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Asia » Japan » Fukushima » Aizu » Aizuwakamatsu September 19th 2013

We promptly dropped our stuff and hurried on out to Tsurugajo Castle where we toured the grounds and admired the vista from the top of the castle. On our first night here, we decided to hunt out a place to eat local food. It seemed everywhere was closed, so it limited our selection. In frustration we stopped with hunger pangs into a mom and pop Sushi place. No english speaking people or menus with pictures or in English. After some finger pointing at some Sashimi on the glassed in counter, we were able to get a dish of Sashimi and an order of Saki. We watched Sumo wrestling while we ate! How good is that! We were still hungary, so we left. Lol. Hit up another place that was abit more to our liking. We had ... read more
Pond at the foot of Mount Bandai
The fish that followed us

Asia » Japan » Tochigi » Nikko September 17th 2013

Up at 6AM to ensure the departure and make the first leg of our way to Nikko from Sado Island. Our travel was like this: Bus,Bus,Bus,Jetfoil,Taxi,Bullet Train,Bullet Train, Train, Taxi, all before 5PM. Ready to go and we waited for the bus at 7:40 AM Sunday. 7:42 AM No bus. Panic... because we have 20 minutes to catch the next bus. We rush back to the Ryokan and sure enough the lady there knew exactly what to do. We hopped into her minivan and off we went to the next bus. We made it with 3 minutes to spare. This bus arrived. Whew. The rest of the travel was punctual by all modes of transportation and we arrived at our last leg by 4PM and were about to get into the Taxi when a bus turned ... read more
Shinkyo Sacred Bridge
Our new Ryokan Room
Breakfast in our Room

Asia » Japan September 15th 2013

After an amazing supper, and journey the day before to Sado Island, we awoke to the sound of a harvester right out our window. The quietude was not to be. As well it started at 6AM! We did not plan our day since we had no transportation, but decided, after a Japenese style breakfast, to walk and see where it would take us. We did not have to walk far, to our surprise we discovered, all within a half kilometer, a huge Buddah shrine right above our Ryokan, as well as an old cave called Iwayasan and a Bamboo forest. We trekked upto the Buddah shrine first and I discovered a three foot long snake. It was friendly, so I was as well, and wished the snake a big howdi do. As we looked up at ... read more
The Breakfast Spread
Buddah above our Ryokan
Little Buddahs

Asia » Japan » Niigata » Sadogashima September 13th 2013

Travelling in Japan is a precise art. If you are late by 1 minute you miss your ride. THAT CAN BE UNHEALTHY. We awoke at 630AM to leave to go to Sado Island. We had to take a series of 8 separate rides to get to our destination. Subway, Bullet train , Bullet Train, Taxi, Jet Boat, Bus, Bus, Taxi We hopped on the subway to start our trip. 6 subway stops later we are onto our next leg from the JR station (Bullet Train) We actually have to take 2 of these trains. Before we embarked we bought 2 Bento Boxes (lunch boxes) which consists of many different snacks. A little of each flavor. Once on the train we settled in to our next destination, Tokyo. 3 hours later we arrived and promptly switched trains ... read more
Our Ryokan
A view from our room
Our Supper

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto September 12th 2013

Woke up to Macdonalds yehhhhhhhh. So our first foray on a Bullet train went off without a hitch. The trains look like dolphins. Osaka via Kyoto... Bamboo forest (Arashiyama) as well as the Tenryu-ji Temple, a cultural heritage site. Upon arrival we had to walk about 15mins to get to the Bamboo forest area. It was a strange site. We all know what bamboo looks like, but to see a forest of them was quite eerie. Long sticks with no widening at the bottom made the bamboo look like twizzle sticks. Some of these were dark green, light green, and some had turned yellowish, which means that they were probably dying. Along the sides of the path were hay woven to become a fence to keep us on the path. Bamboo, as it gets tall tended ... read more
Bamboo Tunnel
More Bamboo
Large Bamboo Stalks

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka » Shinsaibashi September 11th 2013

That night we arrived, we promptly went out to eat in the Shimanouchi District. one the the entertainment areas of Osaka. We arrived at a hole in the wall with seating for 6,cantina style. I ordered a rich pork soup with seaweed on top. It was salty and tasty. YES I AM OBLIGED TO EAT MEAT because grapes are 25 dollars a BUNCH! Oh the agony! The district was entertaining! Red light as well. Lots of night clubs and youngish women dressed to kill. Did I mention the architecture. Next day we started out the by taking the subway to the JR station ( Bullet train ) to activate our JR Railpass to allow us to travel throughout our trip, in Japan. In Osaka, we have to think like an Osakian when figuring out the protocol ... read more
Shopping District
Canal Shopping Area
Canal  Building

Asia » Japan » Osaka September 9th 2013

We leave on September 9th! It will be about 20+ hours of transit. We leave Monday morning at 7AM from Dorval. Our first stop will be Osaka. From there we meander off towards the Northern part of Japan and end our visit in Sapporo where the winter Olympics were held in 1972. In between we will visit some unique places using various types of transportation. The rickshaw comes to mind... or the Bullet Train. Hmmmm. decisions. We will then head to Sado island....there we take a ferry across and will visit a GOLD mine and eat food laced with gold. I heard that if you injest gold it will stay with you forever. Hmmmm that would mean that I would be full of it.... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 19th 2012

Today was a rainy day although it did not start out that way. We began the day on a city tour that took us around the #1 Ring road. This is the road closest to the center of the city. We stopped at numerous locations but ended up at St. Stephens church. The interior of the church was spectacular. With alot of guilded art as well as the numerous organs. Once we left the church it started raining and we parted ways from the tour group for the day. As we exited the church there was this guy who had a beer in his hand dressed like Michael Jackson, white, dancing in the street with not a care in the world. It was mesmerising in that he was in his own little world doing his stuff ... read more
Some Decorative Roof Guilding
Interior of St.Stephans Church

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 18th 2012

Jut got back from a Viennese supper at the Heuriger Reinprecht Restaurant in Grinzing just outside of Vienna since 1678. We had Viennese supper with all the special dishes that you would expect. I would name them but there were to many to mention. We had Violin and Accordian players during the supper. We dined in a restaurent that was built in 1678. As we entered we were greeted with history of European celebrities that frequented in the early years which we did not know. However I noticed the 3000+ collection of the biggest wine cork screws in the world that were displayed on entry. My kinda place to be sure. We felt no pain tonight as we drank Reisling red wine. During the day we arrived in Vienna at 1 pm and promptly hit a ... read more
My next smart car
Reflection connection!

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region September 16th 2012

550 KMS on the bus today. We passed 3 borders along the way. We were lucky and not asked to stop at any of them. We took a break on the way to Budapest in the city of Batslavia where we had lunch on a terrasse. It was fun people watching as I ate. After lunch we strolled about marvelling at the different stores . I did not realize we would actually be in this country! It is bordered by Hungry, Austria, Cezch Rep. It is on the Danube River and has alot of Communist History. It did not join the Cezch Rep. The bridge across the Danube river at this junction had a viewing tower above the span. Never saw this on a suspension bridge before. Lots of activity as well on the river. Statues ... read more
Windfarm in Austria
Town of pest Across Danube River
Parliament in Budapest at Night

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