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We sailed back to Falmouth Harbour from Barbuda, and had a really pleasant sail, it was good to drop the anchor in Falmouth and to go ashore and enjoy a meal at Trappas, the very good restaurant there. Falmouth is full of the very large superyachts, back from their christmas charters, and at night they light up their masts, and look very impressive indeed. There are some stunning boats here, and they look wonderful under sail. As we were leaving for nonsuch bay a few were having a race, their whole character changes when they put up their sails, regally leaving us in their dust! Non such bay was very calm, and very blue, the reef is quite close, so spent alot of time snorkelling and enjoying the quiet way of life. We met another hallberg ... read more
alan snorkelling and searching
snorkelling into the blue

January 2011 Happy New Year to all our friends, family and anyone else. I can finally say that on the 15th January, as the start of the new year was a bit of a nightmare. When we got back to the boat we were expecting to find our decks recaulked, the boat tidy and everything good, but in reality we found shoddy work, the boat in a shambles and noone to be seen. We went to Falmouth harbour for new years eve and had a great time, as always the atmosphere was wonderful and we danced until about 2am. The following days were spent fretting about sorting out the work on the boat and we were extremely lucky to find two really reliable carpenters, oliver and marshall who expertly repaired the work and produced perfect looking ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation » Great Barrier Reef November 28th 2010

Northwards to Cairns Heading up the Bruce highway the weather became very wet. At times the rain was lashing down. We left Cyril and Kasia and did a detour through some beautifully green countryside, long straight roads with little traffic. Farms set in valleys, cows, cultivated fields, small towns and villages. We carried on and on, stopping for lunch and filling up with fuel. Eventually we realised that reaching Townsville was out of the question and it was getting late, the rain was torrential and we were tired, so we decided wherever the next place to stay was, we were stopping. It was a caravan/camping site at clevedon, a tiny strip of development along the side of an inlet and a massive area of water. This was a fishing resort of sorts, and the people were ... read more
driving up to cairns 233
driving up to cairns 257
driving up to cairns 267

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City November 28th 2010

rip to Australia When the plane landed in Perth we knew that one of our expectations was not going to be met. The coats went back on, and the jumper, it was not boiling by any means. Still weather was not important when we were to see Kathryn and Richard, our friends of over 35 years. Their house was in one of the suburbs north of Perth and it was beautiful, the large deck overlooking a golf course, and in the mornings when we had the early morning waking from jet lag, we saw kangaroos run past our window, on the lush green of the golf course. They stood on a rise just looking around; it was interesting to read that when they jump and bound they use the energy to make their lungs work. Nature ... read more
alan and \I perth

23.02.2010 We checked in at Sopers Hole Tortola, and Bruce and I went ashore to have breakfast, in the Pusser’s Rum village. I think I have described this before, it is a deep inlet with a marina and boardwalk built along one side, and big wide decks with restaurants and shops. The sides of the valley are very steep and wooded. We normally tie onto a buoy in the middle of the inlet. It was a lovely warm sunny day, and when we got back to the boat we carried on up to Peter Island. The snorkelling was good there, and over the next couple of days we did both sides of the bay, seeing loads of bait fish, barracuda and reef fish. We went over to the baths at Virgin Gorda to snorkel. This is ... read more

Puerto Rico and Culebra again. We drove to San Juan to pick Bruce up from the airport…we got so lost coming back, it was about 11.20pm and we did seem to have strayed into a dodgy end of the sprawling city. We stopped by a police car which was stopping another car; Bruce jumped out and told him we were sooo lost. Very kindly he said follow me, and with the siren and lights on we were escorted across the city to the right road. Every hundred yards, there was a police car with some people spread-eagled across the bonnets, and hands up on the roof. We did find the road to Humanacoa, and finally Palmas del mar. It was good to get back, they came with a golf cart for Bruce’s bag and we were ... read more
Deli in culebra
trunk bay st john

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Ponce February 14th 2010

Palmas Del Mar and Salinas Puerto Rico, we had really only seen the road to the airport and the marina at Puerto Del Rey, so we had decided to cruise down the coast a bit further. We left Culebra on a very calm morning and headed on down to a place, which in our pilot book, showed an anchorage. We arrived, and as we got there realised that the anchorage was no more and in it’s place was a large marina. We rarely go alongside, for several reason. The main one is the heat, I like to be able to swim around the boat, to cool off, we like to be anchored on our own, so we don’t worry about noise, or more importantly that vermin can come aboard. Ok, Alan I have to put up ... read more
puerto rico etc 077
culebra beach at last
palmas del mar

Central America Caribbean February 9th 2010

St John I am very pleased to write st John and not St John’s as I have been prone to before, but was corrected by a very correct official in the BVIslands. As usual the American Immigration officers in St John were extremely helpful, polite and very charming. We brought the boat alongside in the morning, and within half an hour were legally in the US. As I said to Alan , we are not redbacks,or is it wetbacks, one of those things anyway!! He tried to catch some bait fish off the dock in Cruz bay with no success. We went round to Caneel bay and tied on to a mooring ball, we were off the boat and in the dinghy in a few minutes, heading back to Cruz Bay for shopping. The dingy played ... read more
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Tortola Sunday We went to Road Harbour, Tortola to get some supplies and a fishing licence for Alan. It is the capital town of Tortola, and has a big marina, shops, a ferry port and a very big cruise ship dock. While it is not without some charm, it is not really a place for yachts to linger, except when recharging the supplies. We anchored in the entrance, there were several other boats there. Anchoring is always quite funny, first adjoining boats watch nervously to see where you are going to put your boat, worried that you may be too close. Of course they are right to be worried, when we were in the med, and even here , we too often have a charter boat anchor very close to us and as we listen for ... read more
building upwards?

Central America Caribbean January 28th 2010

Virgin Islands Finally snorkelling and swimming, enjoying some fishing. I think that is why we came, apart from the fact it is horribly cold and wet at home. We had decided to go to Trellis bay for the bbq but when we got there, it was no longer going on. We had a good meal ashore, in the loose mongoose. A steak for me that did us for dinner the next day as well! Trellis bay is right next to the airport on beef island, but this is not Heathrow, or Gatwick, this is a tiny airport with little interisland flights leaving in daylight hours. The gardens round the airport are full of humming birds, lizards, and chickens, some with little chicks. Trellis bay is quite an arty place, I loved the wind chimes made of ... read more

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