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24th October 2018

The circle of life
What an invigorating and exciting morning you have had. I am breathless in the read. Makes one reflect what could have been if the rogue lions had killed a lion cub or two or if that could have been more likely if there was not an eland carcass in the vicinity. Did you ever find out where the two male ions from the pride may have been while the three lionesses had to fight off the three rogue lions? Great blog of life on the savanna.
24th October 2018

The circle of Life
Hi Dave. Thanks for your comments. Good question and the answer is no. It was speculated that when the Lions returned they would go after the rogues, but we couldn't find them through more game drives the following days. Each day was like an eternity. I was blessed. Glad you enjoyed the blog though al tad longish but wanted to capture the moments.
19th September 2017

Eerie location
We loved our drive
19th September 2017

The Pinnacles
We loved our time at the Pinnacles and your photography is excellent. MJ
7th September 2017

I love your blogs ! By the way - Happy anniversary to both of you. Enjoy your beautiful trois. Sylvie
2nd September 2017

Looks like you guys are having a great time! Good luck driving down under, it's always tricky switching from left to right, and left again!
10th September 2017

So Happy to see you a few weeks ago. Please come back to Montreal!
31st August 2017

Tahiti looks beautiful!
Through your images and commentary, I feel as if I have a truer sense of the beauty of not only the countryside but also of its peoples. Enjoy your journey!
5th January 2017
Super Best of Piorini Camp 2016 (130)

Kenya at it's best
11th November 2016

Wow! That's incredible you caught the giraffes at sunset and without the crew. I imagine that would've been an astonishing moment!
7th November 2016

An incredible journey well told and illustrated! Look forward to much more!
31st October 2016
Flaming Out

Just wonderful!
Walter, your pictures and stories with it are just wonderful, almost surreal because they seem right out of a Kenia-picturebook!! Thank you a lot for sharing those moments and your indeed very artistic pictures - I love it!! All the best! Patricia
8th November 2014

Love your Blog!! Stay safe and have a great time!
8th November 2014

Wow...A deadly snake! Too bad they didn't kill it. You guys could have had BB Q snake steak! That was a great blog. Can't wait to see pics. Be safe and don't forget to look up. :-)
8th November 2014

Wow...A deadly snake! Too bad they didn't kill it. You guys could have had BB Q snake steak! That was a great blog. Can't wait to see pics. Be safe and don't forget to look up. :-)
23rd September 2013

I didn't realize that cow tongue was so popular there! Believe it or not it's very popular here in SoCal, too!
17th September 2013

Nikko sounds like a nice place!
We're hoping to go to Nikko in a few weeks, too! Looks like you guys are really having fun. Glad you got your shoes, I was wondering how you'd do with the Typhoon coming in. Ayano and I were thinking buying some for you on Amazon.co.jp and sending to your next location... :D Love the pics. Have a great time & 気をつけてね – kiotsukete ne
17th September 2013
Breakfast in our Room

Yummy Yummy
Wow - looking at al that food is making me hungry!
17th September 2013
Very Learned Kimono man!

The Socks are the best part!
It's great that you got a kimono or yukata that fit! Looks good on you.
17th September 2013

Bullet train fun!
I love the tranquility evoked in the photo of your Ryokan, and the view from the room; stunning. What is the crop in the field, wheat? You have indeed lost weight, and look wonderful. Love the way you are relaxing. Love to SiuYee. I so look forward to your escapade blog! Continued fun to you both, love you.
17th September 2013

A tad weird, but fascinating nevertheless!
It looks a little strange and eerie to me, but, interesting, and the photos are wonderful. I enjoy the way you describe not only what you see, but the atmosphere, which lends so much depth to your accounts and the photos, so thank you for that! Particularly lovely, "Field in the Night," how talented you are! 私の弟、カメラマン!安全な旅を続けた。 Watashi no otōto, kameraman! Anzen'na tabi o tsuzuketa.
16th September 2013

I don't think you'll get fat, there is not a lot of fat japanese. Unless you want to become a sumo wrestler:)
23rd September 2013

14th September 2013

Country Hospitality
The Ryokan looks very inviting. Peaceful and nice. The good thing about rural Japan (en-na-ka) is that you just need to show where you want to go. Eventually someone will take you there :D Enjoy! Wish I was there with you guys....
12th September 2013
Escalator to the Sky

Reminds me a Universal Studio
This looks like the escalator at Universal Studio

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