left Tobermory about 10 am after Alan had walked the dog. Mull has a population of white-tailed eagels, we did see a large wing -spanned bird, but don't think it was one of those. The walk to the lighthouse above the town was very pretty, another haven for wild flowers, the tiny delicate harebells of Scotland, that I remember from my childhood, white wild garlic, the smell ... read more
scotland 108

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll May 19th 2012

13th May. We drove our campervan up to Inverkip, a good journey but as we got closer to Scotland it became more and more overcast, and the final hour of the journey was in heavy rain. In fact it was raining so much we could not carry everything down to the boat! The boat was fine, and we were grateful to Katrina and Colin who had been keeping an eye on it. The wind roared up to 50 knots, the boat strained against its'ropes and we decided to dress up warmly and go to the chartroom restaurant. A very good meal, but we were back on the boat by 8.30pm, in spite of the rain, still very bright outside, it is light so late, and so early. Next day we saw Katrina and Colin, did a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll May 19th 2012

It seems to have been a pattern in this trip that the wind is on the nose, so 14knots from the North East seemed quite normal! At first it was fairly moderate, but did become a bit rougher, we carried on topos 54 55 41, 005 33 866 by 11.30 am. It does seem strange to watch those northerly numbers getting larger, for so many years, they always got smaller. Also to be able to get weather forecasts, easily .and almost instantly, to be able to buy things in shops everywhere. and finally to get things done on the boat, in a stress free way.We soon passed Sanda Island, and then Aisla Craig, as we approached the land the sea became calmer, and finally when we got to Campbletown loch the sea was just covered in ... read more
ipod 807
ipod 822
ipod 948

Since buying Yacht Breeze of Weymouth, a Hallberg rassy 53 we seem to have spent a lot of time working on her, to get her exactly how we wanted. First we added a large gantry with big solar panels, which supports the dinghy as well. Then we had the mast taken off and the rigging replaced and all fittings checked. Next airconditioning and reverse cycle heating fitted, and then the boat out of the water and copper coated. So all in all a huge amount of time to get her ready. What follows is the first part of our trip to Scotland. This is a domestic blog, rather than a sailing blog, and is really just to let our friends and family know what has occurred. Journey to Scotland, April 2012-04-09 We left Weymouth after a ... read more
mast back in
off start point
breezy getting her sea legs

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth May 27th 2011

Perthamina has had an exciting trip on her own. We left her in Tortola, after a few weeks in the virgin islands. A company there called island yacht management agreed to deliver her to the ship in St Thomas . First they had to relaunch her, and then anchor off for a night before she was loaded. They were excellent. The ship, the Snoeckgracht, went to Rhode Island first and then 10 days later we were told by Peters and May that the boat was arriving on the 23rd. It was really odd to see our boat perched on top of a ship, but soon got on board, all seemed fine. We checked that everything was working, including the navigation lights and engine, then watched all the ot her boats being carefully lifted into the water. ... read more
perthamina being lifted
ian and alan
going home

Tonight we are anchored in Sopers hole or west end as they prefer to call it in Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands. Unfortunately it is going to be a beautiful full moon here tonight, and although it is only 5pm some large boats are already partying very loudly. It does not auger well for the night ahead, so I say, if you can’t beat them join them. There is a full moon party about 5 minutes taxi drive away, so why not…more on this later. The transport of the boat is all organised and when we come home in April, we can leave it knowing everything is under control. Since we decided to send Perthamina home we have made our way up here to the Virgin Islands. Firstly we stopped at Nevis, my cousin ... read more
st kitts
ginger from st kitts
sheena and gordons house

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