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Africa » South Africa November 12th 2014

Kruger National Park and what I thought was a Giraffe attempting suicide. We got up at 4AM. Groan. It would be a long day. We were supplied with breakfast boxes for our trip into the park. Once we arrived, we made sure that we had the bathroom break. We were to do the park in three segments. At dawn, yawn, we were ready. We hopped into a Land Rover that seated 9 and were on our way. Our driver Dirk was a big South African dude who thankfully had a sense of humour. Ten minutes into the trip we found a Cheetah! Incredible! Within 20 feet of us hunting. Paid us no mind, BUT nevertheless. As it was hunting it happened upon a tree and promptly marked its territory by sticking up its tail and squirting ... read more

Africa » South Africa November 11th 2014

Travel Day and A Farting Elephant We left Zambia by air and headed back to South Africa in time to pick up the rest of the gang. Once seated in the bus next morning we needed to travel 350 miles towards Kruger park. Along the way we stopped at various rest stops, but one in particular was interesting. They had a curio and grocery type store. Macadamia nuts, mango fruit slices, chocolate coffee beans, and nugats. Mmmm. Hit a rain storm along the way which didn't bode well with our plans to visit the Elephants. We arrived at our hotel around 2, and freshened up before the excursion. Heading out our expectations were high. After we arrived at the Elephant Whisperer Camp we were briefed at what to expect. We were going to interact with 2 ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 8th 2014

After a brief respite in the afternoon, we were booked on a river cruise for 5:30. Little did I know that the cruise was going to generate so many pictures. We met a Hippo or two. Now I can spot a Hippo in the water. Just watch for twitching ears. When a Hippo opens its mouth it is a site to see. With the huge insisors, you can see how the teeth can rip a human apart. On a side note, there were 2 Hippos late last night in the hotel yard by the pool.. I was asleep, but did hear strange noises around 1PM. Back to the cruise. We snacked and drank on the boat while zig zagging back and forth on the Zambesi river. We saw many other wild lifewhile cruising such as exotic ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 7th 2014

After we arrived in Johannisburg, we had time to eat in a Casino on the premises. I had a slice of pizza and the beer was welcome,after being in transit for 29 hours. That night it was sleepless. Not a night owl, I read ad read and read and read and read. Following day, we took off for Victoria Falls. Another flight and another hotel. After arriving, we quickly took an excursion to an orphanage with about 70 children. We brought candy and left a donation. Imagine these kids were left on the orphanages door step with no place to go. From babies to 14 years old. They do an amazing job without governement help. I felt fortunate to be there and see this. It reminds me about how lucky I am. We capped off the ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg November 3rd 2014

Well, the time has come to take that flight to that country where the Lions roar, the alligators bathe, the giraffes munch, and the tourests gawk. Most of the time we will be the ones in a cage or protected and the animals will be free. Our trip will consist of Wild Game Drives, spectacular views and highlights. We won't be close to fruit bats I hope. (They are apparently the source of Ebola.) You cannot be to prepared for a trip like this. So, we are bringing as usual carry-on luggage and thats it! Clothing is optional. The transit time will be 29 hours and the time change is 6 hours ahead like Europe. Our first stop actually will be Zimbabwei (Victoria Falls). So, the day after we arrive we hop on a flight through ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo September 27th 2013

We arrived in Hakodate with no problem. Weather forecast said rain the next day. That night we decided to scout out the area, and were able to determine that we were close to all the sights necessary for our visit. Old Hexagonal fort shaped in a star formation, The morning fish market, and the tower. We also wanted to go up top the mountain but it was to dark. We found a little out of the way sashimi mom and pop restaurant and ordered our favorite dishes while watching Sumo Wrestling on TV. We watched the chef finesse with the knife and deliver us the bouquet of freshness to our loving lips!!! MMMMMMMMMM Goood!!!! We bowed our way out of the restaurant and headed back to the hotel. The wife wanted to eat Salt ramen noodles ... read more
How Bout" this PEACH!
Squid Tank
Hakodate Tower

Asia » Japan » Akita » Tazawako September 22nd 2013

Sendai is where alot of the Tsunami happened after the earthquakes. We did not see much evidence of this. Cracks in buildings mostly , but you would have to look for them.The resilience and attitude of the people in Japan is amazing. Cleanlyness is der rigor as well. Washing the store fronts, streets, the bathrooms are spotless and everywhere. We had to eat cow tongue. Its everywhere. Cows have no moos here and I know why! Everyone eats their tongues. I am speechless. The tongues were sliced thin as if shaven. You could have them in a bowl with rice and sauce or in a ball shaped, dipped in batter. What happens to the rest of the cow? They also have ox tongue which we never found. Curious , that curry is also popular. In Sendai, ... read more
Fukuurajima Bridge
Feeding the Birds on the boat
Rock in the Bay

Asia » Japan » Fukushima » Aizu » Aizuwakamatsu September 19th 2013

We promptly dropped our stuff and hurried on out to Tsurugajo Castle where we toured the grounds and admired the vista from the top of the castle. On our first night here, we decided to hunt out a place to eat local food. It seemed everywhere was closed, so it limited our selection. In frustration we stopped with hunger pangs into a mom and pop Sushi place. No english speaking people or menus with pictures or in English. After some finger pointing at some Sashimi on the glassed in counter, we were able to get a dish of Sashimi and an order of Saki. We watched Sumo wrestling while we ate! How good is that! We were still hungary, so we left. Lol. Hit up another place that was abit more to our liking. We had ... read more
Pond at the foot of Mount Bandai
The fish that followed us

Asia » Japan » Tochigi » Nikko September 17th 2013

Up at 6AM to ensure the departure and make the first leg of our way to Nikko from Sado Island. Our travel was like this: Bus,Bus,Bus,Jetfoil,Taxi,Bullet Train,Bullet Train, Train, Taxi, all before 5PM. Ready to go and we waited for the bus at 7:40 AM Sunday. 7:42 AM No bus. Panic... because we have 20 minutes to catch the next bus. We rush back to the Ryokan and sure enough the lady there knew exactly what to do. We hopped into her minivan and off we went to the next bus. We made it with 3 minutes to spare. This bus arrived. Whew. The rest of the travel was punctual by all modes of transportation and we arrived at our last leg by 4PM and were about to get into the Taxi when a bus turned ... read more
Shinkyo Sacred Bridge
Our new Ryokan Room
Breakfast in our Room

Asia » Japan September 15th 2013

After an amazing supper, and journey the day before to Sado Island, we awoke to the sound of a harvester right out our window. The quietude was not to be. As well it started at 6AM! We did not plan our day since we had no transportation, but decided, after a Japenese style breakfast, to walk and see where it would take us. We did not have to walk far, to our surprise we discovered, all within a half kilometer, a huge Buddah shrine right above our Ryokan, as well as an old cave called Iwayasan and a Bamboo forest. We trekked upto the Buddah shrine first and I discovered a three foot long snake. It was friendly, so I was as well, and wished the snake a big howdi do. As we looked up at ... read more
The Breakfast Spread
Buddah above our Ryokan
Little Buddahs

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