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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona November 23rd 2014

I'm actually getting to like Barcelona, despite a waiter threatening to slit my throat today. Two days without anyone attempting to pickpocket me can do that to a man. Today began with a trek to a mountain top via two tube lines, a bus and a funicular railway. There was an expensive tram available in place of the bus but at 4 euros up against a free bus (with a Barcelona card) it was a no brainer. It's not like we've never been on a tram before. We arrived an hour before the funicular opened (typical!) and so had sandwiches the size of Chicago and drinks while we waited. At the top of Mount Tibidado is an amusement park and a medway with ancient rides all topped off by an enormous church with a Christ the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona November 22nd 2014

In a strange turn of events, no-one tried to pickpocket me today and, yes, we are still in Barcelona! After yesterday's events I've been more than vigilant and Claire has put a padlock on the zip on her backpack. Thankfully though today has been crime free but I shall remain cautious.... So let's move on to today which has mainly consisted of Gaudi. Jeez that guy had some strange things going on in his head but thankfully people here saw it as genius; and it is. Where the English would have laughed at him the Spanish gave him free reign and thank goodness they did. Barcelona is far from photogenic from up high but thankfully there are glorious gaudy Gaudi buildings throughout the city. (Incidentally, did our word gaudy come from Gaudi?) The first building, of ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona November 21st 2014

Barcelona. Not at all impressed so far you city of crime you. Before I'd even reached our hotel someone tried to pickpocket me. Not a good start. Luckily I wear combat trousers and my wallet was in the lower pocket but that was the pocket someone was tugging at as I was walking up an escalator that had mysteriously stopped as we were halfway up. He had just bumped into Claire so we both checked we had everything as he sloped out of sight with his just as dodgy looking mate. You just can't believe what's going on...and then they're gone....fortunately with none of our belongings. I have no idea what the next guy was trying to do. We'd finally booked into our hotel and were looking for La Rambla where there was a tapas bar ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum October 7th 2014

And then I got ill. And it got messy. When I travelled round the world for three years back in the 90s one got used to the first topic of conversation being about your diarrhoea. No-one was immune and I picked up nasty things in Egypt and later in India. Other times it was just the trots, you drank plenty of water, took some rehydration sachets and it would go again. For a while. But sometimes it hits you bad and this time was bad. I pretty much lay in bed for four days and part of our trip had to be cancelled as I just couldn’t get there....well it was a 13 ½ hour bus journey away...with no toilet on board....and only primitive squat loos when we did stop. Honestly, if you want to join ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 27th 2014

27th Aug 2014 As we were driven out of Istanbul we discussed whether we'd come back and the answer was yes....but not in a hurry. This wasn't just because of the profligacy of socks and sandals wearers but more to do with how busy it is. In the 1980s the population of Istanbul was 3 million, it has now grown to a staggering 15 million and every one of them has stood in my way over the last few some tourists as well. There is plenty more to see if we did come back although we have crammed quite a lot into our few days here. Today we have somehow walked up and down more hills than we did in San Francisco! At some points we actually knew where we were going....but not many. We ... read more
View from Galata Tower
Some weird arty film
Modern art

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 26th 2014

I've never really liked people generally. I like some of course, hell I even married one! But generally all people do is get in my way, wear horrendous things, do horrendous things and get in my way again. A lot of them are quite keen on occupying the same physical space as me too which is even more annoying. And if I find whoever made this keyboard where the spacebar only works if you smack it with a hammer...I'll smack you with a hammer. Quid pro quo and all that! There have been a lot of people getting in my way around Istanbul today as you may ascertain from the opening paragraph. I'm not much for crowds and today has been very crowded but this is no excuse for not looking where you're going or pushing ... read more
Scaffolding inside Ayasofia
Grand Bazaar

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 25th 2014

Paying 10 Lira to take a boat ride just so your equally sad mates can take pictures of you posing in your shiny shoes....on phones....may be your idea of money well spent but it ain't mine sonny Jim. I suggest you save your money and buy a camera and a pair of shoes that don't shout prat at everyone that sees them. Leave the boat trips on the Bosphorous to those that want to enjoy its splendour and enjoy the sites alongside. In fact you could actually make yourself useful and do a commentary because that was the only thing lacking. This wasn't my first experience with shoes today but more of that anon. The day began at stupid o'clock as we were due up at 4am. Long before that I woke myself up in the ... read more
Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk August 24th 2014

I'm not sure exactly what the opposite of delight is when talking about Turkish delight but, in my wife's case, it consists of pulling a face with a sticking out tongue and looking like all hell has been let loose in her mouth. And that's without even tasting it! So you can imagine her, ahem, delight, when we were dragged into a shop specialising in the stuff as part of a tour. I was more concerned with the prices and the fact that we would have to remortgage our house just to buy one box. Now I know from experience that getting dragged into artisan shops is all par for the course on excursions so this side trip was no surprise. Nor had been the carpet seller earlier who did at least give us a free ... read more
Odeon at Ephesus
One nice carpet

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